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Saturday, 23 June 2018


She seemed to calming down a bit now, I turned round and started to make the coffee for Mirabella whilst trying to find out what was wrong with her tonight. "How come you don't have your key, Mirabella?"
"Oh, I wasn't going to be home so early because I'd gone out to a party and my parents weren't picking me up until eleven. But I had to leave early."

"Why did you have to leave?" I asked her.

"Oh, boyfriend trouble. It is just..." and she left her sentence hanging in the air.

The way she said it suggested to me that she wanted someone to talk to, and whilst I didn't really want to talk about her boyfriend.
"Here's your coffee Mirabella, and have you told your parents that you left the party early?"

"No, not yet." She grasped the coffee mug and cupped her hands round it, warming them up. I noticed that she had painted her fingernails a bright red.

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