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Sunday, 5 February 2017


I trudged inside the lecture hall still feeling sleepy. This bloody class is too early!! Who starts a class by 7am? I'm so angry and tired.. I had to wake up as early as 5am to get bathed, apply my make up and eat.. I don't even have much appetite this early in the day, but i shoved down some cornflakes sha.

The rush for buses too?! It was crazy this morning.. I'm not even going to do this again.. After classes, I'm going home to pick one of my daddy's cars'.. He won't miss it.. I'm a post graduate student trying to get a Master's.. But i think I'd drop out of this class and collect peoples notes if this early shit continues.. I can't be waking up this early consistently.
I sat down and dropped my bags beside me and looked around.. The hall is full to capacity..

Hmm.. I brought out my phone and started surfing the net.. It's 5 minutes to 7am.. I hope this lecturer is not late. All i suffered will be in vain if comes in late.. Id not even finished that thought when a hush descended and i looked up from what I was doing.. Straight into the most sexiest ass I've ever seen on a Man. I sat on the third row and could see clearly.. That can't be our professor.. When i saw Akinyemi on the course outlined, I Imagined an old man, awkward and bent over. Not this sexy piece of Man I'm looking at.

No, No.. A prof this hot?! I'd not seen his face yet anyway.. He stopped in front of the projector and turned. Wow.

"Hello, I'm professor Akinyemi; but you can call me Yemi. I'm going to take you Chemistry 757. I hate noise, and distractions in my class. We are all adults here, I expect nothing less than perfection. I'm not going to correct anybody, but trust me, I'd match your names perfectly to your face and deal with you the best way.." The class laughed.." Now, let's get down to business.

If this is the sight I'd be enjoying everyday, i don't mind waking up by 2am.. I'm shocked.. This young; and a professor? He can't be more than 35 years old.. Sexy and oozing charisma like a perfume? Great sense of humor too? Wow. I didn't concentrate on the lecture.. His voice has this husky resonance to it.. It's like he's reading a love poem to me.. He has a beautiful, slightly tilted upwards sparkling eyes.. I can't gauge the length of his lashes, but they seem long.. Brows thick and full.. Perfectly shaped, not bushy.. His chest broad and tapered down to a slim waist and muscular looking thighs.. Chemistry never sounded better.. I managed to catch little of the lecture.. I was very busy in fantasy land, feeling his dick choking my throat.

He's my new project. I'm going to get him; whether he likes it or not. His voice is taking me places.. Making me high.. I felt a slight twinge of anger when his class ended.. He gave us a website to check out and then left.

His course is a compulsory one and we have it 3 times a week.. I can't wait for the next class by Wednesday.. Anticipating.. I picked up my bag and left..


I finished my class this evening and crashed in my office.. What a long day this has been.. I'm so tired and hungry. I can't leave now though, i have to prepare a lecture note.. I rubbed and neck and swivelled my chair.. What a stressful day i thought.. And yet i have to play nice.. The last class i took was very annoying. They didn't even submit the assignment i gave them.. Continued begging for more time.. Shit. I think I'd tell them that it's going to be for their continuous assessment. Then definitely, they will do the right thing.

I'm missing my queen and my little girl... I picked up my phone and dialled my wife's number.. I heard her sweet voice and i felt calm engulf me.. A woman should be a place of calm for her husband.. That's what Ivy is to me.. My Personal calm.. She asked me about my day and why I'm not home yet.. I told her I'm busy and she asked me to hurry up.."I love you my baby".."love you too sweetheart, she replied.. Fuck.. Love for this woman saturates my entire being.. She's such a sweet creature.. I can't wait to hold her and my little baby in my arms.

I can't stop thinking about Prof Yemi. He's everything I've been searching for in a man.. He's so intelligent and serious.. He makes chemistry so delicious.. At the end of each lecture, you can hear students groaning.. We don't ever want him to stop.. I've been whipping my fantasies around him.. Been building dreams around him.. He's so perfect.. I wondered how I'd catch his attention.. I looked around, ive got a lot of competition though..

My phone rang. I picked it and it's my bestie sarah
"Babe, what are you doing?! We've got a partyyy this evening! Where are you?!"
"I'd be home soon.. Im coming.." Oh! She made me loose track of prof yemis ass leaving the hall.. What the fuck.

"Babe! You made prof yemis ass disappear without me enjoying the full view! Get out joor!" I said petulantly.
"Wow! That awesome ass right?" I felt shock rip through me.. How come?! How does she know about that Delectable  ass? She's not a chemistry student. "How did you know?!" I demanded.

