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Monday, 9 July 2018

My Flawa II

Relaxed in Aminu's room, I downed two shots of scotch to loosen up, to have my guts at its best, the room was too neat, everything was placed and in order, the air conditioner was cooling frantically, Aminu had ordered a well-grilled chicken with barbecue sauce, the aroma was the first to come in, my love for chicken at that time was strong, a special bond I had with it, Aminu's barbecue had the northern recipe, it was nothing I had tasted before, it came with fried yam, I ate it with joy. The gesture was that which my mother would describe as fattening the goat to make it sellable, I was doing all I was warned about and on the premise of the family perceived enemy! I cared less, I wanted to live my life, I would convince myself that I am of age, instead of seeing myself as a 17years old, I prefer to say I am 17+.

I got comfortable after my meal, Aminu sat across on a room sofa while I was on the edge of the bed, he smiled continually like it was his job, we began to talk, his words started its magic again, all it will take to resist him is to be a dunce, if you are intelligent in its slightest; you cannot help but love Aminu's person. He so talked that I carried my own self to the sofa to sit on his lap, I was assured that no one could dare to come into his room. I began to kiss him on his demand and the journey began. My sixth sense organ was engulfed in lust that the about to happen fornication seem noble, I convinced myself that it was going to be worth it, my nipples were alert like knights, every move he made was construed as sexual by me, his saliva was sweet mixed with my savoury and peppery saliva created a recipe I cannot put a name on, I played with his hair, he had a lot of them as the kissing went on, I felt rivulets journey down by below, he unzipped my dress, the care he handled my dress with - whilst pulling it off turned me on even more, he had respect for my expensive rag. He carried me to the bed, hitting my back on the foam; I saw flashes of my mom, It became blurry and faded quickly when Aminu's mouth closed on my nipple, "arrrrrgh" I exhaled.

My heart had become an olympian, I could not longer contain my own skin, all of my defence mechanism have over five visits cowered. My vagina was protesting, my entire body shaking and my brain was confused as it was receiving too many messages. At this point, it was tsunami down in my pants, Aminu did me a favor by stripping the panties off, he stood to pull his clothes and I asked that he switch the light off, I watched as he walks to the switch brandishing his notoriously charged cock.

He came on me with no excessive drama, it was more like we were continuing from where stopped, the same position, trying to solve a long-thriving problem, we had passed the stage where I'd cry or freak out, we are in a stage where I am more confident and can silence the fears within. He massaged my clits using his cap, skin on skin in the most sensitive way, it is a familiar feeling that won't stop making me go gaga, I will make moves like a snake in agony, it harassed my cool, Aminu will continue this patiently, till I am sloppy enough to get into, he will go in when I am in my element and stroke softly, if any resistance is perceived, he will start over from the top. I pleaded that he tries to get in without considering whatever it is my reaction is, yes! I remember clearly, I begged him to break in; the gut I had drive home the authenticity that a determined woman is no less than a hunting Lion.
"Aminu, please let us get this over with" those were my exact words, I don't know if I said them intentionally though.
He asked for confirmation like he was deaf when I spoke the first time - "are you sure?"
I was yet to reply in anger when he broke through!
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhh! It was a stabbing pain, it felt like a nightmare but looked like a dream come through, it is nothing like I have felt prior to that time, I think that is the most pain I have felt after I broke my hand as a child. Yes, Aminu was right inside of me, he relaxed in after the break to catch his breath like he was the one with a broken hymen, maybe it was a way of giving himself some accolade, I felt tears gathering and about to drop until his subsequent strokes sent the tears back, he rode gently till I began to see the light after the tunnel, slowly; my vagina broadened its boundaries to welcome the new visitor, I felt myself tear up a little, it was at first repressive but they figured it out (his cock and my vjay got along), the pain began to fade and pleasure took hold of power, Aminu was being nice, thus he maintained a smooth sail speed thrusting me, I moaned for the right reasons, it was uncontrollable, It was everything I envisioned and more. I became a woman, my mother would be proud. Yay!

I got home at dusk meeting almost the same arrangement as in the morning when I was leaving except for my mom who I was told had gone for a church meeting and is furious that I missed my Bible study, only if mama Ada knew where her daughter was. I brought home some chicken made as a takeaway by Aminu and they all ate with joy. My father was chewing the bone when he asked where I got it from,
"a Hausa restaurant on the Island" I replied
He smiled horribly and continue with his bone breaking, I pictured another rendezvous with Aminu as I watch them eat.

I and Aminu did two more that day on my request, we did more afterward on other days till we lost count, we met often for a year and a half till I went for my youth service, never did I ask what we were, I did not want anything to come between myself and the dick, his mother grew less nice after every visit till Aminu began to sneak me in. We did it all, we had a strong sexual synergy, my vagina was naturally ready for him, she opens up even at the sight of his picture. I never wanted to reevaluate to avoid stories that touched, I was certain the worst will happen someday but I refused to prepare for it. I was rounding up my service year when I heard Aminu is getting ready to marry his high school sweetheart who has been in the U.K for two years, I guess the maths is a very basic one.

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