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Thursday, 7 June 2018

My sexy new roommate🔞

My former room mate Luke from last year was gone and had been replaced by a pretty freshman named Judy, i really missed Luke but didn't mind Luke's absence after Judy and I got very comfortable around each other.

It was normal for Judy to walk naked from her room to the bathroom to take a shower, or to stumble into the kitchen in the morning in just her panties and a tank top. It wasn't about exhibitionism or teasing either. From what I gathered, her family was, if not exactly nudist, something pretty close to it. Judy had been brought up not to feel ashamed of her body and of her sexuality.  I got to admire my roommate's amazing body again and again, in various states of undress. But, sexy and exciting as it was to gaze at Judy's naked beauty on a regular basis, nothing ever happened between us. We did sleep together once, but I mean 'sleep' literally. 
Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but our daily gestures of affection were charged with a new intensity. Our hugs were longer and tighter, Judy's pecks on my cheeks were much closer to the corners of my mouth and, a couple of times, my usual adoring stares evolved into playful slaps on her fabulous bouncy ass, which made her giggle and purr huskily in turn. 

This new sexual tension lasted until Friday night, when something weird finally happened: Judy decided it was time for me to watch Twilight.

It was strange from the very start. Judy had me drink two shots of tequila 'to make the incoming visual agony less excruciating', as she put it with a smirk. After downing three tequilas herself, she led me by the hand to her bedroom to watch the movie on her laptop. 

"Here, let's not take any chances," Judy grinned as she lay on her side on the bed, her laptop in front of her, "we should be prepared in case you fall asleep from the boredom!"

I was too baffled to argue, plus I was slightly drunk and too intrigued by this turn of events to say anything. Neither me nor Judy usually drank, and her giggles told me that she was feeling the tequila a bit too. She had a mischievous glint in her pale eyes as she looked invitingly at me. I stood by her bed for a second, admiring her. 

She was wearing a tight fitting blue T-shirt that showcased her full perky tits and left her smooth tummy exposed. Her gray boy shorts were straining to contain the plump roundness of her ass. I couldn't help but slowly let my gaze roam from the swell of her hips to her shapely thighs, all the way down her long legs to her pretty little feet. She was wiggling her toes, a tell of hers that I knew to mean she was either nervous or excited. 

"Come on, Mark," she murmured, patting the bedspread behind her, "I bet you'll like it..."

I just chuckled and joined Judy on her bed, spooning her and looking over her shoulder at the screen as she started the movie. I stifled a moan as Judy wiggled her luscious ass, pressing her juicy bubble-butt right against my tenting groin. Reaching for my hand with hers, she wrapped my arm around her waist, so that I was embracing her while she snuggled back into me.

The closeness of our bodies and the intimacy of the situation were especially intoxicating after the last couple of sexually charged days. The tequila did the rest. From the very start, I couldn't care less about the film. In a matter of minutes I was rock hard, my pant-clad boner nestled in the crevice of my gorgeous roommate's ass. 

"Mmh, seems like you're enjoying the movie after all," Judy purred, turning to look at me over her shoulder. Her full lips were parted and her breath was labored as she asked teasingly: "Is Bella Swan turning you on?"

Wiggling her perfect ass, Judy trapped my erection deeper between her fleshy buns. "Someone is definitely turning me on," I moaned, locking gazes with her, "but it's not Bella." 

I reached my hand to Judy's face, cupping her chin in my palm and brushing her smooth cheek with my fingertips. "This was never about making me watch Twilight, was it?"
 couldn't resist anymore. She was so amazing and the moment was so perfect in its awkward sweetness and I was too lovestruck to do anything else. So I kissed her.

For an instant, as I pressed my lips against Judy's soft hot mouth, I could see her eyes widen in surprise. Then my eyes were closed and I was kissing her, registering only the feel of her lips opening and welcoming me. As our tongues met, Judy's body relaxed against mine. I embraced her tightly from behind and moaned into her mouth as she kissed me back. 
We made out like we were thirsty for each other, tasting and drinking the other's mouth, slowly at first but getting quickly frantic, our tongues dancing and clashing as our hunger grew the longer and deeper we kissed.
Running our hands on each other's body soon wasn't enough. We fumbled with our clothes, taking them off and throwing them around the room in a frenzy until we were both naked, lying on our side facing each other.

The sight of Judy's tits wasn't new to me, but now I could finally do what I never did before yet dreamed about so often. Dipping my head down, letting her full hot lips out of my hungry mouth, I fell on Judy's splendid boobs. 

