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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Tempt Me

I sat down at the booth, trying to shove rice down my throat..Im not feeling the food though; i regretted coming out tonight. I should have just buried myself in my house with a tub of ice cream.. The food tasted like sawdust, but i chewed on.. I thought that my best food;rice and chicken will cheer me up.. Boy was I wrong!

My fiancé broke up with me yesterday, after 5 years of investing my life and time fully to him. I can't believe i just got jilted in a very sudden manner. I never expected it all. Yesterday was our 5 years anniversary; and we had made plans to go out for dinner. I wanted to surprise him and I had made his best food; pounded yam and egusi soup. I made my dining table look beautiful and romantic by putting candles and rose and shits.. I wore just lingerie; matching blood red brassiere which showed off my small breasts by giving it extra cleavage and a tiny thong. I hated wearing garters, but because he loves it, i wore it.

At exactly 7pm, he rang the bell.. I felt anticipation flutter deep in my belly and my pussy spasmed. We are going nowhere.. He's going to give me the fucking of my life tonight. I checked my flawlessly made up face in the mirror and sprayed perfume on. I went to the door and opened it. He came in, and his eyes lighted up at my dressing.

"Come, baby, we are going nowhere. I cooked your favourite, lets go and eat" i said. " wow, you look divine Funke, You look so sexy, i want to eat you up" I smiled shyly and started serving. While we ate, he could not maintain the trail of conversation. His eyes kept on wandering to my body and I felt soo sexy. I was happy I decided to plan this. After eating, we talked for a bit and allowed the food digest.. He couldn't bear it anymore and he just pulled down his zipper.

I stared at him in shock. Just like that? "Go down on your knees and suck me you whore" When I hesitated, he pulled me onto my knees and grabbed a hold of my head. I could not complain as a shiver of pleasure curled up my spine.. "Lick me, baby" he moaned. I started licking him and gave the head a beautiful attention. I swallowed his dick and deep throated him deep. All the while he was mauling my breasts like a mad man. I felt wetness gather at my entrance. Tolu has always been a gentle man; even sexually. So, this form of treatment is new and i felt anticipation build in me.

He suddenly grabbed me and sank his dick deep into me. The thong was not a barrier at all as he just shifted it aside. I was not very wet yet, so, he felt so full.. I screamed in pleasure.. "Bounce on my cock, bitch" he moaned. I felt my self get wetter as his words went deep into me.."you fucking cunt, you love being a bitch" he moaned.. I spread my legs wider and fucked him harder, all the while screaming. He pulled down my brassiere and squeezed my breasts.. His mouth was biting my neck and his other fingers were stringing up my clit.. I felt my climax build and I blew apart.. Suffice to say, it was the most hottest sex I ever had.

We dozed off, and when I woke up this morning, i met a note on my coffee table read thus:

I'm sorry, funke
I came over to call it quits with you,
But i couldn't resist fucking you for the last time,
You looked so sexy.
It's not you, its me and I've found my soulmate.
I hope you find yours too and live a happy life.
Love, Tolu.

That letter destroyed me. How can my life come apart in just a night? After the most memorable sex of my life? What made it worse is that my best friend Gemma is not in lagos. And i can't cry on my mom's shoulders. She'd warned me about Tolu before but i never listened and always took his side. Gemma was the one who suggested that I come out to eat my bestfood. But it's like I can't even achieve this little task.

I dabbed tears from my eyes and stood up hastily to leave. Then i bumped into a wall. Literally. A hard, warm and male wall. I held on for my dear life.


I am ravenously hungry; both for food and for pussy..It's been some weeks i got laid due to my workload... I rushed into the restaurant after a long day at work. My workload was awful today. I fired personal assistant #12 after she tried kissing me in my office. She had zero typing skills, zero organisational skills, zero obeying skills, zero moral skills and i wondered what the world has become. And she called herself a graduate. I hissed in my mind as I recalled telling paul to interview somebody else for the job. I'm not a patient person and i have zero tolerance for nonsense but it seems all these PA's paul is employing are nonsense. I briefly considered firing paul and I chuckled.. He will fire me himself.

My phone rang and as I tried taking it from my pocket, i was momentarily distracted and hit into something soft and plush. My first instinct is to grab her, and i did.. On her ass.
She held on for her dear life and i laughed as i gently detached her from my body.. I looked down and she meekly peered up at me.. She smiled in an endearing manner and i looked into the most gorgeously innocent face id ever seen. She looked so guileless and sexy.. I felt my body surge with lust.. I must have her.

