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Thursday, 16 February 2017

That Night!

I'm seated in the upper level of the school's library, reading rigorously for close to six hours now, gathering information for an important project at hand.
I'm working with one of the most reputable professors in my school, Prof Giwa and the old man has given so much to me; time, money, information, connections and the likes, consequently; much is expected from me.

 I had to shut down my social life; it's not as if I had one anyway.. I have to give this project my all! With all the pressure on me, I'm not seeing or even conscious of all that's happening around me in the library. All I know is there's a perfect decorum; exactly the way I want it.

Something broke my concentration, and I won't even like to call it a distraction. It was a Delicious voice, feminine and very friendly. I raised my head and looked straight into the best thing that have ever happened to beauty, "can I sit?" She asked.
Amidst my stammer, I managed to say yes and also introduced myself in full "I am Paul Oni JNR, 500L aeronautic engineering student, I'm reading for my project," - idiot! It wasn't necessary; my inner self told me.

But she was nice enough, she smiled and I watch in awe, trying to determine what the mood of God was when he created this woman sitting right in front of me, I mean, God just created a female version of himself! "I am Adesuwa Giwa, I am a 400L medicine and surgery student, I'm here to read for a test I have next-week." Chuckling as she said this, I understood it was joke on me and I smiled saying sorry for the awkwardness, "never mind, it's the best thing I've heard today" she said.

While reading, we talked but I kept it very normal and awkward-free, she gave me the privilege to see her smile at averagely 5mins interval and I gave her my knowledge in the medical world. She was amazed at how I know so much about a course I don't even look like I can study, I on the other hand was opening my bright white teeth and she appreciated my open upper cavity.

The whole thing was warm, informative and adventurous at the same time. Daniel my friend, the actual owner of the seat I gave to Suwa came by. I handed him his bag, stood up and kept my hand on his shoulder.. he understood that it was time to just go, he dare not destroy the moment. I saw him off to the foyer of the library, dashed back to the seat to continue my familiarity.

Getting there, I met her packing her books into her bag. I felt like killing Daniel for a minute, it wasn't his fault but I needed to blame Suwa's exit on something. She expressed her gratitude for my company and rushed off before I could think to ask for her phone number. That's typical of medical students, they rush every time.. I mourned my loss and went back to reading.

My loud ringtone woke me up in the morning, at about 5:00am, who the hell is calling me by this time on a weekend? I picked the phone and my eyes went wide open as I saw that it was a call from the most important person in my life at the moment, Mr Giwa!
I picked the call after clearing my throat, and the very calm and fully bass voice began to speak - "join me today at my house, 10am sharp. A minute after will be frowned at. Come with your all your research books and laptop, I will be waiting for you. I won't be around on Monday, so let's make good use of today." He dropped the call even before I replied.

All the sleep wiped off because I really haven't done much on the research. I began to read frantically, using textbooks, past research notes, the Internet, both my phone and my laptop.
I was so engrossed that I didn't know I've been on it for five hours! I glanced at the time and OMG!! I dashed to the bathroom. I wasn't sure I bathed but I had water all over me. I dried my body both with the towel and my boxer; I managed to dressed and I rushed out to my car.

My shiny red Toyota solara saloon car, It was gotten for my by Prof Giwa, just so you know how much he has done for me. Following the address given to me by the prof; 9:52am was when I got to the doors of his house. Thank goodness, I pressed the house bell button and he (Prof) opened for me, "good morning sir," I said with a smile on my face. He glanced at his wrist watch and asked me to come in.

I was working on untying the lace of my shoes; I knelt with a leg, and a voice said it wasn't necessary, I raised my head and cold ran through my spine, in a tiny bum short, fancy slippers, a crop top and hair bonded all back, it was Adesuwa.
My jaw dropped to my knees, how the hell didn't I figure it out?! Adesuwa Giwa was exactly what she said her name was! She quipped by saying "are you stalking me?" - in a very nervy tone, I replied "No" - she laughed and confirmed she was joking with me. She took me to where she knows her dad will want us to do our thing.. While swinging her Delectable ass. My eyes were totally glued on it.

"Sit down here for a bit" she left and returned with juice and cookies. Then she told me her dad will be with me shortly, thanked me for the previous day and told me she will love us to see after my lecture. I am still shocked, is God giving me a sign? Will I be able to concentrate after seeing this angel? I was ruminating on that while I enjoyed the treat and gave myself a viewing tour of the very beautiful study room.

Prof joined me an hour later. I was already researching, and he took a book related to my priority from one his neatly arranged shelves. He sat down, picked cookies from my plate and we began the rigorous and intense research.

We discussed alot and from that, we merged ideas together and it began to look like a project. Five hours felt like nothing until hunger set in, then he decided to adjourn the meeting. I felt relieved! I packed my swags and moved to the visitor's sitting room, "Paul! Will you eat?" The prof asked with his loud bass voice, my reply was positive not only for the food but for the cook that prepared it, Adesuwa.

She can cook, she's a prospective medical doctor and she is goddamn pretty! I joined them at the table, and the three of us ate palatable Eba, Egusi soup and goat meat.
Prof left shortly after the meal and it was just me and his daughter in the duplex. oh! Also China, Suwa's dog. We got talking and our chemistry was inflammable, maybe because we are intelligentsia.

