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Sunday, 12 February 2017

My Trilemma

This is the story of how we lost each other... In the most unlikely way!

I can't believe this shit is actually happening. Why do I need to get married? The board of directors; led by my father- ganged up on me. I need to have a better public image. Seem presentable and respectable. Really? To please the company, i have to marry too?! After all my sacrifices?! The only thing i indulge in is sex. That's all. The rest i leave. I give my 100% to the job and now it's turning on me! Why do i have to give up my freedom too?
Shit. I can't let this get to me. I'd just get a woman to have a marriage of convenience with. That shouldn't be hard.
I shoved thoughts of marriage to a little shelf in my mind. It's what i do; compartmentalise.

2 weeks later.

It turned out non of the women i fuck is good enough to be married to. I can't imagine living with anyone as shallow and vapid as them.. Finding a wife is not as easy as I thought. What nonsense. I have no time for all this, but because the Company is going public; I have to do this fast! The old cronies just patted my back and one even winked at me and said.." Just pick one from the parade of women you have around".. I wanted to slap the lecherous grin off his face. Bastard. My father is the biggest bastard of all. He's been trying to get me married to the daughter of one of his friends. But I'd rejected him repeatedly. I don't even want to meet her. I'd pick my wife myself!!

I vowed to get a woman in the remaining few days of the month left. 10 days. Falling in love is not a choice.


I've got overwhelming debts.. Crazy overwhelming debts i repeat. I'm addicted to shopping and I've swiped all my cards dry. I don't know what to do to break this addiction. I don't know how to say no to a winking jewel brooch, or a pretty scarf.. Or a mohair coat..All of which i don't need. I know you'd have thought my debts are because of something pathetic. No.. Nothing of that ilk.. Its all self made and i don't know what to do about it! What I need right now is a Very Rich man who'd clear my debts!! I strolled into the club and wish i can get hit on a rich man. I don't care if he's ugly or old. All i need id his money. Fast. Or I'd have to give up my mortgaged house.. Yes, it's that bad.

I sat at the club trying to relax.. I know i can't get any girl worthy of marrying me here, but I'm trying to relax and restrategize. I have just 3 days left and the search has been fruitless. I just have a few needs and if a woman doesn't meet it she's eliminated; beautiful, good spoken English, Intelligent and in desperate need of money. Yes, any woman in desperate need of money will definitely not catch feelings.. For sex, I'm still considering it..

" Yes babe! Just to get a Man oh! A rich man.. I'd do anything!! I'm in deep debts... Yes, my shopping! I promise, after i clear this debt, i will never buy anything i don't need again.." "That's what you said the last time,. Girl, you need either a therapist or a billionaire.." The line of convo caught my attention and I looked back and saw two women chatting beside me.. They were leaning on the bar while i was seated.. The first was slim and tall, while the other was extremely svelte and curvy yet.. Very slim waist and a beautiful face.. An absolute looker. She muttered.."lower your voice.. Must the whole world know?.." The other woman laughed and waved her off. I was intrigued by them.. The one with the problem caught my eye though. I perused her thoroughly and she met all my needs. I just don't know if she's intelligent.. In desperate need of money; because of something very vain.. I definitely want her. I'm sure she's greedy, and I'd easily pay her off after two years. In the mean time, I'm looking out for when I'd get her alone and discuss business.


I can't believe lade is shouting out my secrets.. I hushed her and our drinks were served.. "Carry our drinks to that table" i pointed. I'm coming, let me go and pee.."Are you escaping?" She said.. I slapped her shoulders with a grin"you're not serious at all.." She took the drinks and left while i asked a bouncer for directions to the ladies. I walked down there in a rush; im pressed. I entered a stall and peed then i flushed and came out.. And almost hit a man..
"What is this nonsense? What are you doing in the ladies room?! Or your brain left and you can't decipher simple English anymore?!"i screamed at him. I felt fear fill me. I've heard horror stories of women raped and maimed in club restrooms.

He raised his hands up.."Nothing of the sort ma'am. I just want to discuss business" ... I calmed down a bit and really looked at him.. He looks very handsome and expensively dressed. His watch looks like they can buy me a new car. I really looked at him and appreciated him.

I saw the moment dollar signs sparked in her eyes. Although casual, im tastefully dressed as usual. Ok, i just need to confirm she's intelligent. So, can discuss outside? I have a proposition for you.. She smiled and replied in affirmative.. We left the room and i wanted to lead her out to the Alley. "No, here is okay for us to stay".. She said. Hmm, cares about her life.. Not that greedy, i amended. We stayed at a corner of the club where the music is not so loud.."I couldn't help but overhear the conversation with your friend. I understand you're in debt and you need someone; preferably a rich man to help you with it.."

She eyed me speculatively.."What do you want. Be straight forward please! I've got a cold drink waiting.." No one ever speaks to me this way. I let it slide and continued.." I'm a rich man and i could clear up your debt. I need to get married; and i need to have a contract wedding fast. We'd divorce after two years and you won't want for anything for the rest of your life.."

"I'm not interested in getting married. Moreover, you're handsome and obviously rich. Women should be falling over themselves to marry you. Even if it's a marriage of convenience. So, why me?.

