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Sunday, 19 February 2017

UnMask Me

I walked down from my lecture hall. I hate the way i have to go back home after school everyday. For God's sake, I'm in college! From what i read, people anticipate college like the most special thing ever, where freedom and life is free. But no, not me. I've got a domineering loser for a father who only allowed me attend college if I'd go from home. No hostels and off campus life for me. I'm always escorted to class by a body guard. I looked back and saw him behind me. He always report my every move to my dad and i can't even talk to anybody, or my mom will be punished. It's so bad that the guard even attend classes with me. He's usually at the back.

My father totally deflated my self esteem and I'm a severe introvert. I can't even look into anybody's eyes. I have no friends and i was home schooled for high school. He doesn't allow me talk to anybody and even my mom is in the same shoes in his house. We are basically his slave. Everyday, I escape my dreary reality by thinking of my dream man. The one who'd steal me away from my father and treat me like his own princess.. He's dark, tall, intense and everything i want. He's kind and gentle. The exact opposite of my father. He's a good man.. I wish he'd take me away and give me a better life, then I'd come save my mom from my father's clutches.

I was carried away by my thoughts and didn't even realise my body guard was nowhere to be found. I looked around and then I felt hands grab me. Very strong hands. I looked back in shock and the next thing i knew, i was being bundled inside a car. I tried to scream, but something disgusting was shoved into my mouth and i gagged. I struggled hard, but i was restrained by the 2 men I sat in the middle of. They were extremely big and strong and the car zoomed off.

My eyes watered in agitation and I wondered what they want with me. I'm just an average girl.. I choked on the cloth in my mouth, but they paid me no mind. I realized that if i didn't calm down, I'd just suffocate. I calmed my breathing and took measured breath through my nose. I began to feel less suffocated, but my panic didn't reduce.

What did I do to this guys? What nonsense? Who are they, i looked around wildly and realized the car was zooming off so fast at top speed. All the windows were tinted and the AC was blasting at top freeze. Sweat ran down my spine and chilled me to the core. I made eyes contact with one of the men and he just leered at me and ran his fingers up my thighs. I tried to struggle, his hands filled me with disgust. The other man said "Leave her. The boss will not tolerate the nonsense you're doing". The removed his hands and mouthed to me.."I'd get you later". I felt my fear worsen. Oh my God! There's a boss. I'm being kidnapped. Oh, my dear mother! How would she feel if I don't get back tonight? Oh my! I'm her only comfort.

The car slowed down and came to a stop. A blindfold was wrapped around my eyes and then i was led down from the car. I walked blindly and clumsily because i couldn't see. One of the man grabbed my hands firmly and led me somewhere.

After walking for about 10 minutes, we came to a stop and the blindfold and gag was pulled off. I was made to kneel and i was shocked by what i saw. I'm surrounded by overstated opulence. I'm in a very large room, beautifully decorated with expensive decor. Although, my father is rich, our house is not like this. Beautiful and big.. I looked around in awe. "Good. She's here." My eyes whipped around in shock into the eyes of someone I'd always considered my father's friend. He's always so nice to I and my mom. I always considered him my uncle and when i was little, i use to wish he was my dad.

 I rushed up from my knees and ran into his arms. Oh, thank Goodness, a familiar face..."daddy,.." I said with a sob.. "I've been kidnapped! I don't know what's happening sir!" I hugged him hard. He hugged me back and said.." Yes, my dear.. Sorry hmm.. But you've been take as a debt.."

I registered his words and my hands fell from his middle.."what?! Whats do you mean?".. I started moving backwards.."where are you going? I thought you were happy to see me now?!" He said with a crazy leer.

"You're in place for your father. He's owing the Overlord money and I've been tasked with collecting it. He didn't want to pay up; despite knowing the dire consequences. I know how much your father is obsessed about you, even more than his wife. I took you as a punishment to him. This is going to affect and destroy him." He smiled..."You" he pointed to one of the goons. "Take her to the west wing and tell the maids to get her ready for the auction tonight.. She's going to be sold.. Just the way her father has sold countless girls.".. He came closer and ran his fingers through my hair.."You've always been an exquisite piece. No wonder your father has been keeping you tighter than a rare jewel.. What an Irony. He sells off girls; and now, his own daughter will be sold. I'm sure your flawless skin and looks will fetch me a great fortune tonight. We'd deduct his debt from it and send your father the balance".. He cackled.

