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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Adventures of the Lesson teacher 2

A hot fucking was going on. Pounding. Wet. Slapping sounds. The maid from earlier was naked from the waist down, looking ridiculous. Mr Fade was giving her the fucking of her life. He pumped into her with heavy breaths and thrusts so fucking deep.

I could see her pussy clutching tight at his dick. She was biting on a cushion to keep from screaming, only muffled sounds escaped. I guess she didn't want to be caught by pris.
I wondered what's happening. Mr Fade is fucking the help? In this house? I realized how much I've been wondering since I stepped into this house. Contrary to your thoughts, I wasn't even the slightest bit turned on by their fucking.

His gut shook up and down and his prick continued stabbing her hard. The help too. Her beautiful hair was all wild around her and her eyes clouded over in lust.
I took a step back and rushed the opposite direction. Luckily for me, this time, I burst into the living room. Everything was so quiet and seemed so perfect. I crossed myself and rushed out of the door; I didn't even remember to ask for my cash, I was jittery.

"Hey tunyo! Wait up!" I heard pris say. I slowed down and stopped. I turned towards her. "Im tunde." She gazed at me with that superior look and I shook my head in pity for her."whatever" she reiterated.

She's busy feeling rich and smug while the husband is getting some love from the hired help. "Here's your paycheck. Before you go around telling people we didn't pay you." I felt a hot rush of anger and I wanted to slap the smugness off her face.
I reached out for it and the moment I'd have gotten it, she let it fall to the floor. I looked up at her in a rush of hatred and I wished I could have done without that money; I'd have left it. My pride warred with my common sense.

The air cracked with thick tension. And there was a mini-stand off. We maintained eye contact and I felt my hatred grow more. Fuck it.
She arched her perfectly drawn brows in disdain and my common sense won. I bent down and picked up the paycheck. I straightened and didn't spare her another glance. I left the place. I got back to my apartment and I ruminated on their family.

A cheating husband, bitchy wife and weird children. Yes, them. I felt my cock harden slightly at the memory of Titi's huge mammary glands. And the way she and her brother seem so close.
I drifted off thinking about them.

That was the beginning. The lesson continued fairly well except for Titi. That woman. She continued teasing me with those big tits. She's so distracting.

She dominated my thoughts and I couldn't think. I need to have her. I began to see her in my dreams and I'd fuck other girls, imagining it was her.
I always jack off to images of her, but she's always acting so indifferent to me. She's a prick tease. There was a day she flashed me her nipples briefly. I wanted to die of lust. I'd do anything to fuck that cunt; I didn't know how soon that would be.

I got back from class early today and hauled ass. I can't wait to get to THAT house. Anticipation built in my blood and I quickly hailed a cab. Bless God, I can now afford a cab.

The gateman opened up the gate and I greeted him and stepped in. I walked confidently to the front door and hit the knocker.
The maid pulled open the door and this time, she greeted me familiarly.. She was wearing a very short gown today; the total opposite from the last time. She was also made up. She's quite beautiful actually.

I followed her in and I found my way to the library.. "Why is she dressed up different?" I thought. Well, whatever. I sat down at my usual perch and set up my laptop, I assumed she's off to call them.

A few minutes later, I heard some footsteps and my body tingled. I can't wait to behold those boobs; I hope she wears a revealing dress today. I hope she flashes some nips today. Those brown tipped breasts.. Fuck.
I looked up and felt disappointment fill me. Eniola stepped in.."Hey tunde, what's up? Why do you look so crestfallen?" He grinned."It's I you're getting today, Titi and her boobs are out".. He laughed.

I felt so stupid for getting my emotions read so easily. I didn't bother to reply him. He sat down and we began to work. After some few hours of intense work, we took a break.
As I stood up to stretch, I saw eniolas eyes following my movements. I quickly sat back down.."Why are you so jittery man? I'm just appreciating your body.." he said in a husky whisper. I looked into eyes and I realized that was a big mistake.

I fell into his hypnotic stare.. Fuck it, I've never noticed men before, but this guy is perfect. All insane perfection of facial symmetry. He licked his thin lips.." I know you like her and you'd love to fuck  her right? But she's off bounds. She's mine. My property. She's mine. And if you want her, you need to play by my rules." I felt a wave of shock. What. The. Fuck?.
"Excuse me?" I said. "You heard me right. She's my plaything, my everything. So, if you truly want her, you have to bend for me first."

I couldn't control the wave of longing that filled me at the thought of getting titi and those luscious tits.. I'm halfway in love with her.. I know it's insane; but I can't help myself.
"What will I do to get her?" I asked tentatively. "Good. I like you. I like everything about you.. You're beautiful in just the way I want and I've fantasized about you these past weeks. I want you. Just a kiss., you know, to test the waters.." I stood up in another wave of shock.
I'm not understanding this. His he propositioning me? "I'm not gay and I don't do guys. I'm sorry, but I have to leave.." I began packing my bags in a rush. This is insane. Am I dreaming? I picked up my bag and pushed away from the table.

He suddenly stood up and walked briskly to cut off mu walk. "Stop it eniola. I can take you down, we're almost the same size, don't try it.." I said.
 A look of surprise crossed his face.. "What did you think? OMG".. He stepped into my personal space. I didn't move back nor back down.

"Tunde.. Imagine fucking titi's wet cunt.. Deep and hard. Any fucking way you want it.. I know you it, you want her.. You've been hungering for it right? Imagine grabbing and squeezing those luscious tits.."he paused for effect. How can he be so nasty? About his sister, no less.

His words sank in into me and I couldn't deny the unbidden images that floated into my head. His voice pitched so low and sensuous in my brain.. My dick began to get hard..
"She's all wet.. waiting and spread wide eagled for you cock. Softly, slowly.. You gently eat her up.. Or spit on it and fuck it deep.. Your absolute choice.. Her ass is soft. Silky and yet firm.. A good handhold for you while fucking her doggie.." he said..

I began to feel hypnotized.. Fuck. He's using my lust for titi against me, and it's working well. I tried to break off his invisible hold.."I need to leave now, eniola.." I said in the firmest voice I could muster, while images of fucking titi hazed up my mind like a cloud.

"Just a kiss tunde.. A simple kiss...and you get to pound that cunt; just the way you want it. Think about it.. She's all yours.. For just a kiss from me.. Easy trade yeah?..I've seen the way you look at her.. You want her yeah?" He began lean his head toward me.. I stood frozen, with my mind running a mile a minute..
What if it's true? It's just a kiss.. And I'd get to fuck that cunt. That teasing cunt.. My cock was hard and throbbing. It was at full mast.

"But I'm not gay.." I whispered..."Yes you aren't. It's just a kiss.."  My defenses crumbled. We were the same height and he moved the last inch. This is a turning point in my life!
Our lips touched.

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