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Sunday, 17 June 2018

My fuck date 14

I decided to chill out today to at least mark my arrival in Calabar, already mingled a little with some of the staff in my department.. Made friend with Etido, he seem to be cooler than others, he have hinted me on the best and most popular spot to go.

I want to flex my muscles and just make my nerves happy. We entered and decided to chill at the pool. The architectural work in the blue colored hotel is first class, the buildings are strategically errected, flowers of different types smiling all over in admirable sequence and color mixture, music playing loud and I was forced to take pictures and record videos to put on my social media.

As we made our way to the pool; a segregated part with fences around it, I understood immediately why it has such high fences. Other parts had flowers decorating it; the pool side had ladies, sophisticated and sleek ladies littered all over, different sizes and shapes, all to die for, I guess this is the calabar I have read and heard about!

Etido left me with the speed of light. I made myself comfortable, I was sure I was not going to enter the pool. I requested for my favorite whiskey and impressively; Calabar have got it. I began to feel the groove until the pool surprised me, out of it - Uduak Celestine Ottong came out, immediately; I choked on my drink.

I didn't doubt her gut, she walked up to me. I blessed God in my heart for the job well done, in her bikini, her gait was majestic; I was sitting on her towel to add salt upon injury, she stood with her pussy staring right at my face, maybe not intentionally but all I was seeing was the fleshy V shape, she asked for her towel, tied it around her, sat close to me with a smile that got me in the cloud, "I guess you are trying to enjoy Calabar?" - she asked.

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