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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Random fuck 4

I knelt between her legs and the bed dipped with my weight. I spanked her ass and she groaned. She tilted her ass up and I grabbed a thigh with each of my hand and pulled them apart. I could see the cunt and I spanked right on it.

She whimpered and I saw a bead of cunt juice roll down her vulva.. Hit her clit and rolled down her thighs. I resisted the urge to lick it and I fisted my cock.. Then I popped the head of my cock right in. We groaned in unison.

I fucked her like crazy. It's been so long..
At night, exhaustion would have made us crashed. That's how day's turned into weeks of not fucking my wife. But trust me, I'm making up for my mistakes now. Her pussy was warm and soo wet and I almost busted my nut. But I didn't. I pulled out and she moaned for more. I turned her over and i could see the lust making her sweat despite the cold.

I kissed her chest and licked the nipples. Then I asked her to open up.. "Lick your sweet juices up, rena.. Taste your delicious cunt from my dick.." She bent to the task.. And swallowed my cock.
I imagined it was the petite woman.. I began to plot ways to get her.

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