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Sunday, 26 February 2017

My pearl 2

Part 2


This is worse than i thought. All i wanted to do was disappear before I get caught. But this just got insanely messy. I looked at my life and saw how useless it is. I shouldn't have begged for tosin's help. I should have just let the husband rape me in peace. Anything is better than the hurt cramping up his eyes and filling his soul. I looked at the devil standing in front of me, looking smug and resigned. I hate him. I hate him bad. And I'm going to destroy him. But to do that, i need to leave with him.

"So, can you kindly leave now?" He said to tosin. "This is a private matter between married couples, you know?" he said to tosin. I saw him stagger again at the word 'married'. He looked so betrayed. I shouldn't have kept this from him. He shouldn't have found out this way. He was planning to propose to me, but he thought he kept the ring tight.. I saw it inside his wardrobe. My heart squeezed at the thought that he deemed me marriageable.

 To him. I was ecstatic. But this couldn't last long.. I knew that.  I just hate that he definitely thought i led him on and used him. And could do nothing now to change his mind.

This is my life and I'd bear the burden alone. I looked into his crazy eyes and saw the truth. He'd kill tosin if i even made a scant move. I have to break what's left of him.


I know something is wrong, but i cant place it. They don't feel like your normal married couple. The feelings they harboured for themselves is crystal hate. But since I knew nothing that's going on, i can't even say. She never confided in me, no matter how hard i begged.

"Tosin, he's my husband. Leave us alone.. I want to be with my husband."she whispered. I felt unimaginable pain fill me up and cast me dry. She chose him? But what did i expect. "You were just a game to me. I enjoyed playing you hard and now I'm bored.. Now leave us alone.." She said, twisting the sword deeper into my bruised soul. I looked deep into her eyes and they burst with tears she's holding back. I could see the pain reflected in them. But my pain is worse. "I said leave!! Or I'd call security!!! Fuck off!" She pushed away from me and screamed. I could hear the whisper of her soul though.. It's begging me to wait behind and go no where. I grabbed her firmly and refused to go.

But she kept on screaming like a banshee and the whispers became distorted. I saw desperation in eyes, while the bastard looked on like he's watching a soap opera. I wondered at what he's holding over her head. I know my pearl. She loves me. But she needs me to leave now. I left her in defeat and vowed to get to the end of this shit.


He didn't see it! He didn't see the pinpoint of the laser pointed straight at his heart. That red beam drove me to insanity. It made me lose control and scream at him to leave like a crazy woman. I'm sure one of the husband's assassin did that.. At his command. To spur me into action. If he left a minute later, he'd be dead.

"Alas, your Knight is a coward.."he said tauntingly.."he saw the gun and ran..he said. "No, you bastard. He didn't see it. He left because i asked him to, and you know it!" "Careful with the words pearl.. We know who will die if you misbehave. Now you don't need anything here. " He looked around in derision. He flicked his wrists to encompass my apartment.. "This dump is nonsense. All your needs will be met at the Mansion. Let's go home."

I felt revulsion fill me at the word "home". A home best described as a prison! I was a stupid little girl who fell for the glitters and I have to pay for my sins.

5 years ago

I fell in love with him at the ripe age of 18 years. His suave looks, money, confidence and charisma made him my god. He could do no wrong in my eyes. I was mad for art even though I can't draw and volunteered at an exhibition to sell art and raise funds for the less privilege. Although my parents were rich, they were very strict. This type of freedom was exhilarating.

He came to me and gently wooed me. I felt like a princess whose life is perfect with her prince. He gave me all the attention i thought i needed and jetted me around the world. My parents were against the relationship because he takes me out regardless of their wishes and I began to get flagrant and disobeyed their instructions because of him. My father said whispers surrounded his family and he's not a good person.

