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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Colors of His Mind

Colors Of Your Mind

Take a walk inside of his mind filled with colors and swirls of imagination  
Floating, colorful thoughts waiting to be formed into another creation
Dizzying cyclones of emotions  that cause exciting weather
Causing storms that rain words that run and mix together
A pathway into his mind that could lead into limitless love
Where your heart grows wings and soars in the clouds above
It could be dark with rain that turns to ice of black daggers thrown 
Where pain and sorrow rip your flesh open to the bone
There are many cycles and phases that you'll wander through
Some may even overwhelm you and your heart they will consume
A wondrous swirling river of thoughts and emotions ride
Ride a thing that constantly spins that he calls his mind
Slinging words in each and every direction known
And then into words his soul's colors are sewn
Sewn into the poems that he so freely write 
Sending out waves of darkness or rainbow filled light
Never will his mind become a desolate or dry place
It will forever be filled with wonder that can never be erased

Happy Birthday Dafidi 
Nessa loves you 

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