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Thursday, 7 June 2018

My fuck date 9

"Can't this driver be bold enough to just barge in?" I thought within me! I imagined him slamming the door open and forcing his way into me. Fuck.. My fingers flew faster on my pussy. The thought of him fucking me and doing those crazy shii to me pushed me over the edge.
The tears of cum rolled down my thighs and the sensational storm calmed. Still.. I didnt feel satisfied. I got out, applied my to-bed cosmetics and joined Duke the driver downstairs with high hopes that something will happen!

He really helped reduce boredom for me, first; because he is learned and very sociable and second; I could not help but still stare lustfully at him. Damn! the boy was fine, he wore a tank top and shorts, that showed the definitions of his sexy body. I stared hard at his zipper to get the exact size of his dick but all to no avail..

Tonight is one of those nights when you just want to hit the bed and sleep off. I got into the compound of the great University of Calabar, it is indeed big in size and population. I was too moody to admire the environment, and how a girl managed to emasculate me three times in one day is a puzzle I cannot figure out.

Aside the calls from the HOD of the arts department, my mother and Ndifreke my friend, nothing makes any sense for the night. In this anger tho, I still appreciate the little moment when my biggest lovely enemy touched my skin, it felt like an achievement in some kind of way. The same person that tormented me all day is the same person that gave me an highlight for the day; weird right? I thought so too!

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