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Wednesday, 1 February 2017



I was working and could barely concentrate on anything.. The thought of my runaway one night stand assailed my thoughts and infused my mind.. I couldn't help but get a hard on remembering all she allowed me do to her.. She's a hot number, oh, yeah.. My hands glided to my cock and squeezed.. Delicious sensations ran down my spine from thinking it was her hand.. I imagined her grabbing me and swallowing me just the way she did the last time and i almost came in my pants.. If i continue this way, I'd have to fire myself! I can't even concentrate on anything meaningful..

I decided to go to the adjoining bathroom to take care of my hard-on.. It's going nowhere.. I undressed and stepped into the shower and grabbed a bottle of bath oil.. I squeezed some on my palms and grabbed my rigid cock.. I ran my hands up and down the shaft and closed my eyes.. I remembered the feel of her pussy squeezing me tight and hard.. I shook in ecstasy and imagined my hands were her cunt and I'm thrusting deep and fassst.. I came all over my hands and the tub. Jeez.. That was epic.. I felt a measure of calm which i knew wouldn't last.. But at least.. I took care of that.. I took a quick shower and left the bathroom..

I stepped back into the main office and heard a knock.. That must be PA 14.. Paul had sent a text earlier that she's coming in.. I heard when the elevator bell dinged her arrival.. What nonsense! She's supposed to report here first.. I wondered what she's been doing for the past 10 minutes..

I felt the breath strangle in my throat! What the fuck! This is my runaway one night stand.. She's my new PA?! Fuck that shit!.. "Wow.. See how karma works.. So, you are the new PA?.. Well, don't stand there looking like a fool! We've got a lot of work to do! Come forward and carry this files. I need them reviewed before the end of today..!" I barked at her.. She looked at me in shock. I don't know what she expected.. Me to fly into her arms?! Not possible.. But then, i need her out of here fast so that I'd get my scrambled thoughts together.. "What are you still waiting for?!" She looked at me in anger and came forward to pack the files i indicated.. I smiled mischievously and i dropped my towel.. The one around my waist.. She stopped in shock; then got herself, packed the files in a shock and ran out.. I grinned.. The game just began..

I rushed into my office in a haste.. This man is totally incorrigible..  I sat down got down to work.. If he thinks to frustrate me, I'd not bend easily.. I got down to work..

He's a very tenacious person to work with and pushed me to the very end of my tether.. The workload is insane and he expects the very best from me always.. The attraction sparking between us is off the charts.. He manages to frustrate the hell out of me and keep me on my toes.. Whenever i go to his office, he tries to tease me subtly, but i reject him firmly.. I'm not going to be used just like that.. However tempted i might be..

This friday was the worst day yet, friday is supposed to be the best day of the week, that one day that stood between the final hours of the work week and freedom, but  had managed to make it my worst day for over a year. He insisted on me waiting till after normal work hours for some "extras".. I hissed in anger.. Being in close proximity to him destroys my defences against him.. I stayed back and we had a brief meeting..

And by the time he decided that I was “free to go” it was ten o’clock. I called him as i stood up to go, but he was busy forming serious and He didn’t answer. He was still writing, looking down at his files in concentration.. "Sir! I screamed.. He looked up at me with an infuriating smile and repeated with a little more bite in my voice, enough that made him finally look up at me.“Yes?”I hesitated, hating the fact that something as simple as his eyes meeting mine was enough to make my panties wet.  

“I’m going to need to leave at six o’clock on Fridays like everyone else here so I can enjoy a full weekend. If I’m not out of here by six, im going to have to get an overtime paid for this"! He slowly stood up and said "you're not like everybody here.. You're my PA.. And if you read your worker's handbook, like you should have; you'd know that you're being paid for that already.." He smiled wickedly.. He slowly stood up and walked over to me, making my heart race a mile a minute. “We could also get really technical and discuss how you use my Credit cards to buy whatever you want when you think I'm not looking.."

.. I stared at him in shock! How did he know that? I usually billed it secretly.. And i do it anytime he vexes me..
I stood in front of him in an embarrassed silence..I couldnt say a single word. Before I could come up with a rebuttal, he stepped so close our chest were touching. My chest was heaving and i shivered in pure awareness of him.. "Cat got your tongue?!" He bent his head and whispered in my ears.. "You can never win against me.. If you hope to do, you'd lose badly.." He straightened and tucked a wisp of my hair behind my ears.. I shook at his touch..
Smiling, he perused me from head to toe and said... “See you Monday, Funke... Seven o’clock.”


I entered the office this morning in a good mood.. I can't wait to see and frustrate funke.. I deliberately push her past her work limit and she's coping extraordinarily..
She's the best PA ever and although i want to fuck her 7 ways to Sunday, I don't want to lose her.. She's the only person that anticipates my needs before i voice them, and she keeps things running very smoothly.. She was actually the smartest woman I’d ever met, the best executive assistant I’d ever hired, but her unfortunate flaw was being sexy as fuck. Beyond sexy as fuck.

