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Sunday, 5 February 2017


I wouldn't introduce me to me,
My life is like a cascade, I am the only one that can come to my aid.
When your niggaz r balling, and you still searching for your first trophy.
To me success is a bug, and to it i'm like mortein.
A teacup with no tea, I'm in the accused box with no plea.
At the moment i encapsulate emptiness, like trying to call jet with no lee.
No shoulders to lean on except mine. 

Am in a race against me and against time.
Destiny dangles on the bob of a pendulum clock.
Retrospectively reminiscing 'bout a kid
who had the world at his feet.
The Kid became a boy, then a teen, and now he's a man struggling to get past the hype he had in his teens.

Gone are the days we looked up and said we wanted to be like those men in the screens.
Gone are the days there was a platform to get us to the "ends" by its "means"
So what does this mean? You might ask.
Painting a story of misplaced priorities and untaken opportunities, would be a tall task.
But the important question should be,
How would the Man bounce back?.

Recover in life's race and light it up like bolt on the track.
How would he reverse the scenario and win gold like he competed in rio.
He would have to go back to the origin, and say to himself... "All that i am is all that you see".
So now he can put his steps on retrace, pencils and carbon paper.
Have the broken pieces conjoined, office pins and staplers.

Stealthily moving towards the goal, instinctive movements of a world class striker in the 18 yard box.
Gobble opportunities like a glutton.
While exercising patience like it were 200pound dumb bell.
Sieving out the peer advices and hailings... "Bobo yi, owo e ma te dollar".
But still taking the +ve criticisms of those on the wavelength of a scholar.

Hell bent on succeeding, still being calculative and instinctive.
Taking failure rather as signposts to success, rather than caskets of doom.
Making success not to be an obsession, rather letting it fuel my engines so i could go zoom.
So if i've tripped while climbing life's steps at full throttle.
I'd dust myself up... being wiser and smarter, i'd climb with tact and with movements so subtle.

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