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Sunday, 3 June 2018

My fuck date 5


Up early and out in my friend's car to the airport, my flight is 10am but because of the tireless traffic in Lagos, I want to be in the airport's vicinity early enough so nothing will stall me. My good friend is my driver and his joy in doing this for me was very palpable, countless times, he professed how much he is happy for me. He was sure this has in it, more blessing than I envisaged.

It was seeming like my mom hired him to do this because he really sounds like her. My over caring mother on the other hand kept calling and texting, torrents of prayers was unleashed on me and my lips is getting tired of saying amen, her co-pastors also saw it good to call me and release yet another tsunami of prayers on me. Their prayers had something in common, they all included in it that i get also a good girl in Calabar like I have gotten a good job there, the same thing Ndifreke was telling me as he drove.

He advertised how beautiful, girls from his state are, and how well they cook and effusively, he told me about their performance in bed, how firm their asses and breast were, and he practically sold me up on them.
This was my morning in a nutshell, and he went as far as to save some numbers on my phone, and even encouraged me to call them and linkup with them. I was just looking; totally overwhelmed from both ends.


OMG! This is not happening right now! I got up late, maybe from overdose of ecstasy I got from the finger job I gave my self. it is 7:30am and I have a 8:20am flight to catch! I rushed through bathing and got prepared. This is the fastest I have done in my entire life. I got out and its now 8:00am, the notorious Lagos traffic stared right at my face and I know for sure that I am in trouble! Fuck!

My cab man worsened my dilemma by saying he cannot come because of traffic impendimments. I have just 15mins to reach the damn airport. Im in a crazy fix!
I use to think I have this innate way to find solutions and make swift decisions to situations, but it dawned on me that I am just a beneficiary of enabling environment like London. Lagos is different and Damn it is hostile too! These were my thoughts in complacency, I even thought that God was trying to punish me for my misguided act yesterday.

In the middle of my forlorn, I waved a car and driver parked beside me, with my eyes full with tears; I walked to the window, now my eyes couldn't hold back the tears, "please, I am late and I have a plane to catch, please; help me get out of this place, I beg you" I said this praying fervently in my heart that they are not illiterates. The gentleman on the driver's side wind down and declared the best news in the world to me, "we are headed to the airport, come in," My heart thudded in great joy.

He helped with my luggage and my day in got saved a bit; my mien expressed tacitly that I was in no mood for discussing and I was glad the two men in the car was able to read and understand that, the journey therefore was quiet. We Got to the airport at exactly 8:30am, I am late I know, but I am still of high hopes that the flight maybe would be delayed.
Without dallying, I picked my bags from the car trunk, left in a frantic race without even closing the door. On getting to the ticket endorsement counter, I was told my flight left 10mins ago.

Unlike what I hear, the Nigerian air transports are as strugent as that in the UK! I was perplexed because I have to wait for the next flight which is 10am; and I have got an appointment by 12 noon. I dropped my bag in a secure spot and it occurred to me that I was famished and the brunt was that my fucking period came. How worse will today get?

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