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Sunday, 3 June 2018

My fuck date 3


After getting all the necessaries from the school such as my plane ticket, I packed up immediately. It is unprofessional to stall the school and since I am now a staff, there is a status-quo I must abide by..

I was given 72hrs to reach my place of work as the Vice Chancellor wanted to see me. I got the most available flight ticket to Calabar which was the following day by 7pm. I got all I thought I will need, and also went through the contact proposed to me by the school with my lawyer friend Ndifreke who also is a native of Calabar. We perused rigorously the 60 pages contract and he affirmed it was satisfactory and secure. I was gradually getting comfortable with the lecturing job, though it is mediocre but it is that half bread our people say is better than nothing.

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