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Friday, 13 July 2018


In the back of a wraith, we’re zooming off to a place where roses always bloom.
We’re off on a vacation hoping to get there by eight, the stars are bright on this very night and it’s all devoid of gloom.
It’s a night time cruise, the mood is aided by the music and the speakers are blaring out blues.
We’re lip locked at the back like teenagers returning from prom.
Your lips are all strawberry and vanilla, I’m tempted to ask who you got your lips from.
My hands run through your hair and I’m thinking about how I want to live all of my life with you in a villa.
Forever with you in a château somewhere around the parc des princes just because I want to ball with you.
The chauffeur is stepping on the gas and the acceleration seems to be reflecting our mood.
Heartbeat is on the high even bobby shmurda couldn’t envisage this shmood.
We’re at that very moment when everything seems to align for our good.
I swear to god that I didn’t plan to smear your lipstick.
It’s just that you’ve got the left side of my chest struck with a heart-shaped spear that’s why in my breast’s pocket there’s a diamond ring and on your left hand fourth finger is where I want it stuck.
My life with you has been a ride way better than the Rolls Royce that we’re cozied in.
My lips are sealed even if it’s really hard to keep it to myself, I’m waiting till 8 to do a big reveal.
All of your friends are waiting at the other end, your mum and pops too.
The place popping with white and pink, assorted flowers and scented candles just to aww up your view.
I want you blushing just the same way the blood in my veins are heating up and my heart is fiercely pumping.
Even your name is of eight letters, my mind takes a leap whenever all of it is pronounced as a noun.
I’m thankful to all of those men who treated you like a clown because without them I wouldn’t have gotten you.
You would have been hidden from my view, so in view of that I’d be extending an invite to all of them.
This is not to throw shade but I wouldn’t really care if they took it that way.
They lost a gem and I gained one more precious than the most precious of all precious stones.
I swear that I am in love with you, from my head to my heart to the rest of my organs and bones.
Let the world watch me defend you better than Phil’ jones.
The clock ticks closer to 8 and the tires screeching closer to our destination.
I’m nervous, wondering if you’d gladly jump in this ship with me.
It’s obvious though that I am probably the man caught up in one of those doubting Thomas moments.
I’m not oblivious of the fact that you love me, I’d wait till 8 and even if yous say no, there would be no woman in the world who would be worth the wait.

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