I looked at him in suspicion.. Who just walks up to a woman and ask them to marry? When this aint a movie. He explained to me about what he needs and the fact that he'd divorce the woman after two years. He mentioned the perks of being his wife, the money involved and the overall benefits. We exchanged contact and i promise to give him an answer soon.
****2 weeks later****
I sat in Daniel's office and I've been signing documents for the past 20minutes. This man is not leaving anything to chance. He's made sure that when we divorce, I'd leave only with the money he paid. Damn. The only time to really enjoy him is during the marriage.. I'd make sure i spend his money to heaven and back.. And even seduce him too; maybe have a kid or two. He's so cocky, and thinks he cant fall in love right?!

The wedding was very beautiful and small. The next thing I knew, I'm Mrs Sasha Salvador. It's too good to be true. But it is..
He would leave home very early and come back late at night. We both had the routine we follow separately. After some few months, i started getting bored of everything. I have virtually everything i wish for, but still, I'm not satisfied. Money. Cars. Clothes. Food. Parties.. Every thing catered for. But i wasn't satisfied.. I want to get to know Daniel. I wanted to know how he feels, how he lives.. I want to get into his head. I decided to align my plans to fit into his.. We started spending a lot of time together and i started loving him. We got to learn everything about ourselves. The first we had sex, it was magical.. He took me out and then we came back home tipsy..

We laid on the bed and he looked at my lips.."I'd love to taste your lips sasha.. They look Delicious.." I smiled and said nothing. Then he bent his head towards me and kissed me deeply. I opened my mouth and swiped my tongue on his lips. His lips are one of the softest lips I've ever tasted. They feel so soft and succulent and I'd love to eat them up.. I sank deeper into his kiss and we forgot ourselves. I was wearing a crop top and skinny jeans.. His hands crawled beneath the bra and touched me all over. He squeezed my breasts and made my brain go hazy with lust. I whimpered into his lips and almost swallowed his tongue. He ran his mouth down my neck and sucked at the tender skin between my clavicle and neck.. I moaned deeply and felt myself sink deeper into him. I grabbed his head and broke our kiss. Then i ran my teeth up his earlobes and he moaned deeply.. I bit it a little and he almost came apart.."fuck, grab my dick sasha.. My cock is hard for you" he said. He slipped his hands down my jeans and shifted my panties like they didn't exist. He flicked a thumb and finger over my pussy and i felt mad. I wanted to go crazy with want. I grabbed his hands and tried to force his fingers into my pussy, but he rejected. He kissed me deeply and then pulled off my jean.. He bent at my feet and licked his way up my pussy.. Wrapped my legs around his neck and went down to feast.

That started our sexual adventure and debauchery. There is nothing we won't do.. We have sex in both semi/public places where we'd almost get caught. It became thrilling and addictive. We began to grow closer and then finally, fell in love. I made him fall totally for me and the circumstances we met was all but forgotten..

On the eve of 2 years when our contract marriage will expire, he proposed to me with love and we had a big society wedding. It was the talk of town for weeks on end and everything was seemingly perfect. He even dissolved all the legal bindings we had regarding our contract marriage and we started afresh. He's been the perfect husband to me and we became very good friends. We'd take walks together, travel to exotic locations together and i was able to convince him to reduce his work load at work and focus more on his home. I became obsessed with giving him the perfect gift. He'd fuffiled numerous of mine fantasies and did virtually everything he could to make me happy.

 Had i known, i should have not tried it.
My life became totally fucked up and unbelievable.

"Daniel.. Baby, i want to have a threesome' with you."

"What? Do you know what you're saying sweetheart?" He sounded relaxed, but i could see the plain excitement tinging his eyes. "Your fantasy has always been to fuck two women.. How about we have your threesome".. I said, trailing my fingers up his arms.."No," he protested."That's going too far." "But baby, you're going to like it.. Infact, I've thought it through. We are going to get to a club and proposition any woman that catches our fancy.. We won't know her, and it's only for a night, so we can't run into problems alright?".. I murmured.."but what about you.. Are you so eager to share me?"

"No baby.. I just want us to fufill your fantasy. I want to make you happy.." He grabbed me close.."baby, I'm satisfied with you; fantasy or not. We are not doing this" he said firmly. I just smiled and looked on.

The next night we drove down to an exclusive down town club and i was checking out the women. What's the harm it in? It's just going to be for one night. And I'm sure it'd make daniel happy..I looked at him and said.."baby, hope you didn't forget about out threesome adventure. We are definitely choosing the woman tonight." He began to argue but i cut him off. "We are doing this, i know you want this baby.. Stop  pretending.. We'd get an anonymous woman to fuck tonight. After tonight, that's all.."
"Ok, honey whatever you say." He muttered with a grin. "Bad'd love this.." I said with a smile and we signalled to the waiter.


I checked out the attractive couple sitting behind me. The woman is very slim but full.. I licked my lips mentally. And the man is handsome too. But the woman caught my eye mostly. She's sexy in a beautiful way..
Hmm.. So, they both want a woman to use for the night right? And then dump her like she doesn't exist? I'm going to make sure I'm that woman. But the difference is, i wont be dumped. By the time I'm through with them, I'd choose whoever i want and let the other get flushed.
I'd take them to heights they've never explored and I'm going to get entwined in their lives.. You just watch and see. They'd love me completely. I'd make them forget a life before me.

They're my new project.

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