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Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Is that pussy all mine?, baby don't lie.
waited outside your hostel till like 'bout 9.
Saw you with that nigga who's 6ft plus.
It hurts... Probably because am like bout 5.

I guess he goes deeper, am talking 'bout that dive
Maybe he's more juicy, making you cum alive in multiples of 5.
Maybe he acted upon my absence.
I guess he filled the void better.
Maybe He's your greek god now, your alpha, your omega... your beta.

Distance starved you of me...I guess i know why your feelings are anorexic.
I mean who would leave a lady so beautiful and soul so clean.
Who would jeopardize their future, just to make them the paper, to paint that green.
Who would go on a conquest, and leave his love to fate.
Got back from an "Odyssey", to an embrace of uncertainty.

Question marks hanging over this relationship, like the answers committed suicide.
De-boarded my ship, to discover you might have been pushed by Poseidon's tides.
Our love's been crucified, a spear thrust in its sides.
So my baby i ask... Are you still mine?
Or would i be greeted by his taste when your lips meet mine?
Is your focus still on what we had or have, is your soul still mine?

Would your kitty still shed tears at my touch, if i would loose you please show me a sign.
Put the cuffs on me like i committed a crime.
'coz i hear you scoff when you say you love me.
I feel the scorn when you say you want me.
And these days i ain't really digging your vibes.
'coz you telling me i mean alot could just be a hidden jibe.
So look me in my eye and tell it to me straight.
Paint a vivid picture, so on the wall of my mind i'ld hang the potrait.
Where we go from here you should tell me.

Am I still yours, and that beating heart of yours... "is it still mine"?

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