Absolutely stunning, her raspy laughter was sexy enough to catch any man’s attention, and she possessed a never-ending wardrobe of curve-fitting dresses that I actually looked forward to seeing everyday.  
For weeks now, I’d wanted to see her smart ass mouth wrapped tightly around my cock. I’d wanted to bend her ass over my desk and fill her pussy with my cock while fucking her from behind, but I knew better than to ever attempt to make that fantasy a reality..

She's temptation personified.. It's been very hard keeping my hands off her and her luscious body.. I don't want sex to jeopardise our working relationship.. This is so fucked up for me..
I go through the torture of seeing her everyday with every different sexy clothes.. I sat down at my desk and swivelled it around.. I think I know what to do.. I need a new girlfriend.. Someone to fuck while imagining I'm pounding through funke.. I can't stay celibate for her.. Till when?!

I scrolled through my phone and dialled Amina's number.. She's a pretty pure girl that I've had my eye on for some time now.. Jacking off everyday at work has to stop.. I need a real life wet pussy wrapped around me..

I answered his yelling with a scream! I can't take this anymore.. The tension in this office can be cut with a knife! Despite the fact that we don't share a office, it's like he's in my front everyday.. I hate him so much! Things are fast getting out of hand.. We need to fuck each other soon of we'd combust.. I walked angrily into his office and asked him what he needed. "I have an appointment with a Miss Amina this afternoon by 4pm. Kindly let her in when she comes. Also, order a jewelry from De-jewels and send the most expensive set of chain and earrings to this address now.." He slid a sheet of paper to me.." That'll be all for now!" he barked.

I nodded curtly and slammed his door.."what a bastard".. I thought.. I sat on my desk and wondered what I'd do as revenge for him this time.. Since he has caught my use of his cards, I'd switched to ordering any pastries i wanted, along with his and billing it together as one.. But now, i deserve more than that.. I went to the jeweller's online store and perused their collections.. I was stunned at the beauty of their jewels and i was more shocked at their prices.. The price of one can buy my whole apartment building twice over. I grinned in joy. I know just what to do!

I ordered the most beautiful and expensive pair for myself.. And sent a mediocre one to the address.. "Whatever.." I grinned.. They deserve it..

I heard a knock on my door and the person barged in without my consent.. I stood up in anger, thinking it was the CEO.. Instead i was hit with the sight of one of the most coldly beautiful women I'd ever seen. Her hair, perfectly coiffed.. She's wearing a dark navy slut suit.. The suit skirt is not even reaching the middle of her thighs.. Blood red stilettos graced her feet and made her legs look sexily long.. She was fully made up and she gazed at me haughtily.."I have a 4'o clock with Hafeez.. Buzz me in," she said rudely.. I realized that this must be the Amina.. She's dressed to kill.. What a whore.. I felt jealousy squeeze my insides..

 I looked her in the eye and said.."Excuse you ma'am.. You saw the other door before you barged in rudely. Kindly get out and barge into the other door. Shut the door quietly on your way out.." I said softly with a saccharin smile. She looked at me furiously and hissed. Then she walked out in anger.. I smiled.

A few minutes later, the intercom buzzed and i went to the CEO's office.. She was sitting on a sofa with her legs crossed sexily.. The pose showed off her perfect body perfectly.. I felt like clawing her eyes out..

"Funke, i need lunch for my guest and I, kindly place our orders with the caterers, Ask for two plates of my normal lunch.." I looked at his eyes and saw him regarding me speculatively.. "Ok, sir, I'd do that.."

As i turned to leave, her silky soft voice stopped me.." Hafeez dear, you know i don't eat just anywhere.." Her voice lowered seductively.."I get food allergies easily.. Let me give her the address of where i get my lunch.. She should get it personally for me because they dont deliver.." She faced me "dearie, be a good one and get my lunch from this place".. She slid me a card.." And take your time hmm.." She winked at me..

I looked at him, and expected him to protest.. But he just nodded his head dismissively.. I left and banged the door in anger.. The bitch! She wanted me out of the office for a period of time.. Food allergies my foot! I hissed in anger and wore my jacket..


Amina looks so divine.. but i didn't feel the spark of attraction i expected.. She stood up and came to me.. Sat on my thighs and murmured.."did you miss me?!".. I tried pushing her off, but she's so persistent.. I couldn't resist as firmly as i wished.. Her ass on me is making me imagine things.. I saw funkes angry face and i grabbed aminas waist to pull her off me, but she just brought her lips near my ears and bit it.. Fuuck.. I thought.. It's been so long i got laid.. She stood up and shed everything she was wearing, except her heels.. She looks so consumable.. My big head was telling me "what are you doing?!, but the little head was asking, "what are you waiting for?!" She knelt down and unzipped my pants.. And the rest they say, is history..

