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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Him 1

The cold air wisped over my hypersensitive skin and although I
didn’t hear the door open, I suddenly became aware that I wasn’t alone.

The hair on the back of my neck prickled and I slowly turned, praying that I was simply being melodramatic.

I sent a prayer to all the gods I knew that it wasn't a dream. The goosebumps spread across my skin right now tells me it's he. 

There's a way my skin overtly reacts to his presence. It's like my brainwaves nows he's around me.

The air changes and I can feel everything. I see better. I hear better. I feel better. I moaned in my mind. 

My nipples beaded in instant arousal and I felt angry. Why does he have so much power over me? 

I turned and my senses were all correct. It was him standing there, blocking my exit and watching me with open hunger.    

Electric currents snapped between us. I could feel his gaze look deep into my eyes and I quickly lowered my gaze. His eyes looked like they were boring into my soul and could dig up all my secrets. 

His eyes are crystal black. Imagine a black diamond polished to perfect shine. Reflecting nothing but absorbing every thing. 

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