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Saturday, 25 February 2017

My Pearl 1


Oh my fuck.. She's doing it again. I adjusted myself on my window seat and squeezed the erection Killing me. I'm about to die from horniness. Is this woman crazy?! She left her window's open for anybody to see! I and any other man in a 12 mile radius can see all the shit going down in her room. Her house is directly in my view and I just packed in some few weeks ago. I'm basically a loner and I have no fuck Buddie at the moment.

She's driving me crazy though! The man slammed into her widespread cunt and her mouth formed an O sound.. I could see the juices running down her thighs and wished i could lap it up. Fuck. She's turning me to a pervert! I don't ever do shii like this! I'm a straight arrow man and I don't sniff around pussies anyhow. But the way she grinding that cock making me wish i did! I squeezed my dick and moaned.


I got my eyes on the handsome man living opposite my house. I noticed him the moment he moved in. He's got a packing body. Very tall, around 6'4 and very big. What Killed it for me is his mane of hair. For a yoruba guy, I'd never seen a hair so luxurious. His hair is full and wavy at the top, while the sides are cut low with just a curly wave of hair. Fuck, he's absolutely A. He's totally yummy.

Why won't i notice him? He's the epitome of my the man i want physically. All that's left is getting him to fuck me. I've put myself in his way severally, but he's practically indifferent to me. I'd trail him to where he eats, i enrolled in his gym, but he just passes by me. I then devised a tricky method to gain he's attention.. I went to a local club and brought men home when I know he's going to be at his home. I'd then fuck them. While he's watching.

I won't be staying for long here.. I'd have to leave soon.. But before i do, i have to get him.
"Fuccccccc... " i screamed. The man banging me is good. He's making me go mad with the way he's rotating his hips and hitting my spot. I placed my ass on the sofa near the window, so that he will get a good view.. Shit i think I'd cum now. I felt myself flying over the edge and I looked back outside the window. I totally forgot about who's fucking me and imagined its him.

I fell deep into his eyes and I saw him looking at me with a very strained expression and I exploded. I screamed in joy. Fuck. I could drown in his eyes.. I looked at him and winked. He looked shocked and closed his window hastily.
Looks like i finally got his attention.


I can't concentrate on the housework I'm doing. I hate this chore but i needed to do something to calm myself down. Fuck. Did she see me? Did I imagine the wink?! I've been scared to go near my windows. But, i need to. It's like a compulsion. I trudged to my room in resignation and sat on the window seat. I made sure to grab a chilled wine. I hope tonight is as hot as the others. I released my cock from its constraints and it's semi erect. I ran my hands on it and felt so good. Fuck.

I saw her running her lips around a huge cock. She licked around the head and suddenly swallowed. I almost lurched off my seat. She fucks different men everyday. Is she not tired? Doesn't her cunt get sore?! I can't wait to see her get pounded by this dick. Her body is so perfect. She's a bit on the thick side and has bountiful breasts i could just sink into. Her ass is dope and she has the tiniest waist yet! My hands could just wrap around them. Her skin is pale and she has a snake tattoo snaking around her back in full glory. She's beautiful.

Tears were running down her eyes and she's practically choking on his dick. Her mascara left streaks around her eyes and emphasised the brown colour of them. She has a pert nose and the perfect heart shaped lips currently the life out of a dick that's not mine. I felt rage fill me. I should own that pussy! But at the same time, i wanted to see her cunt rammed full of his dick. I can't wait for them to fuck!

He pulled her mouth off his dick and slapped her cheeks with it. She looked up at him so devilishly and her lips moved and I imagined she said "fuck me with your big dick.." She grabbed him and spread her legs wide. Her pussy is totally bare. I guess she waxes. I love my women waxed. Her labia is wet and they look so eatable. I feel so ravenous and hungry for them. Pink and Pouting cunt lips and vulva waiting to be filled. I started Jacking off. He held the head of his dick and ran it all over her cunt without entering and i guess she's moaning as fuck.

I gulped the wine insanely. I needed the rush to fill me up.
He slowly started pushing in. She's so tight and i wandered how she's going to accept his girth. He was in about 4 inches and i saw her panting. His dick is more wide than long anyway. Shouldn't be long before he destroys her cunt. She held on tight to his chest and I wanted to remove her hands.

He suddenly rammed in the rest of the way and i could see her scream. I wish i could hear her. Her pussy lips were stretched tightly around his dick and I could imagine her cunt clutching him tightly.

This fucking girl is a slut! A slut i want to fuck into. Shit. He began to thrust deep and I couldn't bear to watch again.. I told my legs to stand up and leave, but they didn't. I continued to watch in agony. I felt like ripping his head off.. She's enjoying the fucking like hell. She's meeting his thrusts like a crazy woman.