"Calm your possessive heart girl.. He took us a Physics course today, he's standing in for his sick colleague. He has a degree in physics too. Did you know that? "She yelled.
"This man is just a genius.. I like him very much.. Well, let me get home, We'd discuss his ass better".

"Abeg, that ass is for public consumption oh.. Its not your property.." She said jokingly.. We laughed and I cut the call. I felt anger at her words and masked it with laughter..

 I got home and flew into Sarah's bedroom.. We rented a 2 bedroom apartment at a building not too far from school.. She's been my friend since secondary school and we've been inseparable since then.. "Babe! Hope my gown is Ironed?! You promi.." I trailed off. I was shocked to see her crying. Is this not the person i was joking with on the phone just now?

"Sarah.. What happened?!" I dropped my handbag on the floor and moved to her.."Rose.. You are back?"..she said sniffling.. I hugged her close and tried petting her.. "Baby, what's wrong?" Deep in my heart, i know what the problem is.. Sarah has a bad habit of falling for the wrong kind of guy.. I'm sure her current flame has dumped her again. She's never been in a relationship longer than 2 months.. And its always hot and violent.. We are in for a teary night today. Bye bye party.

 "He dumped me!.. Am i not beautiful enough? Sexy enough..?" She cried.. I calmed her down and sighed.. Here we go.. "Don't worry dear, you'd be fine.." I consoled. All my thoughts about Yemi dissolved.. No gist tonight. We are for another emotional trauma. This weekend is destroyed.


I entered my house and fell into the comforting arms of my wife.."baby, I cooked eba and egusi tonight.." Go and shower; before you're done, I'd have served it.. "Baby, you're the best.. I felt joy fill me. This woman is the fucking best.. "Daddy! Daddy".. My little daughter Tiwa rushed towards me.. I engulfed her and twirled her around. She screamed in joy.."daddy! I missed you.. Where have you been? You came in late today.." I kissed her cheek and ruffled her hair.. "It's work my dear.." "Let your dad go shower tiwa, oya, get down.." Ivy said. I dropped her and kissed her forehead.. This little girl is my world and i felt my heart clench.. "Run along now, go to your room".. Tiwa frowned, but obeyed her mother.

My wife looked at me and whispered.. " i want you to eat, rest and come to bed.. You've been busy for weeks.. Tonight, lets.." I cut her off halfway and kissed her deeply.. She kissed me back ravenously.. I totally forgot about food.. I felt blood surge my dick.. Fuck it's been long i buried me in her.. I grabbed her ass and sat down. Then sat her down on my thighs.. I kissed her deeply and ran my hands all over her body...

On monday morning i felt excitement hit me.. This weekend was dreary. I was missing prof yemi so much and sarah was totally down.. I had to be her support and the outings we planned for the weekend was cancelled. I hate the way our life is governed by her emotions.

But what can i do? I had no choice but to flow along.. To be truthful, im somewhat relieved we ain't taking classes together.. And i hate the way she has access to see prof yemis ass too. I'm too territorial. I don't care about the fact that all others can see it too.

I pray their physics lecturer gets well quick.. I sat in the front row today; i came in Early enough. He walked in and as usual, the hush descended. He spoke and turned chemistry to art.. I fell in love deeper with him. I resolved to make him mine. Come rain or sunshine. I'd do anything to get him. Anything.

I just date guys for the fun of it, but im currently single.. I'd promised myself to go after the next man who catches my fancy. I'm 27 years and I'm ready to get married. Yemi is prime for me. Rich, handsome, educated to the tee and unbelievably sexy. What more do i want?.. I'm going to make sure i get close to him and seduce his destiny.

 The class rounded up and he made an exciting announcement that made my heart jump with joy.. "The department needs some students among you guys to supervise the undergraduate students during their practicals. It's purely voluntary. You'd get to work personally for me and some other lecturers too. Those of you interested should come to my office for a short interview.." He smiled.." It's a really great opportunity to..." I tuned out..

My head was already in the clouds.. For the first time, i didn't listen intently to his voice.. I was madly happy. An opportunity to work with prof yemi.. In his office, lab or anywhere.. I'm ready to be his slave.. I'd do anything for him. I felt myself getting wet from the perverse thoughts running through my mind.. I'm a little bit masochistic and i love the stinging pain that comes from a man's hand.. His hands look capable of spanking me to hell and back.. I saw him wrapping his hands around my throat as he slid his cock deep in me.. I laid my head on the table to enjoy and visualise my imagination's better.. I licked my lips and wondered at the taste of his dick.. I imagined him choking me with it..

