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Monday, 13 February 2017

My Trilemma 2


I stood up to signal for more drinks. I'm already so fucking tipsy and yet, I've not seen any woman who caught my attention. Fuck.. We've been imbibing drinks like water since we got here. Infact, dan had asked us to leave, but im persistent. I need to make this happen.. I was still thinking when something spilled on me. "What's this?!" I screamed.. I looked into a pair of the sexiest eyes I've ever seen in my life. She looks absolutely exotic. She's dressed tastefully in a short skirt and a scrap of fabric.. That's barely holding back her breasts. They look like they'd spill out any minute. Fuck. I couldn't keep my eyes off em. Even as a woman! "I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to" she said. She looked so scared and innocent. I felt so bad screaming at her."it's ok, it's nothing.."

She looked relieved and bit her lips.. She then rummaged in her purse and brought out an handkerchief.. Then she dabbed at the spill on my chest. "I'm sorry.". She kept on muttering.. Her hands were so soft on my breast. It was like she's deliberately smooching me.. But i looked into her eyes and they looked so apologetic and guileless. I discarded that thought.."You can stop it, it's ok." I said while i grabbed her hands. I looked down at Daniel and i saw his eyes glued to her breasts.. He looked positively ravenous. I glanced at his trousers and saw it tented with a hard on. Perfect.

 This woman is the one.. But how to convince her? She stood in front of me looking uncertain.. I felt like ripping off her top and feasting on her body.. She looked so fucking gorgeous. She bit her lip again and that finalized it. I winked at daniel and pulled her hands. She looks like i can control her. So innocent. I dragged her to a dim part of the club. "So, what's your name?" She looked at me surprised.."I'm delilah.. But you can call me Lila."

She said in her husky voice. Fuck, i can't wait to fuck her with daniel.. She looks absolutely delicious. I moved closer to her and became dominant.. She looked scared and shifted backward until her back hit the wall.. I came close to her; enough for my breasts to touch her breasts. "I like you Lila.. And my husband likes you too.."she looked shocked.. "No, I'm not into..."

I bit her ear and whispered.."How'd you like to have the hottest night of your life?" I don't plan on accepting a No. I'm going to make sure she comes home with us tonight. Then we'd dump her tomorrow.
"I..i.." She stammered. I wondered at my luck.. She seems so submissive and indecisive.. "Don't worry, we'd use protection.. And infact; We'd use a discreet hotel. Not to worry, my husband owns it.." She looked uncertain. I ran my tongue up her earlobes and nipped.. Her eyes glazed over. I pressed my breasts on chest..her scantily covered breasts heaved and her nipples puckered.. She shivered in delight and i felt a thrill pass through me. I softly captured her lips with mine. That sealed the deal.

Daniel didn't even say anything. He let me take charge this time. We drove down to one of the companies 5 star hotels and went to the presidential suite.. Daniel sat down heavily on the bed and i pulled lila inside the room. She looks so innocent and i delighted in spoiling her. She couldn't be over 21 years.. I smiled at dan and winked.. I whispered in her ears.."let's give him the show of his life.." She nodded timidly. I kissed her and gently grabbed her breasts.. Then with my lips fused on hers, i manoeuvred her to the bed and gently eased both of us on it. Dan positioned himself perfectly to watch us. I gently flicked off her top and her breasts were bared to our gaze.

 They looked so succulent and the globes were so fucking firm with no sag at all. I latched on to one nipple and sucked like a mad woman.. I squeezed the other and ran the tip of my tongue around her aureole before i bite the nipple. She moaned deep and hard. I ran my fingers down her thighs and straight into her vulva.. It was slightly wet. I have to correct that.. I nodded at dan and he latched on the to her lips. He simply ate her up.. I flicked her clit and she screamed.. Dan ran his hands over her body and squeezed her breasts.. Then we each took a breast.. It was magnificent. We would kiss her breast and then kiss each other.. I pulled off her skirt and thong then went down on her.. While dan sucked her breasts.. She was on the brink of coming when i stopped. Then we swapped positions and he went to eat her pussy while i squeezed her ass.