I want her for me! The man pulled out and She suddenly sat up and started jacking off his dick. The fucker is about to cum. She buried her fingers in her cunt and i also jerked harder on my dick. She looked straight into my eyes and I came. The guy came all over her big tits and she came in a rush.


I'm not taking no for an answer today. If i have to fuck 20 men to get his attention, i will. But lately, Im feeling insanely empty. It's him I want. Why is he not even making a move towards me? His is not interested? Anyway, I'd find out today. We should meet at the gym.

I was working on my cardio when I looked up and saw an insane ass jiggling on the treadmill. Fuck. I'd recognise that body anywhere. The body of tormenting my dreams.. The one I've been crazy over..

ts her! Fuck. I took a minute to admire her. She's wearing an armless sports bra and a loose but fitted track pants. Hell. She's sweating and I felt like licking it off her. Shit. I'm so into her. I stood up and wiped the sweat off me. I approached her and motioned her to put off the treadmill. She obeyed and I said "Come with me." She looked at me in shock, but obeyed. What did she expect? Nice words?

I led her to the office of the lead trainer. Who was a good friend of mine. We entered and i motioned my head to my friend. He got the code and scrambled off. I'm not wasting any shitty time on taking her home. "Fuck.. I want to eat you up.. You're so hot and beautiful.. Get on your knees and swallow me.."

Fuck. I can't believe this. I think I'm in love already. This is better than I expected. I rushed to my knees and pulled the laces of his shorts loose. His cock sprang out thick and heavy and I'm shocked. He has a piercing on tip of his dick. I looked up into his eyes and he smiled at my shock.

I looked at the cock in my hand and I clenched in anticipation. My hands could not wrap around his dick and he's bigger and longer than i even imagined for a man as big as he.
I licked up his piercing and he shuddered.. Fuck. He must be extra sensitive there. I can't wait to feel it scrape the walls of my pussy. The ring is diamond shaped and a bit large. It has a real diamond encrusted in it. I ran my lips around his shaft and my eyes couldn't just stop staring at the ring. It's totally mesmerising.

I swallowed him up and he groaned.. He makes me want to lower my guard and stay forever.. As it is now, I've wasted so much time chasing him. I should have packed up by now and left. He suddenly lifted me and placed my ass on the table. He then pulled off my pants and moaned.."fuck, you not wearing panties.." He looked at my pussy hungrily. He slapped it and i went mad with desire.. Then he lined the head of his cock and pushed inside slowly.. The ring scraped the walls of my cunt and i was shocked at the agonising pleasure. I'd never felt like this, ever. It hit my womb and it's like he's trying to worm his way inside..

I gasped at the sensation.. He's so thick and he's filling me up nicely. I looked into his eyes and he bent his head to kiss me.. I felt my heart sing and i wished i could have him forever. He kissed me so tenderly, and opposed to the hard way he's fucking me. And yes.. The ring is mad. It's touching places a dick never reached in me. It's hitting my crazy spot with every inward thrust and I'm busy gasping like a fish.

"Fuck, you hotter than I thought.. " he whispered into my ears.. I kissed him and tried to grasp every feeling i could before i left. This sex is crazy. His ring is adding a new dimension to everything and I'm getting addicted fast to this.
"By the way, I'm tosin; you are?" he asked with a devilish grin. "Pearl... At your service sir."  I said.

I know i shocked her with my dick ring. I got it at college and all the girls went mad over it. They said the added sensation is fucked up. I love her pussy. Wet, hot, tight.. Just the way I like it served. I can't explain how I'm feeling, but right now, it's more than just the sex for me. I want to get to know her better and..."Fuck.." I groaned.

She tightened against me exquisitely and i could feel my balls tighten with the urge to spill its load deep in her cunt.
The thought of filling her up with my spunk made me Cum...I saw her explode and she wailed like a baby.. I pulled out and the cum dripped down her thighs.. It mixed with her juices and her pussy looked so eatable. I bent my head and went to feast.


That was how it began. After our first fuck, i took her to eat and we got to know each other better. I loved her name. It sounds so beautiful and suits her perfectly.
She's always ready to fuck and is willing and available for everything i want to do. She looks at me like I'm the beginning and end of her life. But then, i noticed her always looking sad and melancholy and when i ask her about it, she'd close up and i always try my best to make her happy.
I began to fall for her hard.

I don't understand whats happening to me. All this was supposed to be a game to tease the sexy man next door.. But I've totally fallen for him. My plans backfired on me. I'm supposed to use him like the rest and then pack my things and leave before I got caught. I've been running all my life and once I'm spending a lot of time somewhere, I'd pack up and leave. Not this time though. I've been scared of when something like this will happen. When I'd finally get the Man i want and still wont be able to have him.

