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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Action in Calabar 2

Part 2


It is obvious the lady from the plane was sent to torment me, she can't in anyway be my crush, I came out barely 15mins after the caring rendezvous in the air and there she was all wrapped up in the hands of another man, all in complicit positions!

She was so carried away that she forgot my earpiece on one of the foyer seats! it is crazy how this girl is getting to me, I decided to think strictly about my reason for coming to Calabar and blot out of the fantasy of getting a good girl from here, Calabar girls are no good as they say so what the hell was I thinking? This was my consoling thoughts as I lividly left the airport!! By the way, she didn't even know I was in the car with her! Bitch!


I got a call from my aunt and she gave reasons as to why she couldn't be around in person to pick me. She advised that I feel at home, she already had pizza ordered for me, all of these is tandem to the fact that she won't be coming home till the following day.

The best part of the call was when she declared that she has told the driver to stay with me through the night for precautionary reasons; it is my first night in Calabar, her cook/maid is not around and it will be wrong that I spend the night alone in the very big duplex.
She suggested I lodge in an hotel but I hurriedly refused and reassured her that i will be fine! I think even God wants this to happen!

Hearing that I will be alone with Duke tonight made my vagina wet to climax.. I took my bath sedulously in the bathroom, and paid meticulous attention to everything. I took time to finger myself.. My fingers swiped the entire lenght of me and went in as deep as it could go.. I caressed my clit madly.. I ran a professional touch through myself.. I give good fingering!

I was moaning seriously, the pitch of my voice was sturdy enough to overshadow the sound of the running eyes were close tightly, and i was in mastubatory heaven. I was standing while one of my leg was on the bathtub, this gave my fingers the luxury to touch it all..I went in myself and the blood from menstruation just couldn't find its way out! I blamed myself for not bringing my dildo, I really wish I took it along despite the persuasion from Damola my perv friend!

"Can't this driver be bold enough to just barge in?" I thought within me! I imagined him slamming the door open and forcing his way into me. Fuck.. My fingers flew faster on my pussy. The thought of him fucking me and doing those crazy shii to me pushed me over the edge.
The tears of cum rolled down my thighs and the sensational storm calmed. Still.. I didnt feel satisfied. I got out, applied my to-bed cosmetics and joined Duke the driver downstairs with high hopes that something will happen!

He really helped reduce boredom for me, first; because he is learned and very sociable and second; I could not help but still stare lustfully at him. Damn! the boy was fine, he wore a tank top and shorts, that showed the definitions of his sexy body. I stared hard at his zipper to get the exact size of his dick but all to no avail..

Tonight is one of those nights when you just want to hit the bed and sleep off. I got into the compound of the great University of Calabar, it is indeed big in size and population. I was too moody to admire the environment, and how a girl managed to emasculate me three times in one day is a puzzle I cannot figure out.

Aside the calls from the HOD of the arts department, my mother and Ndifreke my friend, nothing makes any sense for the night. In this anger tho, I still appreciate the little moment when my biggest lovely enemy touched my skin, it felt like an achievement in some kind of way. The same person that tormented me all day is the same person that gave me an highlight for the day; weird right? I thought so too!

I cannot help myself. The night is getting quiet and the only noise disturbing is our very audible murmur.. we are lying down on the very broad and furry center rug, he was lying horizontally at my feet. Consistently, my legs felt his laps, athletic and hairy..

His voice has gotten deeper than earlier and it sounds more cozy, making the atmosphere more inviting. I was rubbing my laps against each other in no precise model, running through my minds are thoughts that's making this pussy scream- a big duplex with just two souls in it, nothing interrupting, not even the silence!

Everything was sending messages to me.. it began to rain and I was convinced that this has to happen. i could hardly hear Duke's voice as the voices in my head are louder, my mind at the moment is blowing its self up, the aura was just too blue..

I got up and sat on him, I stared deep into his eyes and I got the reciprocation I wanted; he was not surprised; I only did what he's been waiting for. I leaned in to kiss him, and my gown went up simultaneous and my ass was out, he returned my kiss very carefully, he was trying to be a gentleman which I don't appreciate at this junction, I want it raw and hard.

I kissed him more deeply and roughly and he caught my drift and switched to my pace. He grabbed my ass, and the feeling of his relatively firm hands made cold run through my spine..