 I pulled off my clothes and dan did the same.  I sat on her face and forced her to eat my pussy.. I faced dan and he stopped eating her pussy and kissed me.. It was glorious.. I sat harder on her mouth and almost choked her. I looked down and saw my pussy juices run down her face.. Dan grabbed his dick and plunged it into her.

Her muffled scream filled the room amidst our laboured breathing.."fuck. She's so fucking tight baby.. I wish you can feel her pussy squeezing you." He moaned.. I grinded harder on her lips and she moaned hard. I felt a thrill zap through me and i sat up.. I turned to her and kissed her lips.. Tasting my juices on them. Dan pounded into her like she's the last woman on earth and i clamped my lips on her clit.. She screamed again and i shoved my pussy down on her mouth to shut her up. I licked Dan's dick as he thrust in and out of her pussy.. He grunted like a bull and looked demented.. She ate me up, while i ate her and licked his dick. Delicious.

We had crazy sex that night. Dan has tremendous appetite to satisfy the both of us. He fucked her more though.. It was the craziest night of our lives. No inhibitions whatsoever. We slept entwined in each others arms. The next morning, when i woke up; i saw dan fucking lila and i felt a mix of sensations. It's like they are leaving me out. We are only supposed to have sex with her together. I looked into dans face and felt jealousy rip through me. He looked at her like she's the last meal on earth. The bitch too was moaning.. Looking all beautiful and perfect. I stood up and left for the bathroom.."baby, come and join us..""Yes, we ain't complete without... Yo...u" lila moaned.

 Really? But they can start without waking me up. I didn't answer them and just left the for the bathroom.. While i was showering, i heard them scream in pleasure.. And i felt anger fill me. Fuck. I hastened up and came of the bathroom, but lila was not in the room. "I sent her off.. I could sense your anger".."Yes! You basically cheated on me! It was supposed to be a one night stand!" I screamed. He looked at me in bewilderment.."Baby.. She's so hot, i couldn't resist fucking her one last time. I promise you, this is the last time that kinda shit will happen..No other sexual partners without the both of us present yeah?".. "Yeah.." I said reluctantly.

He moved close to me and hugged me. He knelt down and licked my navel.. Then he nuzzled up and licked the underside of my breast.. He then bent me over and slid into me. I couldn't clear the image of Lila from my head. It's like she bewitched me. Even with my anger at her fucking my husband behind my back, i can't clear images of her lithe body from my memories.. As dan pounded me; i felt thoroughly incomplete.. It's like the sex is not complete without her,, i wanted to bury my mouth on her pussy while dan fucked me from behind. Shit.. I can't decipher my jumbled thoughts.

A week later

I went to the club to find lila. I've been here twice in a row now.. I just want to see her once again. Whenever I'm fucking my husband, i imagine she's with us. Although i get angry when i think of she and dan fucking, i just want her for me. I want to have her to myself. "Hello, ma'am.. " i looked into Lila's eyes. I felt my heart beat faster. Fuck. She's here.." I don't know your name.." She said huskily. "Sit down dear, I'm sasha, and my husband is dan." She smiled and took her seat. We started talking and she told me she's 24 years and a graduate. I was shocked at her age.. She looks so young and innocent.

 This evening, shes wearing a see through gown and sky high heels that make her legs look very amazing. She's tastefully dressed and looked like she came from money too. I shoved that thought aside and licked my mental lips. Now, i can conveniently say that the reason i was angry the night after our debauchery was because i didn't get to taste her the last time, but dan did. Fuck.

We chatted for a bit and i just fell into her voice.. She exudes sex so innocently. It's like she's begging to be spoilt. I guess the reason I'm so much attracted to her is because of her angelic aura; yet she dresses like a slut. I couldn't wait anymore and told her to follow me. She stood up pliantly and we left for my car. Once we got inside, i lowered the level of the passengers seat and i pushed her to a lying position. I didn't even bother with niceties. She was fucking wet. I just turned us to a 69 position.