I stepped into the corridor and Amina passed by me.. She looked at me like the cat who got the Canary and her hair was roughened and in jumbles all around her.. She looked so disheveled and infuriatingly sexy.. She looked at me and said "See you soon," with a smile.. And she left..
I felt my heart break into pieces at the implications of what she meant.. I barged into the office and saw Hafeez walk out of the bathroom.. I threw their lunch on his table and barged out.

If i thought he was being bad before, now he's awful! He's been a super slave driver to me.. And infact, I'm using on my sexual frustration on the job.. I've stayed at work till 10pm for 2 weeks in a row!! I can't bear this again.. I'm already looking for a job elsewhere.. I'm truly considering quitting.. But before that, he needs to get a piece of my mind!
I headed straight to his office..and barged in.. "Here is my final report.” I slammed a huge binder of paperwork on his desk. “The Fortune report, what I managed to finish for it anyway, should be in your inbox within minutes.”  

“You didn't need to come up here to say that. You should’ve just sent me an email...” His gaze went to my lips, but then he narrowed his eyes at me. “You know I hate when people come into my office without permission.”  

“You hate a lot of things.” I shrugged. “Maybe you should just learn how to deal with them like everyone else.. I'm not waiting for any meeting! I'm leaving by 4pm dot today"
"You are going nowhere.. You just think you’re done for the day. I need you to stay until 10 o’clock today.”

“I can’t, i have plans this evening..” I said firmly. “I know,” he said, putting down his phone.. “Your plans involve staying here until 10 o’clock.”
 “Sir!, I don’t have time. And actually, you know something else?” I knocked the folder I’d just set on his desk onto the floor, sending hundreds of loose report sheets to the floor. “I’m not going to pick that up, and I’m not going to do anything else today. I’m going home. Now. Im not waiting till 4pm again! Bye!"

As i turned to leave, he grabbed me from behind and his lips suddenly crashed against mine and his arms went around my waist, and he pulled off my gown.. Biting my bottom lip, he slid his hand up my body and tore off my soaked panties. He kissed me until I was breathless, gently pushing me backward and against his desk.  Without saying a word, he grabbed me by my waist and lifted me up, my bare ass cheeks hit the cold metal and he said coldly..

"Spread your legs for me,” he commanded. I hesitated..“Do what I told you to do. Now.”I slowly moved my legs apart and he loosened his tie, keeping his gaze between my thighs.    He stepped between my legs and pressed his thumb against my swelling clit, applying just enough pressure to make me murmur...
He lifted his head up, smirking. “I have to eat your pussy first.” He suddenly grabbed me by my ankles and pulled me closer to the edge of the desk, quickly positioning both of my legs over his shoulders.

 Without wasting another second, he buried his head between my legs and pressed his mouth against my me—sending every nerve in my body into overdrive. His tongue darted against my clit relentlessly and I cried out as he slid two thick fingers inside of me, as he groaned...
I moaned hard and begged him for mercy, but he continued to torture me with pleasure. In between moans, I threatened to scream, but he only laughed and the strokes of his tongue became more powerful.  

My body convulsed against the desk, i screamed so loudly I was sure the whole building could hear me.. He gently slid my legs off him.. "Bend over.. He said wickedly.. I obeyed and heard him loosening his belt.. Slapping my ass, he slowly slid his huge cock into me, inch by inch.    When he was completely inside of me, he grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my head back until our eyes met, whispering, “Is this how I fucked you in your dreams?”

That was the beginning of new things to come.. He became less harsh and more tolerant.. We fucked at every opportunity we had and we became friends.. We would hang out in his office and talk about everything and anything.. We became very close friends and he asked me out officially.. We discussed the ramifications of dating in this same company and i told him I'd resign.. He waved off my concern and told me he's not going to lose me.. Everything was too good to be true.. He showered me with love and attention.. And i gobbled it up in joy..

I told him about all the revenge i took on his money and he punished me deliciously..
This morning, he told me he has something special to ask me this evening, and infact, i know he wants to propose.. He thought he hid it well, but i saw the ring.. I am giddy with happiness, and by 12pm, he went out to make special arrangements himself..

I was on cloud nine.. Floating in peace, when Amina barged in.. I thought it was Him, but the smile died on my face.. "Where is Hafeez?! Where's your boss?!" She screamed.. I looked at her and said.."Calm down madam.." "Shut up, you whore! I know you're sleeping with my Man!" Didn't he tell you he's engaged to me?!" I felt dread crawl up my spine".. "He's not picking up my calls again! And i know it's because of you! Anyway,... She rubbed her tummy" I'm pregnant for him! Tell him our last tryst has yielded!!" She looked at me dreamily.."I'm carrying hafeez jnr, you slut.. He has a perfect family".

I looked on in shock.

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