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Sunday, 17 June 2018

My fuck date 16

Maybe this is out of place to do as Etido my friend is telling me, but I am craving to visit my student crush. it is long overdue, we are now too intertwined, I saw it inappropriate to invite her to my place which is a staff quarters, but she asked for it as a reward of acing one of her very core courses.

I obliged with feigned reluctance, it is an opportunity I have been waiting for. Out to the GRA in a cab, dressed casually in a blue short and white top, got to the very beautiful house, a duplex, very serene and displays obviously what wealth is!

 The door was swung open for me by the gorgeous looking woman, in a well coutured gown, low cut hair dyed in gold; she smiled at me and ushered me in. I greeted and walked in, I was still amazed when I saw Uduak coming down from the staircase; "meet my aunt - Emem Ottong!" - standing in front of me is one of the biggest names in the industry, the Emem Ottong with over 30 awards that I know of. I am actually standing in front of the kind of person I need for my big break in the industry, and adrenaline burst through me!

she is the warmest person I have ever met aside from my mom, she sat with us throughout the lesson and study time, in the course to impress her; I took the lesson very seriously, paid extra attention to everything, It is almost like a project interview, pure display of erudition.
I got her attention of course as she began to ask questions, it was a very good moment, everyone was happy! I got the treat of my life afterward, ate a native soup with Eba, a good wine afterward and also a oral waiver from Emem; she said she will love to see  me on her screens.

 I was happy than happiness; that through the lady that tormented my journey to Calabar is where I will get a feat I have craving for five years is the true definition of IRONY! - We (I and Uduak) had alone time outside the house while I waited for my cab; it was a moment I was to seize but I did nothing.

 The cab man gave me a whole 40mins to kiss the goddess in my reach before his arrival but I kept my cool for reasons I do not know, the smile of Uduak proved that the kiss is suppose to happen but my nerves failed me! I know what you are thinking and you are right to call me stupid.

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