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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

My Illicit Affair

I sat in my office, my mind wandering and circling about my marriage. I need to save my marriage! It's slipped away from my grasp and I could see it crashing soon. I met my husband at college and we were the best things that happened in each other's lives. We basically did everything together, and when he proposed to me, I went mad with happiness. We were the perfect match. He's the epitome of sexiness to me and a great pillar of support.

We used to be each others everything! I don't know where all that has disappeared to. The only problem we had then was his twin brother. I totally hate him; but because of my husband, I tolerated him. He was angry when my husband married me because he didn't want to share him. Everyone advised him to quit his whoring ways and also get married, but he refused.

He held on tight to his brother and really influenced him a lot. I just hope he hasn't affected his life to the point of him cheating on me. I hate him a lot! I'm sure he's very happy with this gulf in my marriage. I'm going to prove him wrong and snatch my husband back from him.

I've been so scared to ask him if he's dating another woman because I can't even bear the answer. Or how will a man not fuck his wife for over a year and not complain? We even drifted to separate rooms. He leaves home very early for work and i complained that he disturbs my sleep, so, he moved to the guest room. I can't believe i let my husband go so easily. In the twinkle of an eye, a year has passed.

Our routine is so boring. I don't make breakfast but we eat dinner together if he's home early. If not, he'd microwave his portion whenever he gets back home.
Recently, the spice and hotness that made my marriage flare up and maintain its sexual spark is almost nonexistent. Basically gone. I've been married for 5 years and gradually, we stopped reaching out to each other. My husband became less attentive to me and more attentive to work. I also didn't care because I'm forging ahead in my career and my focus is totally on it. I can't even remember the last time we had sex. Maybe a year ago. Our life has hit the rocks and its totally Boring.

Here i am, reminiscing and suddenly realising that me and my husband; who used to be each other's best friend nearly mean nothing to each other now.. And I just did nothing! I also got satisfaction from my job and we don't even have any kids. I began to panic at my stupidity.
"Hey girl, come of it! What are you thinking of?" My co worker who's the closest to me, barged into my office, startling me.

She sat down and i proceeded to tell her everything that's going on with my marriage. "Well, you and he needs to spice your marriage up! And i think I know just what you need. You guys need a bit of adventure." She rummaged in her bag and gave me something. "This is my invite to a masquerade party for adults and couples only. You can have it. You need it more.. Its like a pretend role play. You have to leave for the party separately, find each other, and pretend to be strangers. The venue has Lot's of executive bedrooms for your needs. I think this will really help." I collected the invite grateful. It looked so sleek and expensive with a gold trimming on a black background. I'm very hopeful that with this, I'd connect back with my husband and save my marriage. I just hope he's not having an affair. I'd be really devastated if that should happen!

I smiled at her in excitement and thanked her profusely. It should help delete our boredom and this should do the trick!
I love my wife intensely and I'd do anything for her.. That was then. Right now, she's somebody else entirely. She's not the woman I married. The caring, loving and attentive wife. She's totally indifferent to me, and I don't even know what to do anymore. I'd tried every way to pull her back to me; to no avail. It's like her work is her husband. She's not even ready to have kids. My hand has developed calluses from the amount of hand jobs it has given my dick. We used to have a lot of sex before and the decline is really hitting me bad. I can't believe she even pushed me to another room. I guess she doesn't care.. And probably in love with another man.

I promised myself never to cheat on her, and I've kept to that promise faithfully; no matter how hard my twin brother persuaded me to. He's a super Playboy and knows every trick in the book.
He told me that she'd never find out and all I had to do was look innocent. He's the crazy wild one, and I'm the calm, gentle one. He's tried to get me to cheat on my wife, but I disagreed. I told him everything that's happened in my marriage and he just scoffed and told me to divorce my "sexy but good for nothing wife".. He's really been on my neck and it's worse because we own our business together; therefore, we are always together at work. He wanted us to share an office together but i rejected. Although i love him fiercely, i know when to dump his advice.