"Hey what's wrong with you.. Tap that lady with her head on the table.." I raised my head up and looked straight into his eyes.. I felt electricity spark through me.. "What's wrong? Is my class that boring?" he asked. I could feel his eyes and others boring into me.." No sir, i just feel slightly tired".. I said, barely above a whisper.. But since the class was so silent; you could hear a pin drop, my voice was a bit audible..

"Alright then. The class is over anyway.." He gave us some assignments and left.. He noticed me! I caught his attention!!! I'm so happy!! I sat in the hall while the class emptied around me.. He looked into my eyes! Wow!.. "Let's rush to his office tade, i really want to be chosen by him.." I heard a lady tell her friends..

Oh! That's true! What am i still doing here! The interview..! I packed my laptop and books and rushed out; straight to his office.. I got there and stopped. I rubbed my eyes in astonishment.. The queue was seriously long.. Wrapping around the corridor.. I shrugged and joined them., he will pick me.


I felt inordinately dissatisfied.. Nowadays, i don't feel complete with just the sweet lovemaking with my wife.. I feel like something is missing.. I want to handle her roughly.. Fuck her from behind.. Leave trails of hickey on her neck.. But, i don't want her to feel bad.. She's my wife.. Meant to be treated with respect.. Yet i feel this deep yearning in me.. To dominate her.. Fuck her roughly; yet with tender handling and loving.. To swallow her up and yet feel myself being swallowed..

I snapped out of my thoughts and realized that i needed to conduct an interview.. The students started coming in one by one.

I saw the queue move fast and i was both angry and happy. Angry because it means i won't spend more than 2 minutes with him and happy because the line is moving fast and I'd get to him quickly..

I heard the girls behind me say "Even if you go naked, he won't notice you.." My ears perked up when I realized they are talking about my future husband.."his he homo' nii? Why not? With my big ass?! I'm sure he cant resist this.. " she even slapped her ass. I shook my head in denial.. It's only my ass he'd be grabbing..

"He's married! Shey you don't know nii? The other girl replied..

I shattered. What?! Married? How come it's not a general knowledge?! How come he's not wearing a ring?! How come a lot of ladies are still after him?!.." and i heard he loves her so much.. he also has a little girl too.." I felt my heart crumble into bits.. He's married? Married?! What the fuck.. Who's the lucky bitch that got him?! Is she maad?! He's made for me! Just me!! I fumed in my mind.. I can't let an opportunity to get close to him pass me by. I must at least confirm!

1 week later.

I'm not going to let him pass through my fingers like the others! I will eliminate all obstacles barring him from me.. I've been mooning over him for weeks and you can't imagine the kind of heartbreak that went through me when i heard he's married.. I felt shattered but I'm back and better now. I'm letting nothing as flimsy as a marriage stop me..

I stalked his house for some days now, and Ive seen how he and that woman( i refuse to call her his wife; operates).. Shes usually at home in the evening but he comes home late everyday.. Good.

I'm eliminating any thing or person in my way.. Time waits for no Man.. After i clear every obstacle standing between him and I, then I'd now make my move.. Sweet. I felt glee spread in my soul..

I got to his house and rang the bell confidently.. His beautiful wife opened the gate.  So, this is the silly bitch standing between me and my fantasy lover right?! I'm seeing her up close for the first time.

She smiled at me in confusion and said.."Excuse me?" "Oh, I'm sorry ma, I'm a student of your husband at school, and I wanted to drop some assignments for him"
"Come in," she said... I stepped in and then she closed the gate.

She frowned " I'm sorry but my husband is not home yet, moreover, this is his home not work; i suggest you go to.."

That was the last statement she made in this life.. Her eyes bulged as the knife i held in my gloved hands swiped her throat in a flick.. I did it casually. No fuss at all.
She fell down and drowned in her own blood. She gurgled on it and her blood spread all over the floor.. The expression on her face was that of shock. She never expected it.. I chuckled.

A bit of blood sprayed on my shirt; but it's black, thank God.. I kicked her body for staining my cloth. Nonsense woman. You can't even die without making me wash. Bitch. I kicked her again.

I squatted, then, wiped the knife clean on her shirt. I stood up and opened the gate, stepped out and left.. I strolled to the next street where i parked the car. I entered it and drove off. I'm seriously angry about the stain though. She deserves another kick.. I briefly considered going back to kick her, but i changed my mind..

No one stands between me and my goal. No one.

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