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Sunday, 17 June 2018

My fuck date 15

I answered with a smile correcting her pronunciation of Calabar with British accent. we blended well in talking and I tried as much as I can not to bring the Lecturer to student vibe into the very smooth conversation,
She relayed to me more about herself, I got to know she came all the way to Calabar for the sake of Cinematography and filming, this fact further soften the spot I have for the vibrant lady, just like me; she knows what she wants, she also has an enabling environment.

I told her little about myself too, till night, we were together and not once did I feel like I was franchising with my student, we had much to talk about, we couldn't finish that day and we decided we were going to continue online. "God is at work!" I said to myself!

I am craving more for this new found lecturer of mine, we get along very well in almost everything, since our acquaintance by the pool side, we have grown in a special kind of way, his friendship have made my studying pretty easy. we now chill more often and I have seen sides of him that not just anybody will see even in years.. Plus, we have a very aggressive chemistry. I am not falling for him in a Duke way but I am actually falling in love genuinely and it is kind of scary.

I will be having a tutorial session this evening with him, in my house, this is the first time we are meeting in a house, it has been hangouts and office appointments.. I am excited, so excited that I am cooking for him, with the help of my aunt of course! It is the popular afang soup and well prepared Eba.

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