 All thoughts of eating anything except her flew from my mind. "Im so sorry, she whispered.. She turned to leave, but I grabbed her hastily and made my move. I know a distraught woman when i see one. "It's ok, its my fault.. Let me buy you a drink to make it up.." She hesitated, but I pressed on.. "Come, please just give me a chance.." And I smiled. Her defences crumbled.. I've been told my smile destroys hearts..


I looked into the eyes of the gorgeous stranger.. And felt my heart melt. All thoughts of tolu the bastard left my mind.. This man is absolutely perfect. Every feature in symmetry with a very dark glowing skin. He guided me gently to a table and ordered a drink for me.. He apologized profusely for his mistake and i just waved the concern off. I sipped my drink and answered his questions monotonously.. I think i know just what to do! Using him will be perfect for me.. He's sure to take care of me in the right way.. I smiled with renewed vigor and swerved all his inquiries from the personal level.. We don't need to know anything personal about each other.. I'm perfectly fine without any personal baggage added to my luggage..
I made doe eyes and him and smiled at everything he said..


This woman is damn private.. Trying to get to know her is like extracting tooth.. Well, it's not like im curious anyway.. I just need to taste her luscious looking lips.. Her lips are so distracting.. The upper lip has a cupid bow that's killing me.. Cupid bows is my weakness.. Once i see it, i must taste the woman's lips.. I wonder if she's going to be the perfect ending to my fucked up day.. Jesus, i don't even want to remember how tomorrow is going to be like without a personal assistant.. Well, this woman is sure to make all my sorrows disappear. When tomorrow comes, i will face it squarely, but now.. I need to find a way to bury my dick in her hot pants.. Sorrow killer niyen..


His order came in and he ate with grace, i absently wondered how he makes eating and talking look so sexy.. Well, i can't wait to fuck this man.. He looks like the perfect solution and revenge to Tolu.. I don't need to start any relationship with him anyway, just a one night stand something.."umm.. I decided to be forward, after all, i won't see him again.."Should we use the Castle Hotel at the end of this street? I hear they have complimentary wines.. and not to worry, I'd split the bills with you.." He choked on the wine he was drinking and sputtered at me in shock.." Uhn?!

I smiled confidently and said.." The attraction sparking between us can burn a house down.." I lowered my voice to a sexy purr " how about we stop all this and get down to the real stuff.. I want you in me tonight.. I'd be your darkest fantasy.. Anything you want and need. I'd do it for you..

His Irises darkened to pure black and gazed at me with absolute need. "Lets go.." He dropped some bills on the table without even counting it and grabbed me fiercely.. He directed me to his car, a Lexus and drove down the street to the hotel.. He didn't even say a word to me... Just drove with fierce concentration..

We entered the hotel and he just asked to the most expensive suite straight up.. We were given the keycard and directed to the elevators.. When we entered, he crowded my personal space and lowered his head.. I closed my eyes in anticipation and puckered my lips, expecting a hard kiss..

 But he just licked my lips softly and bit my neck.. I opened my eyes and shivered.. "I hope they have a full box of condoms waiting for us.." he said.. I smiled and looped my hands around his neck.. I hope they do too.. He sighed and kissed me so surely and firmly.. I sank into the kiss and forgot about everything disturbing me.. The bells dinged and we got off directly into a penthouse suite.. I'd never seen anything so magnificent.. I wondered how he was able to afford this.. He didn't even give me any chance to think or look around.. He got straight to business..

I couldn't resist kissing her again.. I'm a sucker for her lips.. I gently undressed her.. I can sense a hidden vulnerability beneath her brash demeanour.. I gently handled her; this is exactly what she needs.. Roughness can come later..

My fingers moved.  Upward.  Trailing lightly over her skin, then stroked her hair back over her shoulder.  She drew in a slow breath as I glided downward again, over the soft exposed skin of her breast, right to the lace of her bra.  My fingertip grazed lightly under the edges, but not breaching the barrier of the satin cup.. She took in a harsh breath and gazed at me with intense need.. She wanted it hard and fast.. She wanted me to pound her into oblivion...

I flicked off her bra and gazed at her breasts.. Succulent mounds just waiting for me to feast.. They were just a handful; perfect for my hands.. I kissed one..while gently rubbing the other with my hands.. I gently squeezed her nipples and she wanted to die of frustration.. I sucked a nipple into my mouth and bit it.. She moaned deeply and tried to force my head deeper.. She was tired of my teasing and wanted real action.. Alright.

I felt like killing him.. He's just toying with me.. I'm so wet and yearning and all he's doing is licking/touching me gently.. Do i look fragile?!.. He cut of the thoughts running through my mind when he ripped off my panties shockingly.. It was at odds with the gentle way he still licking my nipples.. I don't know how he's doing it.. He roughly shoved a finger into me while still biting my nipples softly.. The mix of emotions is making go crazy...