What?! I felt faint.. And i fell unconscious.

I slowly came to and opened my eyes. I was submerged in cold water. I sputtered and tried to scream but my throat is so dry and my tongue so heavy.. I feel so lethargic. What's happening? A naked woman stepped into the bath and started bathing me. I tried protesting but i could not. She smiled snidely at me and said.."You've been given medication to restrict your movements. You're awake, but barely. Relax.."

Oh. That explains it then. I can't believe somebody I trusted did this to me. Why am I paying for my father's sin. I can't believe my father is into prostitution and women trafficking. I almost fainted again. She rinsed me off, and with surprising strength, carried me out of the water. She dropped me on a big soft sofa and 3 women came to me. I was oiled and dressed up in the most sluttiest attire I'd even seen. Barely there wisp of clothing that looks demure, but leaves nothing to the imagination. "Are you a virgin?" One of the women barked at me. I shook my head No, and they looked surprised.

 "But i thought her father kept her tighter than ever," one of them murmured. They made me up and coiled my long hair into something else. Then they pulled me in front of a mirror and i gasped. I looked so innocent and devilish. The gown was playing hide and seek with my lithe body and my makeup was nude. I looked like the perfect sacrificial lamb. I was blindfolded and led somewhere and asked to sit down. I didn't see any other girls like me and wondered what's happening.." Let the auction begin!" I heard a voice boom. I wished i could see what's going on. I panicked at who I'd be sold to. A wicked man just like the rest of them, I thought. Who'd buy off girls at a auction?.

My thoughts were scattered when my blindfold was pulled off. I closed my eyes in shock. A spotlight was shining on me and I could barely see in front of me. My eyes adjusted a bit and I saw different screens in front of me faintly. What?! The men are not even here! It's happening online. I can't see their faces well, although, I'm sure they'd see mine. They can be from anywhere in the world! And it's a silent bidding. I could see the amount bidded for at the top of their screens and I felt my eyes bulge in shock at the sheer exorbitance. Oh my God. Who pays this kind of money for a woman?! Except they plan to do sickening things to her?.
"Sold! " I heard a voice said. "Dr X, she'd be delivered to your private jet now and before morning, arrive at your place. We hope you enjoy her".

"100, you're now Dr X property. To be used as he See's fit. You've been fitted with his tracker and he can find you anywhere in the world, so, don't try to escape; the consequences will be dire." I jolted when I realized he's referring to me. I'm 100?!
I felt something prick my arms and I fell unconscious.

I awoke and looked around. I'm in a dark room. I felt all the memories rush through me and I felt like I'm in a dream. I sat up and got down from the bed. I felt so weak and dizzy, but i trudged on. The door looked like a million miles away.. Just as i got to the door, it was pulled open for me and i almost lost my footing. An arm grabbed me and i wavered. He clicked on the lights and I looked into the most empty eyes ever. I took in his physique and I took a step back. He looked exactly like the man in my dreams; but half of his face is covered in scars. His eyes penetrated my soul and I felt cold fill me.

He's tall, huge, dark and extremely handsome; Infact, the scar only added to his overall dangerous aura; it didn't detract from his good looks. He's eyes were empty though. They looked dead. He glanced at me without any flicker of emotion and I realized I'm totally naked. I tried to rush into the room but he stopped me with his voice." Naked is how you'd exist in my house." His voice grated through me like sandpaper and scraped my nerves raw. What sort of voice is this?!

"I'm X to you. Nothing else." He stepped into the room and moved closer."You're more exquisite in person. I'd never seen features so perfect like yours" he murmured. I know this is supposed to sound flattering, but he said it with so much detachment and surgical coldness, i felt ice fill my soul. He admired me like a new toy. "You'd be fun to play with" He left the room.

I sat down hard on the bed. Oh my God! I'm dead. He looks like the man i always wished for, but it's like he has the soul of the devil. I hadn't completed the thought when he came back.

"Get on your knees" he said menacingly. I quickly rushed down to my knees. Resisting him will get me nowhere. He's thrice my size. He pulled off his jeans. Let's see what you can do. "Open up! I quickly opened up my mouth. Unlike some women i know, i can't even be strong headed and get beaten by him. Why? It'd only lead to unnecessary pain. I opened my mouth and he shoved his mammoth dick into my mouth. I choked on it and felt all my airways blocked. Oh my!

