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Sunday, 17 June 2018

My fuck date 20

I felt the walls choke on my dick and pulsed while she squeezed her inner walls on me. I groaned in delight and kissed her neck.. Fuck.."work that cunt on me.." Fuck.. I lost control i slammed into her deeply. Deep into her warmth... She screamed and came apart in my arms.."oooooh.." She moaned.. I came at that sound. Spewed all my bottled up cum in her.. I could feel her womb clench it.. Trying to swallow it all up. Fuck I spurted deep in her..

I pulled off her and crashed on the rug.. We breathed heavily and smiled at each other. I leaned on my arm and kissed her fore head. Then i looked down and saw the most delicious view; the perfect creampie. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

I can't believe calabar will bring this much blessings.. the woman who use to be my annoying crush is here on my chest, enjoying the warmth of legit love. This is beyond a fling and our love making proved that.
Got my acting career kicked off, a good job and the girl I really want, and all the actions happened here in CALABAR.

He came in me and I'm not even bothered, our relationship is not well defined and I don't even want to ask. More of these I will definitely love to have with him.. The security I feel here is genuine; nothing is better than coming here, I will be a forever friend of Calabar.


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