Like a fool, i defended my princes' honour and instead of the consistent warnings to lead me away from him, it only escalated my foolish love. I kept on insisting that nobody knew him like I did and he's a victim of circumstances. I saw only the bright and lovely side to him. I fell deeper into his tangled web of insanity, and by the time i was 20, my life was at the edge of ruins- although i didn't know it then.

He totally alienated me from my family and friends. He became my only support, my life line and my whole life. I depended on him for everything. He went ahead to ask for my hand in marriage and my parents flatly refused. They threatened to use everything in their power to tarnish his image and reveal everything to the world.

I told him to ignore them and I even suggested we elope and get married. He kissed me and laughed wildly. The got married on the Caribbean islands and had a sweetly erotic honey moon. We then packed in officially into his mansion as a married couple. My parents went ahead with their threat to expose him and they paid dearly for it.

My father died in a suspicious boating accident. This drove my mom into depression as my father was very dear to her and she could barely cope without him.
I didn't suspect him and then, everything came crashing. He began to change and I didn't understand. Everything that used to me mine as i wished for, stopped. The violence started. He began to beat me at every little action. That day, I served our dinner and he complained about his chicken being too small. I rushed off to the kitchen to serve more; we had no servant's- so he could deal with me without interference. As i served the dish, the screamed in rage. I stood in shock, shaking like a leaf. I was a total mess. He stood up and slapped me. I screamed in pain and he started with his belt.

After about 10 minutes, the bell rang and he left me broken on the floor and he went to answer the door. Saved by the bell, i thought. I heard male voices in the foyer and i recognised the voices as his brothers. I was gladdened because they'd always supported me when we were dating, they are so sweet and nice.

They came into the dining room and rushed towards me. One of them carried me into our bedroom and the rest followed. I felt so safe.. "See what you've done to her.. We need to take of her now.." I heard laughter and saw them unbuckling their belts.. In a jiffy, they were all naked."what??" I sat up shocked. "We share what's our brothers' Now shut up and wrap your mouth around my cock." One of them said, his hands jacking off his semi erect dick. I felt fear run through me. My husband sat on the sofa, enjoying the show. "Nooo!!!!" I screamed and with a sudden burst of strength, i flew from the bed.. I didn't get far though, i didn't know who back handed me. I crashed to the floor from the force of the slap." We love it when they fight.." Male chuckles filled the room. I began to cry and sob.. I got a resounding slap.."Cry.. But reduce the volume.."

They pulled off my clothes and I was naked and scared. I felt fingers crawl up my pussy. "Fuck, she's as dry as a desert.." Somebody said. They're faces has blurred together for me.
"Where's the lube?" I was carried and dropped back on the bed. I felt something smeared on my cunt.."Can't have you dry.. Where's the fun in that?" They chuckled madly. I felt myself feeling faint. I want to die. I can't imagine the pain coming. I felt a dick entering my cunt slowly.. I moaned, then i realised it wasn't painful.. Thank the stars for the lube.
A dick was shoved in my mouth and i gagged around it... I looked at them with hatred in my eyes, and they laughed at my look..."she still got some spirit in her! Let's make it worse for her.." My heart thudded in my heart. Oh my fuck, I've made my case worse. I should have acted dead.

"I know just how.. Let's make it pleasurable for her. That'll finish her mentally.." They agreed and Everyone pulled out of me. I felt lips latch on to my nipples and give my breasts the craziest attention ever. Two different mouths! I forced my will to strengthen and not fall victim and begin to enjoy it.. I was succeeding until a mouth started eating my cunt slowly. I screamed at the sensation.. He slowly finger fucked me while devouring me out.

My wetness began to gush and my will ceased to exist. Fuck, they are good. Triple sensations at once.. I came like a Crazy bitch. I hated myself for it, but my body totally betrayed me.
My husband advanced and started kissing my mouth. Fuck. I exploded again. I got the hardest fuck of my life that night. Those men are good.. They played me like a guiter and i fell badly for their tune. They fucked me at once, in rotation, and everywhich way you can imagine. I died of pleasure and came back to life. I was filled with shame. I enjoyed every bit of it; still it was against my will. I didn't want to fuck them. But i had multiple orgasms. I couldn't cope with it. Is it still rape? I began to run mad slowly. Shit.

