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Thursday, 7 June 2018

My fuck date 8


I got a call from my aunt and she gave reasons as to why she couldn't be around in person to pick me. She advised that I feel at home, she already had pizza ordered for me, all of these is tandem to the fact that she won't be coming home till the following day.

The best part of the call was when she declared that she has told the driver to stay with me through the night for precautionary reasons; it is my first night in Calabar, her cook/maid is not around and it will be wrong that I spend the night alone in the very big duplex.
She suggested I lodge in an hotel but I hurriedly refused and reassured her that i will be fine! I think even God wants this to happen!

Hearing that I will be alone with Duke tonight made my vagina wet to climax.. I took my bath sedulously in the bathroom, and paid meticulous attention to everything. I took time to finger myself.. My fingers swiped the entire lenght of me and went in as deep as it could go.. I caressed my clit madly.. I ran a professional touch through myself.. I give good fingering!

I was moaning seriously, the pitch of my voice was sturdy enough to overshadow the sound of the running eyes were close tightly, and i was in mastubatory heaven. I was standing while one of my leg was on the bathtub, this gave my fingers the luxury to touch it all..I went in myself and the blood from menstruation just couldn't find its way out! I blamed myself for not bringing my dildo, I really wish I took it along despite the persuasion from Damola my perv friend!

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