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Saturday, 10 June 2017


It's like poison deep in me
Twines around like possessed vines
Fucked up; it chokes the life in thee..

Emotional crutch,
Delicious touch,
Gaze into her eyes,
Fall deeper and die..

Always there for you,
You wanted to play a game..
Master card player..

Curl up your safety net
Slinks through like a shaded bet
The aroma teases your senses
She's hot, she's sexy..

Goes deep under your skin
Penetrates like a lawman's dick,
Scratches lightly and deep,
You never saw the scar coming, solid and thick..

Beautiful and perfect,
You gaze in a cloud of lust,
She's blinded you totally​..
She stole you from your known trust..

Your heart pumps hard and fast
Thoughts​ of her skips a beat,
She's the perfect foil, so you think,
I'm going to break you into smithereens..

Tiny and sonorous her voice sounds,
She rubs your head, she's so nice..
But the moment isn't any clearer,
I'm getting you and destroying faster..

Oh, you've fallen already,
Like gatecrashes from Gomorrah..
Wide, open and fucking wet,
You slid in, she's your hottest DM..

I have you already, she moans
You groan in frustrated denial..
You're trapped, you're far gone..
You didn't even know you fell for destruction.

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