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Wednesday, 1 February 2017


It's a slow feeling the way i miss kate.
I lay beside my phone waiting, i've called a couple of times... yet she might claim to have missed just 8.
Life's fvcked up and i accept that fate.
All I'm asking for is a tabula raza, another clean slate.
I watch you watch me as i suffer in pain.

I know you know that you're my destiny.
So if according to the popular saying "Your Destiny Is In Your Hands".
Did i hold on too loosely and let it take on wings like a bird.
Did i tighten my grip and crush it into bits of sands.
Words on marble, i anticipate at the thin line separating patience from impatience... waiting for it to unravel.
You gave me your all, kept me in your warm cozy heart... Twas like i was housed in your Hall.
Yet i treated your paradise like a pair of dice.
Tossed them here and dere.
Maybe i was trying to collate the results of my actions like a mad scientist.
Manipulating Ex-es on the vertical axis, whilst asking "whys" on the horizontal.
Who apart from God can we ask this?
I agree that i sowed and must reap what sprouts from my seeds
But i am not without blemish, i have looked into the mirror of life... and it has reflected my deeds.
It has shown the wrongs i did.
How i turned your love for into a golf ball, and attempted to do a woods with it.
Vooosh!! It ruptured the negligible resistance of air, tearing into it with fearsome speed.
"Expect the unexpected" they say, and this i should have indeed.
It has come back to hit me in the balls in a boomerang.
The pain is bitter, like i sipped with the lord during the crucifixion when he said "I Thirst"
Please Gimme another chance, Because you leaving me would be a bitter pill to swallow... it wouldn't digest.
All i care about is you and me, rather than your friends who speak ill of me
For all i care they can die-gesting.
Katie take me back in your arms and forget bout the rest things.
I know it ain't gonna be easy for you...
It would involve tussling with your emotions like it's wrestling.
But like an eagle, i now promise to care for u like you're my nestling.
I extend my hands, head bowed in shame and not expecting you to take me.
And if my words should hit the net like a bad serve.
All i'd do is swerve, and rue my mistakes.

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