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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Stripper 2


Once upon a time, i was born into a rich family. Happy, contented, satisfied. Everything blew apart when we found out my father had another family somewhere.. Of which they were also contented and happy. He led this double life comfortably for 10 years. What made it worse is that my mom and the other woman were college bestfriends. Weird right? He married them both and separated them.. The other woman and her son were based in Canada, while I and my mother are based here. The two of then made plans, behind his knowledge to meet and that's where shit hit the fan. The other woman had 2 Sons while my mum had just me.

The heartbreak of it killed my mom. I believed they were so indifferent to her death and it hurt me so much.. The woman tried her best to show me love, but i just believed she's the cause of my mother's death and so i hated her and my father bitterly. Her son's teased me mercilessly.. They were the only respite i got in that house from sadness. Kelvin is the younger brother and closer to my age.. We had nice memories together; him plaiting my hair, calming my rage and playing games together..Everything fell apart when he went off to college. I became a wild child.. Partying hard and taking hard drugs by 17 years.. Before he left, he promised to always write letters to me and be my salvation.. But, gradually, everything dwindled and came to a stop. Kendrick, his elder brother had left home long ago.

My step mom and father tried everything to put me back in track, but they didn't succeed. I had fallen in love with Kelvin already at such a young age and i was mercilessly hurt by his abandonment.. He had made me emotionally vulnerable to him and there was nothing i could do to combat it. When i hit 20 years, my parents died in a car crash and the world fell apart for me. It was after their death that I realized how much I loved them and care for them. I realized that people make mistakes and choices in life and they have to live with their decisions; whether good or bad. I'd been a selfish person.. Always feeling so entitled and bitchy. I never completed high school, i dropped out at ss2... I went ahead to write exams and started picking up the pieces of my life...

Kelvin and Kendrick came home for their parents burial- with their wives. I was hurt and devastated about kelvin's marriage. He got married? I wondered. I never knew about it.. Since he left me behind. I guess I'd always imagined he's my knight in shining armour and coming to save me. That reality got shattered. His wife was a vicious bitch to me.. She conered me after the service and said a lot of bitchy things to me. She told me how kelvin told her that I'd always followed him around like a pest when i was a kid, how i never let him rest and that's why he cut off all ties with me because I'm a curse like my mother...

She said a lot of things about my childhood memories revolving aroung kelvin.. She destroyed the only sanctuary I had. And to top it off, he was so distant towards me and acted like I didn't exist. A day after the burial, the Lawyer came in to read the Will and he told us how my father has amassed a great debt that needed to be payed off. As if that wasn't bad enough, the house had been mortgaged and will be used to pay off other debts. I had nothing. No home, no family, no education.

On the spot, kelvin and kendrick cleared all the debts by signing some documents and talking some other things i didn't understand. The lawyer left and everybody's eyes swung towards me. In their eyes, i was a burden that nobody wanted to take on. I steeled myself against the pity in Kendrick and Anita's eyes. Kelvin looked at me with pure indifference while his wife smiled wickedly. They asked me to excuse them and I left the room.
I sneaked back to the door and eavesdropped.. They were fighting over who'd take custody of me. I heard kelvin saying im going to pack to their house but his wife was denying vehemently. She said I'm a bad child, a slut that cant be trusted. I was just younger than her with a few years and I wondered at her bitterness.

I ran to my room, packed my bags with the little cash i had saved which was about #120,000 and ran away from the house. I crashed at my besties place and she got me the waitressing job. When I got admission, i relocated to a new apartment and had to start stripping to pay for all my fees and upkeep. I'm studying accounting and I can't wait to finish. I want to get a respectable job and quit stripping. Being a stripper pays though.. An added advantage is that im working at a respectable gentlemen s' establishment. It's a good one and I live a pretty comfortable life.

I moved closer to him and i was shocked as the attraction that arced between us. Has it been that long? He didn't even recognize me. I smiled and moved closer.. Im going to use this as an added advantage.. I slid up to him and told him the rules with a low voice.. "No touching the stripper" he smiled and I felt tingles crawl up my spine.. He looks handsome but stressed. I can see faint bags under his eyes in the dim light.. I siddled over to hima nd started dancing..


Her hips began to move to the beat, her hands moving up and down her sides. She pulled on the hem of the little dress, revealing then hiding her G-string as she slowly danced. I felt my dick rising to attention..
 I lifted my hands to put them on her hips, but she froze and wagged a finger playfully at me. “have you forgotten the rules?” she asked, her voice sultry and deep. “I—” My words were trapped as she ran one hand between her breasts, lowering the neckline just enough to give me a peek at the top half of her breasts. I cleared my throat and started thinking of distracting things..

Her body moved to the rythm of the song and I imagined having sex with her..
Her legs, toned to perfection, wrapped around my waist, her lips on mine, and her arms around my neck. The rhythm we would create together would shatter worlds, and once would not be enough for either of us. My eyes half closed as she lifted the hem of her white dress, slowly revealing inch after inch of her body for my eyes only. I wanted her to do this for me at my house, in my bedroom, before we made love.

 I’d never thought about a woman I was dating in terms of making love to her, but the magic this woman wove around my senses held me in thrall. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as her bouncy breasts came into view. She tossed the little dress away and stood before me in just her g string.. She simulated the art of fucking to perfection. I imagined her running her hands up my crotch and grabbing me.. She inundated my sense like a fucking high.. All my problems drifted away and i was floating on cloud fuck.

She started grinding on my crotch and I almost came.. I clutched the arm rests and willed myself to calm down.. I had never experienced something so divine before.. She cocooned me in her aura and like a sheep, i followed..

She music ended and she slid off me, and left the room. I was shocked. How can she just leave? Didn't she feel our connection?! I stood up and made a move towards her but the bouncer came between us and the last thing I saw when she looked back was the most erotic smile in the world.. I came in my pants.. I gripped the wall and came..