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Sunday, 26 March 2017

The mechanic 2


I'm currently sinking down into the best lips I've ever tasted in my life. This kiss was just meant to make her shut up. This is fast becoming an habit.
I kissed her and ate up her lips. Delicious. A shocking pain cut off my concentration. Fuck. I pulled away from her. She bit my lips!

"What in the fucking hell?" I screamed at her..she looked at me petulantly.."Who the hell are you?! and why would you kiss me?"
"Apparently, I'm doomed to live with you for 1 month. Who are you? And how come we are to be together for this long? And aren't you the city slicker from earlier?" She just stared at me, hissed and walked out.

I shrugged my shoulders. I can't believe this. I signed up for a vacation at a retreat located in my hometown. Just to rest after years of hardwork. Then a mix up occurred and I'm paired with the loudest and noisiest woman ever. Jeez.
I dragged my luggage to the opposite side of where she went and I went to arrange them. Noise or noise, I've decided to take this rest fully.


I simmered in anger. What a nerve! Who is he to kiss me? I felt like going to his apartment and smacking his face. But i couldn't deny the thrill that swept through me at the thought of his lips. The softest lips. Sent shock waves through me.
It's been long a man took charge of me that way, just did something so out of the blue. I remembered his eyes when I bit his lips. They looked mesmerised- like he was coming slowly out of a trance.

I can't believe kissing me created that effect in him. His pretty eyes looked clouded and confused for a moment; before lucidity rushed into them. I bounced on my bed excitedly, I want to see him again. I don't care if it's a screaming match. I'd totally forgotten my earlier angst.

I bounced out of my room and walked straight to the large living room. I met him lounging on the couch and watching tv. I took the remote and changed the channel. He looked up at me and smiled.."You're pissing for a fight right? Well, let me tell you how it's going to be.."he smiled wickedly and unfolded his full lenght from the sit and stood in front of me. Like a mini god. His crotch right in my face.

"It's one of two things. I don't have time to play nasty ass games, except the adult kind."..he winked.."Now, it's either we maintain each side of our suite and act like we don't exist,.." A pause..."Or we explore this crazy as shit inferno raging between us." He held my head and gently leaned it against his hardening cock. I felt crazy pressure run through me at his words.
"I love your spunk. Beautiful and hot. But we can redirect this to a better way. I suggest we fuck. We explore this delicious spark.."he pulled me off and looked into my eyes.."Aside those, you can fuck off."

I gently stood up and he pulled me into his arms. He kissed me deeply and I felt crazy desire fill me. We pulled off our clothes and went to work.

He carried me over his shoulders and walked down to a room and we fell on a swoop on the large bed in his side of his suite. We kissed, 1 base-3rd.. Like high school kids. It was exhilarating.
I transferred all my anger and channelled it into the intense fucking of my life. It was crazy. We pounded each other into a fucking oblivion.
That marked the beginning of our explorations together. We had sex every where, tried out new things and only attended few of the vacation programmes. It's either we are fucking or eating or sleeping in exhaustion.

I wonder how I got to this point in my life. This happy and beautifully complete cocoon. I began to detest the day the vacation will end. This is very ironic considering how much I wanted to leave the first day I came here.

The vacation turned out to be the best one ever. Imagine crazy, sexy and fun all packed together. I experienced it all with toba. It's the most whirlwind affair ever.
On the day we were to leave, he proposed to me and I accepted. I could feel it deep in my bones; he's the one for me and he'd keep me grounded.

I got to know a lot about him and contrary to my initial thought that my rest is doomed; It actually payed up for the better.
I love my mechanic.


I realised the kind of woman she is. And she needed a dominant force in her life to keep her in check. Although i thought of scoring pussies at this vac, I never knew a wife was gonna be involved.
It's all good though,
I love my Banshee.

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