I was bra-less which made his access to my firm and now hard nipples easy. He held it with very hard masculinity, and grabbed tight. I felt a sharp pain but also I felt joy..
He kneaded my nipples; I was quietly moaning loud, that won't make much sense to you unless you are in that position.. I was riding his dick in fantasy, and though I am still clad, I was moving in the dick riding rhythm, and trying to feel his agressively hard dick,with my pussy; through our clothes. I wanted his dick to punch me deep.

I gauged the length of it and I was impressed. He rolled me over, with my back leaning on the rug. He stripped me off my clothes and I tore his tank top in return. The moment I've been anticipating.

I ran my fingers through his abs, damn! he is fit! All musclar and his veins at this point have got hot blood running through it. He kissed me healthily, I melted to pulp and was compelled to ask for it, "please, fuck me!" I said in a somewhat pleading tone.. And he unleashed his dragon, yes! those stories you hear about the Calabar men are true!
I was scared for a minute because I have never in my fucked up life seen a penis this long.. with sturdy looking veins decorating it, poised like a snake ready to strike.
He laid hot and heavy and he was rubbing the tip to get to work.. He oozed a bit of precum. The pearly drop made my mouth water..

My pussy was not scared I must say, my clitoris flowered opened to him in gratitude. At last! A fuck.. And not just any.. A ride on the thickest pole I'd ever seen. I squeezed my cunt muscles in anticipation.
I dove in head first; literally. I went ahead to give him a blowjob.. I choked at my first shot, it is a cock to kill for.. My mouth was crammed full of man meat.
I was hearing audibly his husky moaning voice and also his testimony of how well I was doing it. I'm a certified deep throat.

He couldn't help it as some point, I snapped his control. He pulled out of my mouth with a wet pop and bent me over in a doggy position. He slid in sharply in one move and I practically yelled. He filled me all at once. His dick head hit the head of my womb and I screamed.

He started thrusting slowly. I was moaning hard, but i hated the slow movement; my pussy is adapted to his dick and it wants some fervent pounding. He fastened the tempo on my request; he is good and he went in and out of my lush and warm pussy very professionally. His eyes were closed tight and his hands were placed carefully on my ass, of which he tapped in intervals.

He suddenly changed the position, and pinned me to the chair, raising my right leg to his shoulders. He slid in again without the help of his hands, and he began again to work on me. My radical squeeze of the throw pillow will describe the fantasy I was getting; i battered it. I'm getting thoroughly fucked.

He pulled out with a pop and requested I suck him again. I was glad to. I sucked him clean, tasting my juices on his dick and I could feel his legs shaking immensely. Now, he slid into me and  went in at an almost angry mode, he banged me seriously like he was going to wreck my pussy. It was so fast that I began to cough, I was moaning so loud now that I am not sure neighboring houses are not hearing.

I could hear my palpitations loud and clear, I could hear the dogs barking, he joined me in the moaning racket! he began to thrust into me very and I wonder where I got the strength to withstand that pressure as he's nailing himself into me.

I was busy slamming my cunt back at him and enjoying the ride when he became uncontrolable, and slammed so deep i screamed! I think he dislodged my womb. He then squeezed all into me and nutted! "damn! Inside of me?" I asked with in a very worried tone!! Fuck it.. The haze of arousal faded fast. Shit.
I stood immediately, ran to my room, got into the shower and washed my vagina like I was going to dig out the sperm! I have never had sperm in me before!! I was angry-satisfied-happy at the same time! so cliche!!

Three days after my arrival in Calabar, It is still nothing to write home about, I just hope my first day as a lecturer will makeup for whole annoying charade! Dressed in my sharp and sedulously ironed green suit, I walked briskly into the already settled class.
I smiled at them, I greeted and they responded in enthusiasm, a good way to start the day, I was almost identifying proper with the class when I heard a noise from the entrance.. A well dressed female student was trying to pack her books from the floor. Her gown hugged her curves perfectly.

I was angry at the distraction, and it made me feel like I was not in charge- a feeling I hate! The struggling student stood up finally and behold! it was the girl from the plane! My very very annoying crush, I was standing in bewilderment when innocently she said "Please sir, may I come in?"

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