I stared at the invitation card in my hands.. A masquerade party. My wife gave it to me in the morning with the sweetest shy smile ever. She looked like the innocent girl i married. "This is for us. I got a copy made for you.. It's an invitation to a party. We'd role play and act like strangers.." I grabbed her and kissed her. She looked at me in shock and happiness. I had to let her go because of work. "At the party tonight, I'm going to give you all the fucking you deserve dear.. We really need to reconnect.." She looked at me and love for her filled my soul. I can't imagine losing this woman. I can't wait for this evening.
 "Hey bro.. " he entered my office. I groaned inwardly.. What does he want again? This is the 5th time he's barging into my office today. I smiled at him in exasperation. "What the fuck do you want?" I asked. "I just came to gloat that you shouldn't have gotten married!.. See what's happening now.." He chuckled.

I threw a pen at his head. "Get out, and don't come back again" i said.. Instead of leaving, he closed the door and entered fully. "What's that on your hand?"he asked.. I gave it to him and said dreamily.."A party for couples.. I'm going to straff the hell outta my wife tonight.."He smiled and said.."Thank God, at least you gon get some pussy tonight.. So when are you leaving?" "I don't know, soon though.."

"Let's go grab lunch quick then, and shop for some sexy masks..I'm sure you don't want to be late for this party.." We laughed at his implication and went out of the office.
I smoothed the gown i wore over my thighs. It's a silk red gown.. Strapless and backless. My breasts are small and firm, so i didn't need any support. The only big thing about me is my ass. The gown pulled taut over it and I felt incredibly sexy. I can't wait to meet up with my husband at the venue. He promised me a hot night and I can't wait to make these happen.
My pussy ached in emptiness and I wish we had met up already. In fact, with the way I'm feeling, we are definitely wasting no time on small talk. We are going to have a great night. Hopefully, this will mark the Beginning of Good things for my marriage. I'm extremely happy he's into making this work as much as I am. At first, I was scared that he'd reject me, but now, I'm very happy.

I slipped on my stilettos and practiced a sexy walk in front of the mirror. I imagined getting to the venue and seeing my husbands tall frame, then swerving my hips slowly as I walk towards him. Swaying softly to an imaginary beat.. I snapped out of it and picked up my purse. I locked all the doors and entered my car. I wished we went together, but I guess that will spoil the fun.
I entered my car in excitement. I can't wait to see her. I drove down to the venue like a maniac and donned my mask when i parked. I got down and adjusted my suit. I just got a new haircut for this.. I hope this works out. I can't wait to taste her pussy.. I've been so deprived.

I walked in and showed my invite to the butler. It's a strictly by invitation masquerade party. I stepped inside and was shocked.

I got to the venue and parked my car. I scanned for my husband's escalade and saw it in the parking lot. I felt joy fill me. He's here! I almost tripped in excitement to enter the place. I showed the person in the front my invite and i stepped in. I was shocked by what I saw.. I looked like a nun in comparison to most women here. I guess the fact that they are wearing masks has removed any inhibition. Most of them wore practically nothing.

I looked around and I'm impressed at the decor.. It's designed like an harem. Exotic and intricate art covered the roof, while sensual art was depicted on the walls. The color tone is red and black.. Black mosaic rugs, soft and plush covered the ground.. The room is extremely large and opulent.. With a big guitar shaped hot tub in the middle.. That's the major centre of attraction.. People were longing inside, kissing and performing several sexual acts. The room was filled with different several alcoves..

I looked on and i got so mesmerised by the view.. Someone tapped me, and its a waiter serving drinks. I took a glass and enjoyed my drink.. I continued what I was watching.. Two women particularly grabbed my attention. They were kissing and squeezing each other so tenderly. I suddenly remembered my husband. I left the pool side and walked around. The room is shocking me so bad. Different things I can't place is happening here. This place is a hot bed of hook ups.

I saw him standing at the far end; looking searchingly around. I'm sure he's looking for me. I waved at him and he I saw his eyes spark with recognition. He strode towards me and I admired his sexy gait. He got to me and grabbed my hands. His mask looks so perfect, and it framed just his eyes.

"Baby.. I've been anticipating this for so loong.." I said to him.. He smiled at me and bit my ears.. I felt myself melt totally.. "Tonight is gon be hot.." He whispered huskily in my ears.. I moaned and he opened the door to a room and we stepped inside. He locked it up. And turned to face me. He ripped off my gown in half.

I looked at him in shock. He smiled wickedly and ripped off my panties.. I stood before him completely naked. He took a minute to look at me admiringly and then carried me and dropped me on the bed. Then he pulled off his clothes and as he wanted to remove my mask, I shook my head No.. He smiled and started kissing me. He ran his finger all over my body while devouring my mouth. This is so different from the slow and measured way he does it.. But I guess the 1 year hiatus has affected him.. I love this better anyway.

