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Sunday, 3 June 2018

My fuck date 2

I am here packing up my bags to journey back to Nigeria, my country but I am not sure I can call it home. I have stayed here in the United kingdom for twenty years, going back is both exciting and depressing simultaneously. I thought of going there to learn in detail about the culture and norms so as to project it in moving pictures, it is my way of standing distinct amidst the very competitive environment I am in; theater arts is a big deal here in the UK, so one need a strong and formidable symbol that will single you out as Unique. An excellent edge is needed.

After much deliberations, I was able to figure that I have all I need within me, I just have to harness the most potent factors to command the results I seek. Nigeria my country have over 200 ethnic groups with dynamic cultures, distinctly different from each other, the theater have not seen this and they have; they have not seen it from my perspective.
I made a lot of findings, I picked my nativity {Efik} as my focal point, It is going to  be my project. I have to show to the British filming academy why they should love not just my tribe but the other hundreds in the country. This entails I will be transferring to the university of Calabar for the next 18 months to make my dreams come through.

I am excited about that, but the fact that I am leaving my friends and folks here in London to stay with an Aunt I last saw when I was three was worrisome. I packed anyways and in company of my folks, I made my way to the airport. 13hrs flight journey was also making me loose my cool but Its going to worth the stress is the sentence I take solace in.

After bidding farewell and little outside cuddles, I moved towards the exit terminal to join the plane, it was then the most anticipated moment came to life, I wept for no definitive reason. Board the plane with feigned courage and strapped the fuvk up so as to journey to Nigeria and also journey in my thoughts for the next 13hrs.

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