1 week later

I left my house with a nervous mind.. I've got a major interview today and I'm hoping against all odds I'd get the job.. I took a cab and got down in front of the office building.. I took a deep breath in shock.. Wow, this a massive building.. I wonder how many people work here..

 I entered and was shocked by the bustling going on.. People walked around briskly in suits and were looking so serious.. I glanced around went straight to the receptionist.. She greeted me with a smile and I asked of Mr Paul.. She gave me directions to his office and i knocked.. "Come in," a voice from within said.. I walked briskly in and greeted the Man.. He's a very handsome Man with an openly flirty attitude.. He asked me to sit, but i was uncomfortable at first.. He smiled and made me feel at ease.. The interview ended and I was told I got the job. I am shocked..

This is suspicious.. How come I got the job immediately? In a company as large as this?! Didn't i have other competition?! He described my job capacity and there didn't seem to be anything i can't do.. He told me he hoped i was ready to work because, the person I'd be working for has zero tolerance for laziness.. And infact, fires people on the spot. He told me not to be shocked about the fact that i was given the job..

Without any further ado, he told me to meet the receptionist outside for the directions to my new office.. How is this possible, i thought.. Who gives a job immediately after an interview? Although i have a Master's in Administration, but still?


I'm in a super awful mood this morning. P.A 13 just spent four days before i fired him. He's too slow and incompetent! What nonsense?! I need results and i didn't build my massive fortune on laziness! All this people are not ready to work! And they want huge salaries.. I raked my hands through my hair in frustration.. And it didn't help that Funke left me.

What a big slap to my ego.. I can't believe that after the most erotic night of our lives that we had, she snuck out on me! I woke up the next day, and she was gone like poof! There was hardly any proof she'd even been there.. Aside the faint smell of her Cologne on the pillows..
Infact, she even laid the bedsheet on her side of the bed! It was like she never existed. I couldn't her out of my mind, and I swear, the next time i see her, if I ever see her again, I'd snap off her neck.. I sighed in anger..

I dump women when I'm done with them, not the other way around..
I told paul to employ the next person with the right CV on the spot.. Even if I have to fire 20 people per day, I have to find the Ideal PA for me.. The one who can handle the workload effectively.


I rode the elevator straight to the Last floor.. Being in an elevator brought back the memories i have been trying unsuccessfully to repress.. The memories of his hands and the mind blowing pleasure of that night., His wicked smile and taunting lips.. The delectable feel of his mouth on me and his dick deep in my core.. He made Tolu seem like an amateur.. If i thought earlier that i had the best sex of my life with tolu, i was lying..i didn't know anything before..

The bell dinged and i got off..
Wow.. I looked around in a circle.. This place is spacious.. I stepped into the threshold and looked around.. White decor everywhere.. Plush white rug covered the floor.. The walls painted blinding white.. Only the potted plants added color to it.. Even the pots holding the plants are white.. Abstract artworks graced the walls and the place had a generally cold feel to it... I shivered..

 There were Just two glass doors side by side..One is see through glass leading to my office and the 2nd is blurred and it's to the CEO's office, I'd been told.. I walked into the first and opened the door.. I was amazed at the size of the office and dropped my bag on the mahogany table.. It was furnished in soft yellow hues and looked more welcoming than the sterile white of the corridor.. I fell in love with this office immediately..

I took a minute to compose myself and get my wits around me.. I'm subtly staggered at the subtle display of wealth all around me.. I need to go and present myself to the CEO.. I took a deep breath and left my office.. I hope he doesn't fire me.. With his legendary anger.. I knocked on the door and I heard a curt "enter"..

I walked in and felt my eyes popped open.. His office is larger than my whole apartment.. Big and beautiful.. The walls painted dark brown and a light brown plush carpet..
A huge table filled with papers stood majestically in the far edge of the room, with an executive chair behind it.. Dark colored sofa's dotted it and the office looks more like a luxurious living room, than a working space.. Shelves filled with books lined every wall.. There is a large table table with a big sized system with every office gadget I've ever dreamed of..

From top to bottom.. The windows where large and gave a stunning view of the Ocean.. I looked in awe..
"I wonder how long it would take you to come in here! The elevator dinged 10 minutes ago and you just deem it fit to come in now, right?!"  Said voice of my dreams, albeit muffled...

 I stared in shock.. He stood in front of an adjoining door inside his office with a towel wrapped around his waist.. And he is using a smaller one to rub of water from his face.. The towel muffled his voice and hid his face, but i can never be mistaken! "Speak for your..." he trailed off..

He'd dropped the towel and he looked at me in shock.. "You?!" he thundered.

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