He forced me to sleep with his 3 other brothers. That was how my depravity began, I was raped mercilessly that day; and i love it. But i can't cope with the guilt filling me. I don't want this! Yet I'm loving it. I was told that I'm the new family property. That was when my father's warning about their depraved family began to make sense.

This began to happen every week. It became a torturous vicious cycle. They would rape me and force several orgasms out of me. Infact, make me mad with desire. After they left, I'd be depressed because i didn't want it. I broke down and couldn't cope with it and I began to yearn for escape. I got an opportunity to escape and I ran to my elder sister's place for comfort.

She accepted me without qualm and took care of me. I mended my broken relationship with her and i slowly began to heal. The day he came for me. It was a chilling blood shed. He killed my sister, her husband and 2 kids in cold blood. I was shattered. He then told me what will happen if I try to escape from him again.

I was returned back to the mansion and everything became worse. I became their sexual toy. To do anything with. Depraved acts were performed on meand they made me gain pleasure from it. It was the utmost torture. Anything the four brothers could imagine. There was no where to go. He killed all my family members and made sure i had no support when he alienated me.

They fucked me for fun. The pain, pleasure and insanity made me go crazy. Nobody could come to my aid. My legs will be spread open and when they became tired, they'd fuck me with whatever.

I came apart and couldn't bear the shame on my soul. I began to blame myself for the death of my parents and Sister. These thoughts plagued me and i decided to kill myself.
i sliced open my wrists. I wanted to die. I was rushed to the E.R and with the help of a kind nurse, I escaped their insanity.

My mother entrusted all the entire wealth onto my sister and I. All my sister's portion became mine when she died. I am fucking rich, but there's nothing i can do to escape my dreary life. I began to run from place to place and the last time he caught me, he killed the man i fell in love with. I escaped again by running to the police but before long, he'd traced me down. Then the sick game began. If he caught me, I'd ,have to return to the Mansion. If not, I'm free to change my location again.

I got my tattoos to cover all the horrible scars that marred my skin. But the ones in my soul? Knowing I caused the death of my family? Nothing can erase that.
I miss Tosin. My life became just more than a game when I met him. He's given me a reason to fight back and make something good out of my useless life. I just hope he waits for me.


I withdrew from life. Nothing interested me anymore. I just looked, ate and again. Pearl vanished from my life and there's nothing i could do to stop it. I spent all my resources on looking for her. It was all for nought. Everything was a dead end. She was a mirage. My heart is totally shattered.

She was my everything, but i was just a sick game to her. I never healed. The imprints of her being is smashed into my heart. I can't even fathom touching other women; they repulse me. I spent my days sitting at the window seat, staring at her empty windows. I missed her incredibly. The other half of me is gone. Only her apartment and clothes/toiletries in my place assured me she was real and not a figment of my imagination.

I spent all my frustration in the gym. I became mercilessly big and super honed. My lean body started growing bulkier, i pushed myself to the limit, so that I'd crash home in total exhaustion. Still. Dreams of her plagued me. My days were filled with her, and my nights were worse. My dick would become hard at the thought of her- which was constantly.
Id been home for weeks without going out and i felt an urge to go out tonight.

I visited the club to find and pound a woman to oblivion and ease my sexual need. The women flocked to me, but none held my interest. Then i saw who woman who caught my attention. She looked just like pearl. Thick and beautiful. She wore a silky nothing that emphasised her curves and small waist. She looked just like my pearl.

