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Thursday, 7 June 2018

My fuck date 10

I cannot help myself. The night is getting quiet and the only noise disturbing is our very audible murmur.. we are lying down on the very broad and furry center rug, he was lying horizontally at my feet. Consistently, my legs felt his laps, athletic and hairy..

His voice has gotten deeper than earlier and it sounds more cozy, making the atmosphere more inviting. I was rubbing my laps against each other in no precise model, running through my minds are thoughts that's making this pussy scream- a big duplex with just two souls in it, nothing interrupting, not even the silence!

Everything was sending messages to me.. it began to rain and I was convinced that this has to happen. i could hardly hear Duke's voice as the voices in my head are louder, my mind at the moment is blowing its self up, the aura was just too blue..

I got up and sat on him, I stared deep into his eyes and I got the reciprocation I wanted; he was not surprised; I only did what he's been waiting for. I leaned in to kiss him, and my gown went up simultaneous and my ass was out, he returned my kiss very carefully, he was trying to be a gentleman which I don't appreciate at this junction, I want it raw and hard.

I kissed him more deeply and roughly and he caught my drift and switched to my pace. He grabbed my ass, and the feeling of his relatively firm hands made cold run through my spine..

I was bra-less which made his access to my firm and now hard nipples easy. He held it with very hard masculinity, and grabbed tight. I felt a sharp pain but also I felt joy..
He kneaded my nipples; I was quietly moaning loud, that won't make much sense to you unless you are in that position.. I was riding his dick in fantasy, and though I am still clad, I was moving in the dick riding rhythm, and trying to feel his agressively hard dick,with my pussy; through our clothes. I wanted his dick to punch me deep.

I gauged the length of it and I was impressed. He rolled me over, with my back leaning on the rug. He stripped me off my clothes and I tore his tank top in return. The moment I've been anticipating.

I ran my fingers through his abs, damn! he is fit! All musclar and his veins at this point have got hot blood running through it. He kissed me healthily, I melted to pulp and was compelled to ask for it, "please, fuck me!" I said in a somewhat pleading tone.. And he unleashed his dragon, yes! those stories you hear about the Calabar men are true!

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