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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

My Pain; My sane

My pain; My sane.

I'm missing a piece of something i don't even own,
It's not even mine and it's not even sown,
Into the heart strings and not even known,
Its so damn ridiculous and I feel like a pawn.

I follow you so hard, but you're not aware of my existence..
I wish, i crave but nothing comes of my persistence,
Missing you from afar; it's eating me up like pestilence,
But what can I do; I'd endure till senescence..

The first thought as i begin my day revolves around you,
Smatterings of you fill my time and it's not cool,
It catches me unaware and i freeze whatever i do,
Just to reminisce and replay my memory pool..

When i go to sleep i toss and turn,
wishing i could erase you, from my dawn..
I'm empty; I'm just suffering for naught,
You don't even know im gone.

There's not a single corner of my soul that won't take you,
It's poignantly empty, waiting for you to do;
What's it's been created to engulf,
Wrap, protect and feel like an encore..

I see you standing on that cliff,
All perfect, engaged and profile so stiff,
Turned away and totally indifferent,
To the calling; as they pent.

It's calling you to repent,
Come off that high horse and do what you were sent,
To fill me to the brim and cascade;
The overflow entering deep and marking my shades.

I've accepted my bane,
I'm no longer going insane,
Its like an heavy shroud, wrapping me in threads of pain,

The loss of you, my sane; my gain.

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