I felt a wave of interest fill me and i propositioned her. Women rarely said no to me. She agreed and we got to my place. I led her inside my room and started kissing her. Then nothing. No spark. She squeezed my cock and tried to get a rise out of it. Still nothing. I felt like nothing could compare to pearl.."I'm sorry.. But, I'm up for nothing tonight.." She smiled sadly and said, "you still love her right?" I looked at her in shock and nodded sadly.. "Don't worry, it'd all work out.." She stood on tiptoes and pecked me and gave me a hug.
I looked wistfully at pearls window and saw the shock of my life. Pearl looked at me with tears running down her face.


I endured the torture of being with my husband; but i bided my time. I have to do something major to stop this nonsense and begin to live my own life. I'm tired of being trampled upon. Thoughts of Tosin kept me sane and made me strong, I missed him madly.

I'm leaving this time, and not returning. I need to take charge of my life. I kept intense watch in the house and learnt a lot of things. Most of his power came from his wealth and most of his wealth is illegal. I just needed to strike at the source of his money and plan my death. I created my mess and it's time i grew a backbone to solve it myself. I need to stand up for me. I'm sure he'd never expect that. I need to strike at the heart of his dealings to incapacitate him. Without wealth, he's nothing. He's biggest mistake is underestimating me and the power of my love.

I found out he runs illegal arms and drug smuggling. I also found out he's wanted by the law, but he has crazy immunity due to his cover- fleet of companies. He passes his money through it and nothing can be traced back to him. I forged his signature and documents and started selling out his properties slowly; so as not to get caught. I then handed over his documents and life to the detective on his case. I got the combination of the safe he keeps every thing from his right hand man- i fucked and coerced him. Promised him a better treatment than he's getting from his boss. Turned out he had severe hate for my husband too. We teamed up to destroy him.

I transferred the rest of his wealth to me when he was arrested alongside his brothers. They were charged with rape and murder evidence provided by the right hand man.. He knew all the secrets they kept, and was their Achilles heel and ultimate downfall. He fell in love with me; but i dismissed him, telling him to leave with a huge chunk of money.

I rushed down to meet Tosin; hoping my husband has not killed him. I banged hard on his door with joy but got disappointed when it became apparent he's not home. At first i was scared he's dead; but the wicked man would have gloated to me about it. I calmed myself and vowed to wait till he come back. When 3am hit, I couldn't bear the crazy cold anymore. The wind was strong and it bit into my bones. I wondered where he went to. I rushed down to my apartment to take a blanket and rush back to my waiting spot. I'd tried his phone severally; but to no avail.

I looked straight into his open window and saw him leading a woman into his bedroom. They must have just arrived. I felt sucker punched. He has moved on. I was insane with pain. He didn't wait for me. Then i remembered how i used to fuck other men with him watching and cried harder. So this is how it feels.
He looked at my window and saw me.


I rushed to her apartment like an obsessed person. I ran into her room and engulfed her in the biggest hug ever. Fuck. I carried her and twirled her around.. My pearl is back. "My baby.. Stop crying.. She was meant to ease my pain, but this dick couldn't get it up for her. I grabbed her hands, placed it on my trousers and squeezed it on my hardened cock. "This is only for you.." I moaned. Her tears reduced drastically and she smiled at me with joy reflected in her eyes. I tore of her clothes.. Fuck. We need to fuck before we talk.

We kissed passionately and Began to heal. We had a quickie where i pounded hard into her cunt, and cuming all over her back, i couldn't help myself. I was still hard, and slid my ringed dick into her again, making her scream for me. She clutched me like my pearl in heat while i gave her the fucking of her life. I destroyed her neck with hickeys and laved her breast hard. Fuck. I missed her fucking pussy. My cock is back to action.
I rode her to hell and back. We have a lot to catch up on.

We talked and cried and talked and cried. My soul mate is back to me. She divorced her crazy husband and we got married some few weeks later. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for all he's done and we were fulfilled. I got to know she's richer than Croesus and we lived the main life; while making profitable investment and business decisions.
We had an Imperfect life that complemented each other perfectly. She's the yin to my yang.


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