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Monday, 27 February 2017


The pulse, an indicator that am still breathing.
The pause, a stop i take when am thinking.
Often i need the pause to figure out how to keep my pulse racing.
Not that i keep count, i just love to take out my calendar and gauge my life's duration... others might call it dating though.
Some say it's in my pysche that am too cautious 
But life could be over before the eye twinkles.
It could be a short ride if you're on life's bus.

Hence prior to every action i think twice.
Cards of warning flash as i prepare to take the dive.
But i also crash and dream big, the life of a star... but these ain't fairytales 'bout beer bottles.
Sometimes i feel my life is as paced as turtles.
Sometimes i feel life's a sack race, and am coming in last.
Sporadic thoughts like the bullets flying out of an A-K.
I've got a poker face on, hands clutched to my aces.
Trying to get on that 4G bandwidth, swiftly escaping life's phases.
Questions still hit me like "Does my actions have value? or is what am offering a limited edition? "
"Am i unique or just an abominable aberration?  or have i been chosen like the lord Jesus to serve the nation? "
I get no answers... stuck in meditative doldrums.
If there's been a loss of direction, who is to blame or am i guilty?
Do i still have a chance to illuminate and shine?
Probably i might dig deeper to pay my fine.
Perhaps there's a greater mission to be revealed.
So like a grand wedding i stand before my bride, waiting to lift her veil.
But in twisted circumstances, i ain't met her before.
The urge to look her in the face and brace up is strong.
'Coz meeting her would mean knowing my mission.
And staring in her eyes means me seeing the vision.
Because to live is to achieve, and to achieve is to have lived.
It's all in the pause,
The clearest state of mind to make the move.....
What's it gonna be???

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