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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Turbulent Thoughts

I hate the world.. zero action, just a bunch of people who mumble meaningless words.
Some feel they are above others, matters of skin, class, crowns and lords.

I detest the system, what it stands for and how it works.
It tries to box me under a caption, when I've got a mind that cuts through all... trust me this ain't divergent the movie.

Every step i take every single day... i lose my hunger and motivation, and stage by stage i lose my sanity... That's why i always keep on moving.
I am what i am... a being made in his likeness, with an image that even a billion pixels couldn't capture.

So why keep me constrained and restricted, is the system to keep us in check... to torture.
Or just to feed off our gifts then be done
with us... vultures??

They say i should celebrate freedom, but then am i really free.
Coz at every turn it seems to warrant a fee.
The more we attempt to evade paying, the more we are being chase with glee.

What is truth? is it the root of all evil?
Has it been painted to be one sided or subjective?
When it should rather be relative.

Has it been carved based on the interpretation  of a group of people.
How deep does the truth cut, i hope deeper than a dimple.
What is the essence of life?

Draw your first breathe, go to school, get a job, wife, children and then....die?
Do we even ask why?  or what if?
Why should one person be destined to steal, kill or be poor... and another rich, with a silver spoon or be pure... bias??

What if the world we live in is the flawed model of an experimental product?
Does it mean we are stuck in the status quo, nothing we can add or deduct.
What is knowledge and who wields it?

If knowledge is power, does that explain why those with it crush and oppress the ignorant... is it a license.
Where does true power come from?

From a position of strength of from understanding your weakness.
"I'm strong and I'll be strong", what's the difference... the tenses?
One acknowledging the now, the other hoping for the future.

Everything was made in opposites, i guess that's why the strong needs the weak.
The proud need the meek.

The sad need those with joy.
Heck! even McGregor needs Floyd.

I guess we define each other.
Faraway from vibes and buzz.

Closer to magnets, and what the law regarding its opposite sides does.
Mind me not tho, these are just the musings of lad in his twenties.

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