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Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Is the real back?, or would it choose to continue its exile.
'Coz these days we all caught up in the fake life.
We all sinking, and most of these niggas think they rolling in the deep.
'Coz of the bottles they popping, and the liquor they sip.
Most of which is gotten from the people they swindle and shades of deceit.
Worse enough that y'all deceitful, buh nigga can't you think... at least place yo ass on the seat fool!
Do that and take a moment to ponder.
Is this life worth living, if u stay blind to the nitty-gritties got yourself nicknamed stevie.
Dancing to the harp of shaytan, these scenarios bug me and then i wonder.
Is the real just a state of mind, or is it merely figmental or fictitious.
I gerrit that y'all think its a show of guts, glory or conquest.
Looking down on others with the eye of fetty.

And y'all believe life is warped like that, shades of being petty.
Bank account's showing its gat plenty, but the strong room of the heart is beeping empty?
Is that satisfying... or status quo defying.
Like they say "money gives that high",
Prolly i could conclude its gratifying.
But is that shvt real, and do you feel the inner peace?
Not neglecting my ladies who let that booty twerk for men thrice my age.
Men who on bed wouldn't be able to flip you like i would, something like pages.
You do this for what? chanel bags and zanotti shoes.
Closet filled with jimmy choos, cloth lines of different designers... you don't even know which to choose.
Your face's all caked up, i wouldn't recognize you after it's all washed away when you bath up.
You want the Fast money and swift cars, but you don't wanna hussle with him for it.
Rather than stay on his side, you choose to become another man's bvtch on the side.
You want to quickly cross the divide, show off to your friends and be the new topic on discuss.
You in school and you date an "aristo-talian", you ain't wanna put your head down to pass that lecturer's course.
But when you get there he gives you two choices.
Number 1 is that you fvck him,
Number 2 is that he gets your dough and you still fvck him.
You dumbfounded, but you ain't gonna do nothing, 'coz you been boxed in a corner.
You let him slide in, and soon it becomes a vicious cycle.
It becomes "norm stuff" to you, nothing gets to you no more... even your neighbor's ridicule.
You down a slippery slope, and you must likely not to be saved even by prayers of the pope.
But again i ask, aunty does it feel real to you.
You went from being all "holy mary" in your teens to being bad and boujee.
Now that pvssy's all beaten up like it
was caught up in a fight with Bruce lee.
We all embroiled in these sortof scenarios, and i myself ain't no saint.
Just a born sinner, leading an inquest... if the real could be brought back..

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