He laid down and dragged me on top of him..."I'm going to fuck your cunt now.." He said hoarsely. He just ripped through me! It hurt so fucking bad.. It's been a year I had sex last. I kissed me and then raised me up and slammed me back on his dick. I screamed into his mouth. I felt myself get wetter on his cock and I began to enjoy the rough treatment.. He continued to move me on his dick very fast and rough. I continued screaming.. He handled my breasts tenderly and gently sucked them.. While bouncing me on his dick.

The sensations got to me and I almost died of pleasure.. The orgasm caught me unawares. I stiffened and rode his cock without his help. I grinded on it like a cowgirl and squeezed with all my energy.. He suddenly pulled out and dragged me to a sitting position on his mouth. The edge of my vulva was beginning to hurt from the stretching and he licked me tenderly.. I felt my juices run faster into his mouth and I squished his head tighter between my legs.
He flipped me off then laid me on my sides.. He then thrust into me again.. The position made my cunt squeeze tightly on him and I screamed at how full I felt. His dick almost dragged out my insides on his pull out thrusts and I vowed never to let him go again. I can't believe I left this for a year!

He slipped his fingers into my mouth and asked me to suck.. His voice sounds so hoarse and heavy.. The slapping sound of our fucking sounded like thunder in my ears. He flipped me on him to a reverse cowgirl and pounded the hell out of my cunt. I came countless times.. He has the stamina of a horse. He fucked me like he's high..

I moaned and squeezed my cunt harder on made my juices flow, he was ripping my sensitive pussy apart..He fucked me so hard that my body slammed into the bed. Echoes of the fucking filled the room. I sobbed and moaned as he continued to drive his prick in to the hilt.
I felt his balls wetly slapping against my ass. He held my legs firmly under his arms as he might hold a steering. He used my body to give himself the maximum pleasure possible. While I couldn't move freely, he could and did swing her from side to side, his hands gripping my firm thighs with steely ferocity.

"Please! Do fuck me harder!" I pleaded. The man was intent on fucking me like tomorrow didn't exist. Fuck. This is the hottest sex of my life.. He ripped into me and bent me into an obscene position i can't even explain.. His hands slipped to my knees. This caused my ass to drop, and his cock to almost slide from my cunt. I moaned in agitation at the slight loss in feeling and he then jerked me back up, his cock sinking deeper into my cunt than ever before. He twisted my hips, jerked me around, and dropped my ass on his cock repeatedly.
It felt as if he were driving a corkscrew into my tender pussy.

Everything began to come together for me. The feeling raced down my arms and exploded with fury in my body. The way he occasionally leaned forward to bite at my tits gave me pleasure.
I felt an odd mixture of desire and horror, mounting inside my tender, trapped body. His cock swelled inside my tight fuck tunnel to the point where I'm sure he would rip me apart. Sobbing, the feeling was too intense for me to keep up with.. I felt like id burst into a million pieces.

I tried to kick away from his iron grasp. But he didn't allow it, and the position he held me in was against me. He continued to ram his prick into my obscenely wide-spread cunt and I had no choice to accept this crazy fucking like I'd die. The craziest shii was mounting in me!
The shock of my orgasm caused my pussy to convulse powerfully around his deeply buried cock. I felt every single contour of his swollen cock as I rocked from side to side, lost in the throes of stark desire. The orgasm was laced with pain and pushed me to the edge of unconsciousness..

The door banged open and I looked up in shock. Into the eyes of my husband. He looked so furious. The man on the bed pulled of his mask, and I fainted.
Fuck. Her pussy is the sweetest thing ever. I'd always suspected so, and I've been anticipating fucking her. I can understand now why my brother married her. Fuck, i think I want to marry her too. She totally wiped off the memory of any other cunt I've fucked. She fucks me like an innocent whore. Jeez. I couldn't even wait for any foreplay. Her perfect body is the bomb.

Pert breasts, begging to be squeezed, juicy looking nipples screaming to be sucked and bitten. Her skin is nice.. Widely defined curves killing me and sending me to pussy heaven.
It's like her pussy doesn't want to let me go. It's begging for more, more, and more! I don't care about what I'd do. I have to be tapping this ass. And I don't want to share!

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