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Sunday, 3 June 2018

My fuck date 4


Jeez! Finally in the very popular Muritala Mohammed Airport in Lagos; Thirteen hours felt like 13years on the very miserable flight; I sat next to a coughing patient and it was just too horrible an experience. I couldn't complain because then; I will be the sociopath and anti-humanity brute, I had to take it all.

I dashed for the door as soon as I heard we have landed. I got out to get fresh air, I moved to the exit and I was hit with an awful din by the hundreds of taxi drivers, all advertising their charter service.
It was at night, so without wasting time, I got one and requested he take me to any nearby hotel to pass the night. I insisted it should be somewhere close to the airport because of my flight to Calabar this next day.

After struggling to understand my accent, the bald short man obliged and took me to a very exquisite hotel, some place that felt and looked like London. I got comfortable immediately, had my bath, rubbed my very toned body with my night lotion, and deep down, I wished the taxi man hit on me; truly hoped that the he would pass the night.

I was horny for reasons i cannot explain. I connected to the hotel's password, skyped my folks, and watched some hot porn that turned me the fuck on and i fingered myself to pulp. My clitoris was fire red and rivulets of juices dripped in appreciation of my good finger work.
After my self service, I slept off immediately unclad and without washing up. The stink of pussy lulling me to a deep and yearning sleep. I dreamt of raging cocks and insane Sex.

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