I looked deep into his eyes and shivered. They looked dead and untouchable. His eyes bored into me and it's like he can feel all I'm thinking. He slapped my cheeks and murmured.."suck me deep and swallow me, 100. Why the fuck are you distracted. Suck" he smiled sadistically. I tried to put all my porno skills into use and got lost in an alternate reality.

I'd secretly ordered for a sex toy online and went through a lot to get it. Sex was the only release i had from my miserable life. Although id never fucked a real man, My cunt is well used.
It was a 12inch rubber dick; 3 inch wide, firm and pliable like i imagined a real dick will be. It came with a suction cup and i mounted it upon a wooden sit in my bedroom. I laid on my bed that night, imagining my dream man making love to me; then fucking me hard and raw. I got intensely wet from my thoughts and stood up. I gently squatted over the chair and slowly slid the head of the rubber cock in me. I moaned in joy and suddenly slammed my pussy on it.. It was painful and Delicious... I felt incomplete and stood up with the cock sticking out of my pussy. I laid on the bed and started fucking myself with it. Faster and faster i went, soon it was flying in and out of me, with the speed of whatever. It marked the Beginning of my personal fuck fuck fest. I'd order for whatever sex toys i fancy and use them on myself. I became addicted to sex and always rushed home from classes to give myself a fuck down. As soon as I could.

Before the dildo, I'd disvirgined my self with a hair brush or my fingers, I'm not sure which. I fuck myself with whatever i could lay my hands on. I began to get dissatisfied and craved something bigger and longer to fuck me with. I was watching my secret stash of porn when it occurred to me to order for mine. If i can't get a man, I'm going to make do. I slid my cunt over the rubber dildo and it squished noisily. I began to ride it slowly.. Then I increased my tempo. I didn't believe it could enter me. It's so large and i felt so full. I enjoyed it and continued fucking it hard..

I felt a slap on my face and slid back to reality. My mouth is being choked by X's dick and my fingers were buried in my pussy. All five of them. Tears was rushing down my face and i was busy fisting myself.

For the first time, i saw a spark of interest ignite in his dead eyes. "Don't stop. Continue what you're doing. Slowly lay down on the floor.." I meekly obeyed with my cunt full of my fist. I slid my arms deep and felt myself crammed full. He knelt down between my legs and gazed at me in fascination. "Fuck, this is hot. I expected you to either be a virgin, or a near one.. Your pussy is so wide." He grinned. "There's a lot of things we can do to you. My dick will just fall in there.. I can't ever fuck that wide cunt. Your ass look like they'd be my new home." He stood up and went out of the room.. He came back holding the largest fake cock I'd ever seen in my life.

I closed my legs in fright.."Open up!" He smiled. Then he knelt between my legs and slowly inserted the toy. I screamed in pain and he said.." Scream harder. I'm going to cram bigger things into you. It's better you get used to it now.." He smiled sadistically. He then spat on my ass hole and shoved his dick in me. My virgin asshole protested, but he just forced his way in deeper. My pussy is crammed full and it closed my asshole tighter..

I wanted to die from the extreme feeling of pain and pleasure. He rotated the huge cock in my pussy and i screamed in joy while he fucked the hell of out my ass like a piston. He alternated the feelings in me and I felt like I'd go mad. "There's a lot of games we're going to play 100. You're the perfect fuck toy. Now, scream louder and bounce on this dick.." He bit my neck. He placed the fake dick in my hand and encouraged me to fuck myself with it. I did it so crazily and fast, my fuck juice spewed out and coated his cock fucking my ass. It made it go in easier and reduced the friction. It was the craziest thing ever.

The fake cock went in and almost dislodged my womb from it's position. I screamed.."oh my fuck! It hurts so good.." He grabbed my breast and almost pulled them from my chest.. He slammed deeper into me and squeezed my neck.."Soon after this, I'm going to fill your throat with another cock.. While fucking your ass and pussy.."

The double pleasure of having two big things fucking me made me go mad with pleasure. My mind blacked out. I'm just existing for one thing. To be filled with anything. To get crammed full of anything. Fuck the crazy dream man. This is exactly where i want to be.. A ball of sensation, getting filled!

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