"Oooh yes," Judy mewled as I took her succulent puffy areolas in my mouth in turn, nursing on her pink pebble-hard buds. "Lick my titties! Suck my nipples like that, harder, yes, aaahh haaarder!" 

She stroked me slowly, working her fist from my pre-cum leaking glans all the way down my shaft, her jacking motion made somewhat erratic by the shivers of pleasure coursing through her. While I kissed and nibbled her perfect breasts, I reached a hand to Judy's warm moist mound. Squealing, she squeezed my cock harder, making me moan into her soft tit-flesh as I cupped her smooth pussy. 

Ahhhh yes, Mark, yeeees! Bite my nipples, baby, finger my pussy, harder, faster! Oooh god, I'm so close... I'm gonna cum aaahh!"

Her snug vaginal channel gushed more and more nectar as I increased my finger-fucking tempo while rubbing her clit faster with my thumb. I was thrilled to hear her whimpers and moans of pleasure getting louder and raspier, until Judy's voice broke and she squealed, 
Her hot gushing hole rippled as she came on my fingers, bathing my hand in her girl-cum.

"Aaaahhh fuck yeeees!" she yelled as I kept nibbling hard on her gummy nipple, 

Looking at me, kneeling between my legs, Judy held my raging cock at the base pointing it straight up as she kissed my precum-shiny glans. Winking at me, she took me in her mouth and gently sucked on me, making me moan. Sealing her soft lips around my girth, sucking and slurping
I watched as Judy slid her lips lower and lower along my shaft in one long uninterrupted motion, aligning my pole and working her jaw to accommodate my thick dick in her oral cavity until she had gobbled me down to the root. Never breaking eye contact, slobbering lewdly and squeezing me inside the confines of her throat with constricting swallowing motions, Judy held me deep in her gullet for a few seconds before slowly pulling back, letting my saliva-glossy cock glide out of her mouth until only the bloated head was still trapped between her lips.
Oooh fuck! Judy, you're so good at this!" I managed to gasp 
I then grabbed her plump ass in my hands, sinking my fingers into her ass and prying them apart, exposing her buttcrack. After dipping my fingertips in her ass, I started teasing her pussy, massaging that pink pucker and pulling its crinkled edges apart

Judy's taste and the feel of her hot pussy against my mouth were like a drug, the more I licked her the more I wanted to lick her. 

"Oooohh yes! Oooh fuck yeahhh," she panted, letting my cock plop out of her mouth but still jacking me off with her tiny fist. "Yeees, Mark, finger my asshole like that! Lick my clit while you finger-fuck my ass! Ooohh my fucking god, it's soooo good!"

Judy went rigid and held her breath as I pushed mmy 7inches cock inside her tight pussy,
"Ooooohhh! Oooh Marrrrrrrrk!"
"Ooooh this feels so good Mark, you're so big inside me," Judy mewled. She was biting her full lips as she straddled my lap, impaled on my shaft, her hands resting on my chest for balance as she rotated her hips, Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the feel of my cock filling her pussy

After a while, gasping and moaning, Judy started riding me cowgirl style. At first she barely let an inch or two of my cock slide out of her gushing clingy pussy as she lifted herself off me, but soon she got into a smooth bouncing motion, she was breathtaking, this girl riding me like there was no tomorrow. I was too overcome with affection and pleasure to do anything but moan and buck my hips up into her pussy, clapping against her descending hips, but the image of Judy with her mouth open in a perfect O, her eyes closed, her head thrown back and her dark ponytail swinging around etched itself in my mind indelibly. She was the one, I knew it without a doubt.

With her perky tits swaying before my eyes in time with her bouncing rhythm, it was impossible for me not to attack those pink hard nipples tracing circles in the air. 

Ooooh Mark, yes! Suck my titties, bite my nipples! Aahh harder, bite them hard like that! Uuhh god yes, finger my ass deeper, baby! Harder, faster, oooh yeeees!" 

Her huskier and louder yelps as she slammed herself forcefully down on my pole, 

Uuuhh! Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod!" she panted,  Moaning wetly into my mouth, she raised herself off me slamming herself down one last time and staying perfectly still on my lap, her pussy crammed full of cock, Judy came. Her already tight pussy clamped around my cock in a series of silky soft squeezes, gushing a stream of sweet nectar all over my cock

We ran into a french kiss, Unclasping her vacuuming lips from my mouth, staring at me with sparkling, huge eyes, she finally panted breathlessly. "Mark, baby, I love you so fucking much! You made me cum like crazy, you feel so good inside me, I was sure you would! I love this and I love you."

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