From erudition in different field of study to fashion and lifestyle, plans for the future and memories from the past, I got to know that Eunice Giwa is Suwa's mom and she divorced her dad for career reasons.

Her mom is currently according to very credible sources the highest earning media personnel in the country, it's a jaw breaking revelation and I felt proud that a girl with a very reputable background is becoming my friend. She opened up in our convo that she doesn't really like medicine, it's just she trying to meet up with the family's status quo.

I asked what her real passion was and to my surprise, it's music! To back it up, she picked her guitar and gave me a very sensational acoustic tune. I clapped in awe, I asked why she's not at least keeping it alive; she said I know her dad just as well as she does, he requires a certain result from you, a result in conformity with whatever he envisioned. "He has always wanted me to be a doctor and he thrive day and night to give me an enabling environment; it is only normal that I give his effort a rewarding result," she said as she dropped her guitar.
 "it's late Paul, you need to be on your way," - I checked my watch and it's 10:10pm! She saw me to my car, pleasantries were exchanged, and this time, i got her number, Facebook ID and email also, to top it all; she HUGGED ME and professed that I made her day! "There's a God somewhere in heaven!" I said as I drove happily to my lodge.

We began to talk for lengthy hours, mutual calling, picture exchange and the type Suwa sends I must say are very explicit, I can't call it nude neither can I display it in a public place, as clad as it is, I needed no handout to know it was for my eyes only.
She told me she aced the test she's been preparing for and I seized the opportunity to ask her out on something like a date. I declared it was a surprise and at the end, how long she stays will depend on her. She agreed to meet me two days later which is a Thursday. We kept our talk very alive till the d-day.

Dressed in a tight black flared gown that ended on her knees,  her hair brushed and lying on her nape, a silver bead on her relatively fair neck, heels on her feet and a purse on her hand, she walked towards me and I literally got dumbfounded.

The heels added to her already tall frame and she was level with me, as she got close, the perfume she wore took me to the place 2face was trying to describe in his African Queen song, she disturbed by fantasy with the "can we go?" question. I opened the door and took her to where was on my mind.
I'd arranged a studio time with Daniel who is a music producer, still struggling but very passionate about his music. I wanted to help Suwa explore her music potential, so as to be at ease with herself.

The way she was dressed almost made me change my mind to take her for dinner but I managed to convince myself that it's going to be worth it going to the studio..We got there and the surprisef look on her face was priceless, she was close to tears and asked why I didn't tell her! She hugged Daniel and I.. I felt so like a MAN.

They started music and at some point I couldn't blend in anymore, music is not really my thing. They got into deep talking, trying to make something out of the situation, and the title of the song "the best one night stand!" - that got me more uncomfortable, the lyrics were dark but really it's getting somewhere.
I told them that I'd go get us dinner and I left without my backpack which I left of the small stool. I walked to a joint where sharwama is sold about twelve blocks away, after the order, I found out that I wasn't with my wallet, I was mad at myself. Really! I will have to walk all the way back and still come back to get the sharwama, I felt like putting myself in jail.

I apologized to the seller and began the journey back to the studio. It is a six storey building and it's only the option of the staircase because the elevator is undergoing repair, damn! My thoughts as I trudged the staircase concluded to telling them that the joints are closed, besides they should be done by now! I can't even walk all the way back. I'd grab a quick bite with suwa on our way home.
The biggest shock of my life hit when the transparent fraction of the studio's thick wooden door gave me a glimpse of the new development.. The recording booth could be seen as it was glass too and I saw two people kissing, deep and crazily. The kiss is passing a whole lot of message and nothing convinced me to open the door just yet, until this day, I don't know why I didn't.

Daniel was all over Adesuwa, her petite frame swallowed up by his. the kiss is deeply passionate and the door was thick; one ought not to hear stuffs from the outside except it's extremely loud- that I'm hearing Adesuwa's moan clearly shows that she was moaning on top of her voice.

Body to body they were, his hands moved all over, when I tell you all over, I mean all over! He held her breast firmly and he squeezed the hell outta it. Those ripe globes look near bursting. I needed two years to be psychologically strong to do that.
She held on tight to his arms and honestly Daniel has one the best biceps ive ever seen; he is tall and muscular. And compared to my slim and tall self, He's a catch. My eyes were glued to the door, they are too busy to notice me.

Her moans were soft and loud at the same time, complimented with the bass version Daniel was rendering.. It gave me an interesting melody I didn't want to hear. They got out of the booth to the operating department of the studio, and he pinned her to the wall directly adjacent to my viewing point, almost like he was trying to spite me. I could see them clearly now and nothing is obstructing my view. It's like a movie in high definition.

He drew her very flared gown up and put the edge in her mouth like a gag and he got down on his knees, tore off her red lacy panties and helped her put one of her averagely tall legs on the chair. The position bared her shaved pussy wide open to both our views and it looks like a ripe cherry begging to be eaten.. Her vulva was all shiny and wet. She looked so fuckable and her eyes slid half closed.

