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Tuesday, 6 June 2017



I was born naked,
I have nothing therefore I have got nothing to lose.

The cravings of my heart is unknown to u and I know not yours but what I want and what I need, are the two things most importantly key to my success.

 When I am done gathering all there is to gather, I will let go.
 I will break, I will part ways, I will say my goodbyes.

God knows I failed but he knows that I tried.
The river is so wide that I might drown,
the fear of the other-side is the scare of change.

 My life is a song, my heart is the lyrics.
 I will live and I will thrive, though I strive to stay a-course.

 My time will run out, my life will wear out,
 but while I breathe, I sing this song from the lyrics of my heart.

 Before I draw my last breath, I will reek of life, color, dreams, goals, sins and love.
 My heart, stop.

Let the cold skinny fingers of the grim ripper clasp your shoulder from behind,
let his touch be unexpected yet friendly, soft and gentle,
mild and tender, cold yet warm, fast yet late, painless yet disheartening.

For when my white skin and naked body is boxed by brown oaks and maple wood, and I finally drown in the caked sandy river of life, only one word is audible,

But before my favorite room in the house is outside, I will live this life... For I ONLY LIVE ONCE.


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