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Monday, 3 April 2017

Adventures of the Lesson Teacher 1


I grabbed the brass knocker and held it. It feels so hefty in my hands. I took a deep breath and fortified myself. I took one last look around at the opulence and felt a tremor fill me. I hope this works out well for me.

I knocked severally and the door swung open. "Good afternoon sir, come in" a young woman said. She was wearing a knee length black skirt and a white shirt. Classic house help uniform. She has beautiful long hair. I couldn't help but notice.

I stepped into the house and I wasn't too shocked at the interior. Beautiful. The exterior had spoken volumes already. The house was situated in a very classic estate. And it took me a while to find it. She started walking; swaying her hips gently in a smooth but calculated move. I wondered how a mere maid could walk so confidently. The gate man too also exuded that too when I came in; at the gate. Whatever.

The cold air from the huge AC's hit me and I felt relieved from the hot lagos sun that literally beat down here. It was a hot sunny day and I thirsted for a glass of chilled water. My throat is parched! On the bike, the hot sun was heavy on me and it became worse when I dropped from the bike. The estate doesn't allow bikes, just taxi's and trust me, I cant afford that. I've not even taken lunch yet.

I had to jog down from the estate gates to the mansion, there was no cover and I was sweating profusely. I had no choice but to run, and I was already late. I attended a class and the impromptu test totally skewed my plans. I'm pursing a master's degree in Physics at LASU; although part time. I was desperate and grateful for this opportunity, I'd do anything to keep it.

I followed the housekeeper down a corridor; while appreciating her ass, flat as it might be. She stepped off and ushered into the living room. Wow. I felt intimidated. I'd never seen an absolute display of wealth all in one place. Everything looked so luxurious and as I sat down to sit on a sofa, I was scared of spoiling it with my scuffed jean; It looked like it shouldn't be seated on.

I almost moaned in joy as the comfort of the sofa effused me. Not too hard, not too soft, it was just perfect. What a life, I thought. I remembered the wooden stools at my little one room apartment and berated myself for getting used to this kind of comfort.
"Hello there," a voice boomed. I looked up and quickly scrambled to my feet. This should be my employer. He moved to my front and stretched a hand. I took it and gave him a firm handshake. I may be poor, but I won't cower.

"Tunde, I presume? Prof. Tade personally recommended you for this job. I trust in your abilities. You may start right away.. Im Fade; And yes, this is my wife prisicila" he said. A beautiful middle aged woman sauntered to his side; beautiful and dolled up. She said snidely.." I hope you know what you're doing?, we are not paying you to dally. They are in their final year and need to pass extremely well." I softly but firmly replied.. "You won't be disappointed.

"Good. Titi and Eniola, get down here." The man boomed. I heard some sounds and then a beautiful girl appeared. Dark skinned with an almost ridiculous pair of boobs on her petite frame. Oh my God. Bountiful breasts. I couldn't tear my eyes away from those heavy looking tits. They looked to heavy for her to carry. She wore a loose shirt which framed them like a lovers hands.

"This is Mr. Tunde, your physics tutor. I hope you learn this time." He said curtly and left. Pris- I chose to call her that, said.."My dear, don't mind your dad, you know how he is. You just try to understand all you're being taught eh? I'd tell the housekeeper to bring you some refreshments." She left without a backward glance. Weird.

"Dark and handsome...hmmm, but you're not my type. I like them a bit taller and fairer." I swivelled in shock. I faced her fully, and surprise dribbled, down to my core...
She looked at me innocently.. "hello, tunde.. I'm titi.. Eniola is still lounging, he'd join us soon.." I looked on speechless. She acted like she didn't make that earlier statement. "Let's get to the library.." And she left the room. I stared on.

I followed her like a zombie. Her ass looked so plump and spankable. Each globe was accented by the nonsense that she called shorts. I imagined kneeling and sinking my teeth into her cunt.

We entered a library and I sat. She sat across from me, all business like. "Can we start?" She said impatiently. I gathered my scattered wits and I cleared my throat. I opened my backpack and brought out textbooks.. I also set up my laptop too. We began to work. True to her word- Pris, the hosekeeper brought some croissant and water and we took a short break.

"Where is eniola? We're almost done with today's work.." I said. "Here I am, in the flesh.. You must be Tunde. How are you?" A male voice said. I looked up and fell into the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. Brown eyes flecked with shades of grey. I jolt shook me. He's beautiful. He's the yin to titi's yang. They look exactly the same. Except that she's shorter and round. His face is lean and masculine.

He came into the room, all lean and fit. Although I'm a guy, I fully appreciated his physique. He's the male version of Titi- although she doesn't have that amazing colour of eyes; hers are inky black.

He sat down and looked me straight in the eye.."I'd be frank with you man.. You're handsome.. Dark and beautiful. I wonder how many girlfriend's you have.." He said with a chuckle. Another shock hit me. Is this happening right now? I found my voice and said.."wow, you guys are twins right? You look so alike.." They burst into laughter.

"See him evading," they said in unison. I began to feel uneasy. "Well, let's continue," I said in a rush. They both smiled and we continued. I'm teaching them final year physics; they need to excel in for the engineering course. They understood all I taught them perfectly well. I began to wonder why they needed a tutor at all.

The professor who offered me the job at school portrayed them like kids. These are people I'm age mates with! I'm just lucky to have a sped up education. These are adults.. I blurted it out before I could think..."How old are you guys?!" "25years, you?" Eniola replied..."I'm 25 years too.."

Titi clapped her hands in delight.. And her breasts bounced in response. Fuck it. I became side tracked and couldn't concentrate on any other thing.. "Earth to tunde" Eniola growled. I looked at his face and he frowned heavily.."It's wrong to stare so blatantly at a woman's tits! Especially my sisters'! In my presence!" I felt a trill of apprehension pass through me.."No, it's not like that..."I trailed off.

They burst into laughter.."he fell for that on bro!" Titi yelled loudly.. Fuck it. So they were just playing games? I began to feel anger simmer in me. This people are players. I almost called them out, but I remembered the heavy paycheck waiting for me at the end of this session.

The money offered will make my life sail smoothly and enable me pay up all my loans and sky high debt. They planned to pay me per classes, so I have to keep this people happy and wanting more of me.

I swallowed my words and kept calm. I vowed to remain stoic to this fuckers. And I tried the best I could to stop staring at Titi's knockouts; although I can't say I was successful.
The class ended and they just told me "bye.." In unison again. What the fuck? Why do they speak at the same time, it's creepy as shit! Especially because they look like carbon copies and their not even same sex!

I packed my bags and couldn't wait to leave. They paid me no mind as I packed up and left. I was left to make my way out on my own. I left the library and wandered. What the fuck? Everywhere looks the same! I couldn't find the way back to the living room.

I followed the corridor, and as I burst out, happy that I finally found the way, I froze in shock. I saw the maddest scene.

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