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Tuesday, 21 February 2017


No one understands the joy on my face when we 'bout to rendezvous.
It's only our under-G "P" That can get me this flustered.
I know you've laid it all bare on a table.
And in my head, am thinking 'bout 5 ways to eat you like custard.
We chat on codes, i smile 'coz bae would never decode.
I smile at me when am on night call for an urgent liposuction.
This "D" just got on attention.

So it's down to swerving swiftly in my rover.
In a race against time and for my erection... you bet i'd be the winner.
And you got that clean shave that could make any man your slave.
At the ward, we do it in the dispensary.
'Coz tonight your legs are up, as we celebrate our secret anniversary.
Its our rhythmic movement that springs the gravely silent alley to life.
The added adventure of being caught.
Keeps my heart steady beating fast, and in pidgin "omo my heart go cut"
This Undercover lifestyle has got my boat rocked.
That's why twice a week, in your yard my ship is docked.

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