Why does life have to be this cruel? I looked at him sleeping and I feel full with love. He's the only man who ever treated me decently, despite my sluttiness. I feel so close and complete with him.. He's a friend and the best lover ever. I ran my hands through his hair and he smiled in his sleep. I felt full of despair and sadness. I'd have to leave this gorgeous man soon. His eyes opened and I could see his hard on stirring through the blanket.
I grabbed his morning wood and sucked like a Mad person.. I deep throated him with tears of despair running down my face.. We then fucked like sex bunnies..


The sex this morning was epic. It was tinged with an edge of desperation. I don't know why, but I feel like im totally losing her. I fucked her like a seriously fucked up man. I stamped my dick on her pussy. I'm sure she's going to be sore for a week; but I don't give a fuck. I love her. She's mine.

I've been trying to get her to open up about what's bothering her, but to no avail. She's the perfect woman for me. Aside her physical attributes, she's a woman with depth and very intellectual. We have separate views on a lot of topics and we argue a lot. I love a woman that uses her brain. She's also a great cook. She basically moved in to my place and we cook together and since I work freelance; I'm usually home. When I asked her about her job; she closed up. I wondered how she could afford that apartment, dress so expensively, live a luxurious life; and still not work. I ruled out prostitution; she's always with me.

I don't even understand me. This whirlwind feeling is turning my life up side down. I have her; yet I don't have her.. She's closed to me mentally and emotionally. She hasn't even told me she loved me yet. But i could feel it pouring off her in waves. It's like something invisible is closing those words back.

She laid on her back languidly after our intense fucking. I trailed my hands through her back and traced the full outline of her snake tattoo. It's so beautiful. Then i noticed something. I looked closer and saw jagged edges. Then it hit me. Scars. Her tattoo is covering several old scars. They looked like whip scars.

I flipped her over and looked closely at the intricate tattoo on the top of her breasts and saw more scars looking like cigarette butt wound. I bent her neck and looked at the tail of the snake winding around her neck. It covered more scars. "What's up tosin.." She asked worriedly. I didn't answer and grabbed her hands. The flower tattoo on her inner wrists covered old blade cuts.. I looked at her in agony. "Pearl.." My voice broke. What's all this? "Your tattoo's are covering old scars of different variety.." I knelt at her feet. "Talk to me..." I looked into her eyes and saw them harden. "I have to go home now.." She scrambled. As I moved to hold her she said.."I'm coming tosin. I just need some time alone at my place. Give me sometime". Shit. She's pushing me away again. But i gave her the space she needs..


I can't let him die. I can't let him die. I can't let him die. That was the monotony running in my mind as I realized he'd figured out what my tattoos covered. I have to leave now. I have to continue this sick game that's killing me. I'm just a fucking prey and I don't want to drag him into my mess. He'd just die.

I rushed into my apartment and didn't even notice the door was unlocked. I ran to my bedroom and threw my bag on the bag and started packing my clothes into it. "And where do you think you're going?" Shivers ran up my spine at that cold voice. The voice of my nightmares.

"I caught you already.. So you lost. Let's go" I looked at him in fear.. Coldly handsome face stared back at me. My eyes shifted to the windows and I saw Tosin looking at us. His eyes looked so fiery and angry. What would he think is happening?! "Oh.. You fell in love with that guy over there right?" He chuckled sadistically. "You know the rules. Any man you love will die..." I swerved to him.."please spare him.. Please, he's done nothing wrong.." I whispered.

He suddenly grabbed my throat and tore of my gown. In the full view of tosin. He slapped me and tore off my panties.. I began to cry and looked to tosins eyes.. He looked so disgusted at me..."Save me" i mouthed. I'm about to get raped.


I felt anguish fill me when I saw her with another man through the window. So this was who she left me for right? Fuck. I've been so stupid. But then i saw her mouth move and I looked closely. This is being done against her will. I ran out of my house and tore into her apartment madly. I broke the door with my shoulder and saw a crazy scene. The man was fucking her asshole and she was screaming at the tearing agony.

My eyes became blind to reason and I pulled him off her. He's of average build and I'm big; so it wasn't hard to do. I rushed to her side and held her tightly to me. The man brushed off his suit like he expected my move and laughed crazily.

"Her knight!!!! Wow.. You really did well pearl.. This one is willing to fight for you.." He clapped his hands madly.. I looked down at her sobbing in my hands and i asked her.." Who is this man?!" She looked at me in fright and said nothing.. He looked at us insanely.."despite your whorish ways, he loves you.. He can't stay..."

"Go on.. Tell him you slut! You whore! Tell him how I'm your husband and you go around fucking men like him for fun". Ice filled my veins. What?! I looked into her eyes and saw the truth in there. He's not lying.

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