This was the beginning of my affair with lila. I'd take her out, and eat her the fuck up.. We started experimenting with sex toys and I'd fuck her with strap on dildo's. I began to drift away from dan slowly and lila was always there for me. We became very close and got to know a lot about her. Our affair was exciting and explosive and i kept it as a secret from dan. I noticed he didn't really care about the space between us, but i didn't care about that too.


That night was the hottest night of my life. That lila woman had the sweetest pussy ever and I'm just like an addict. Before i sent her off the morning after, i gave her my card and got her contact too. We began to chat and email ourselves. Then we set a meeting.
I'd been brimming with excitement to meet her. I can't even sum up guilt that I'm about to cheat on sasha with a woman she chose for our threesome. Although, I'd make sure we don't get caught. A day to the d-day, i attended an event organised by my father's friend- A business partner and i felt boredom engulf me.

"Dan, dan.." I heard a deep voice say and i turned back and saw my Father's friend, standing with lila. "How are you my boy?" I answered him and froze in shock. She looked back at me in shock.." This is my daughter, lila. She just came back from the states recently.." Fuck. Lila was the woman my father wanted me to marry two years ago! I wish i listened. Fuck. "Hello, I'm lila.." She said. And winked at me. Her father wandered off and left the both of us. "Shit. You're his daughter?!" She smiled demurely at me and came close to me. "Seems we don't need to wait till tomorrow to fuck.." She whispered seductively. "Meet me at the end of the hall way in five. And she glided off. I felt my cock harden in my pants. Fuck. Thoughts of sasha flew from my mind as all the blood in my circulation rushed down to my dick.

I rushed down to the hallway and met her waiting. I couldn't even wait. I slammed her back on the wall and pulled her gown up. Her pussy was totally bare no my view. I looked at her in question and she showed me the panties dangling from her fingertips. I ran mad and loosened my belt. I didn't even care if anybody caught us. I fucked her hard. Hard i meant. She screamed and i slammed my mouth of hers and kissed her deeply. Fuck. Her pussy wrapped around me like a vise and i could feel the cum boil from from my dick. I erupted in her pussy and groaned deeply. Shit.

We separated and she had a shit eating grin on her face. She pulled me inside on of the bedrooms, hers' i suppose. With my cum dripping down her thighs, we fucked again. That was the beginning of our affair. She became an integral part of my life. She'd come down to my office on the pretext of delivering documents for her father and We'd fuck and fuck. It was a torrid affair. She allowed me fuck her anyhow, any way. She'd do anything for me. There was a day we almost got caught by sasha. She'd come to give me a surprise visit and brought lunch with her. We finished Eating and sasha left.

Then Lila came in dressed in a sexy suit. The fact that my wife just left didn't make me jump on her as usual. My dick was limp with guilt and i told her.."lila dear, sasha just left.. I don't think i can do this today.." She smiled devilishly and replied.. "Really?.. No problem, just watch me then.." She sat on the seat directly opposite me and slowly placed her leg on my table. Her skirt pushed up and her bare thighs were bared to my gaze. She spread her legs wider and see her bare pussy. Fuck. She smiled so innocently and licked her fingers. Then she ran the tips all over her pussy.

She moaned and arched her back,then fingered herself. I forgot myself. I bulldozed over to her and pulled her up. I fucked her on my table that day. As i was fucking her, the someone knocked and the thought of almost getting caught got my dick harder. I covered her mouth while i pounded into her like a piston. "Baby, it's sasha.. I forgot my phone on your desk.."she said. I continued thrusting into lila and didn't even answer. Lila screamed at my pounding and bit my hands. I felt her cum. Fuck. I pulled out my dick and shoved it in my trousers.

"I'm coming.. " i took the phone and slid out, closing the door firmly behind me. "What took you so long? And why are you looking so dishevelled..." I dragged sasha into the restroom at the end of the corridor and pulled her into a stall. I pulled up her gown and rubbed her pussy.. She tried to protest.. But i shut her up.. I briefly considered shoving my dick in her mouth, but she'd taste Lila's juices on it. I pulled out my wet dick and it entered her without resistance.

She forgot all about why i left the office.


I've got the both of them wrapped around my tiny fingers. I'm starting to get bored though, things are going too smoothly. It's time to shake things up a bit!

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