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Friday, 14 July 2017


My eyes latch onto yours deeply and I look away like it never happened.
My pick up lines are weak... so blunt never sharpened. I always feel so twisted when i try to talk 'real' to you.

Yet you gimme wild thoughts, yet you gimme sleepless nights... sparks fly like July fourth.

I'd never admit that you're the one, afterall you made it as clear as day that we couldn't be more than friends.

I'd get over you soon enough.
Yeah you caught me i lied through my teeth. 

I'd probably never get over you, no one will.
Everyday is torture... so close, yet so far.

Sometimes it seems you do this on purpose, yet am ready to switch religions for you... i'd even become an Alfa.

You show me the lights and you dim them.
You control my love life like Nepa flipping switches.

It's demoralizing, like someone offering and then taking away sweet sandwiches.
How do i pull down your walls?

How do i let you see me for me and not a friend?
How do i standout?

I guess you can't see me amidst these Six foot n**gas.

All they'd do is bring a flood to your eyes, but babe you know i ain't tear gas.
Sometimes i ask myself 'would this cup of suffering pass'?

It's like you fill me up inna cup and sip me.
I'd rather have you dump me down the drain, if you aint gonna take me all in.
I want all in. 


These days am like the traffic light and he can't even see it.

Steady giving green lights but like that early 2000s magazine, he can't even see the hints.
What more does he want?

The keys to the kingdom on a platter?
Mama didn't raise me that way  , ain't no way am making it easy.

So 'em girls would understand why am giving him little legovers, my actions seem to echo that track of Mr. Eazi.

My eyes caught his the other day and immediately i felt a flush.

He has tried to put the moves on me... even when i want to say something back, all my brain tells me is hush.

I fear he might give up someday.
In truth it's because of him i slay.
Trendy outfits and fashionista vibes.
PicsArt edits and Snapchat filters.

Not like i don't want him, but then i need him to work work work for it... even if it means denying him thrice like peter.

The truth though ... it's way too bitter.
So when i swallow it, i feel sour in my mouth and my stomach hurts.

But at the end it will be worth the wait.
Unless he gets taken away by those sexy ladies with figures clocking 8.

Then i'll be on my knees like wayne saying 'sorry for the wait'

Ewww... can't even fathom the thought.
But then do I follow my heart or what my peer and mama taught?

Let it all unravel slowly for now... only time would tell.
Hoping it says something nice.

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