Now, her palpitations is so loud that even the deaf can hear, and she was panting fast as though she knew the way he's going to devour her cunt. And he didn't even take off her heels., that convinced me that Daniel is exploring his porno skills. She looked so fucking hot with her legs open waiting to be mouth fucked. I began to get hard at the sight. I never knew i had voyeuristic tendencies. Although, i can't believe daniel will do this to me, i can't help but get hard at the thought of what's going to happen.

His tongue suddenly striked her already dripping vagina, and the contact between both party made Suwa's moan go several decibels! He's good! He's really good! He ate the pussy up like its his meal after seven days of fasting.
Suwa was squeezing hard the hem of the cloth in her mouth, and I think I saw something like tears running down, "don't stop!" She thundered when there was a slight break. She held the hem of her dress and pushed his head deeper into the recesses of her cunt. I felt my dick harden to breaking point. I ran my hands on my cock through the pant I wore and squeezed hard. Fuck.

He continued eating deep and this time, Suwa was obviously trying to die. I hate what this swine is doing but fuck it; he's doing it well.  The higher sound of her moans is a testament to that fact.
Her leg were seriously shaking and she came all over Dan's face! Fuck it looked somewhat like pee, but whiter. She hosed his face while shouting, I googled later only to know that what I saw was an orgasm. Really? This dude is good!

It was time for her to work. He stood up and released his member and yeah it's huge. At my corner too, i released my dick and it sprung all hot and hard in my hand.
He sat on the chair used in the studio lounge and whispered what she's to do in her ears, "this can't be his first," I said to myself. She's now unclad, with her pointy and handful boobs out, and her curves were fucking hot. She bent over to do some head work, giving me a full shot of her creaming cunt. My cock screamed in protest. It wanted to sink into her! I palmed my dick and gave it some attention.

In between the wide open legs of Dan, she positioned herself and started the fellatio, she was an amateur obviously but trying to act pro, Dan wasn't feeling it and he decided they should have the real deal, "I'm a virgin" she said. Dan smiled crookily and laid her on the chair, massaged her clit intensely while he stroked his penis, he rubbed his head on her clit and Suwa was.. I don't even want to explain her expression; it's too heartbreaking for me.

In the middle of the sensation, he went all into her with an apt force! she choked briefly and tried contracting her thighs and she made a very audible noise from the pain, shit, he broke it all in one shot!! Dan is the biological son of the devil!! He's a bastard and lulled her into a false sense of security. With his dick crammed full in her cunt, and the blood seeping from the sides, he rummaged MY bag for tissue, took it and cleaned her up without even pulling out his dick. She moaned.. But I couldn't be sure if it's in pain or joy.

She didn't cry like I hear ladies ought to. Her urge increased so was her moan, she began to grind on him and meet his thrusts. He carried her; still on his dick and the devil stood up to play a song loudly with the sophisticated speakers of the studio. "how the hell was he able to think of that?" - only one thing is correlating; it's not his first time, it's a ritual he has done countless times. He played the music to snuff out the screaming to come. Bastard.

He carried her from the chair and placed her on the stool where my back was, then he fucked into her and began to stroke in and out..right on my bag! I was mad but still couldn't open the door. I stood there watching it and i jerked off my dick. I was near cuming. He moved in and out of her professionally, and their rythm was crazy!  Her loud moans gives credence to that, she was all in enjoying the moment, he was on it for about 15mins and carried again to the door, I mean the door where I was watching from; imagine! Is this guy trying to pass a message to me? He pinned her to the door and went banged her hard, she requested for the best of him when she said "give it all to me!"

He went wild and their movements that was slow initially turned into a fast one, she held her head, her back was partially blocking my sight from seeing but I switched positions.
We all began to sweat.. But they were gasping and speaking in tongues. He got extremely fast, banging harder on the door, this both moaning on high pitch, he yelled "ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH" and she screamed too. My hands jerked my dick faster and I splattered my Cum all over the door.

He came, I was sure because he dropped her afterwards, and I saw it drip down her thighs. I wasn't sure if she came again until she professed it!
I was sober but also I admired the good work Dan has done, she laid down fully nude on the floor trying to catch her breath for about 15mins before wearing her clothes, they used again the tissue paper in my bag to clean up their mess. What can be worse than this? He kissed her again and she said thank you. I couldn't even enter. I just stuffed my dick back into my pants and left.

They went back to music making and I found my way to my car to sleep with the heaviest mind ever, I was sure nothing else will happen all through the night because they've done it all. My biggest pain was none of them thought it right to call me to ask where I am, I could have been kidnapped or something. I managed to sleep and the following morning, I went back up to pick and my bag.

I opened the studio door and everywhere stinks of normalcy, they were both good actors. I met my bag right where I left it and declared to Suwa that it was time to go, "I hope to see you soon" Suwa said and I felt like pushing her down the staircase.

I drove her all the way home and I watched how she glowed, she was full of life and wild all through. she looked happy but I wasn't sure I was the reason. I dropped her at the gate of her house and she alighted, leaned on the car and said with the calmest voice ever "thank you very much, you made my night" - I smiled and answered "I DID?"



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