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Saturday, 8 July 2017


Like a player trying to bounce back from a bad season, David professionally explored me.

He kissed me hard like I am the first woman he ever knew, every touch, motion and expression made sense, I felt it all!

My gown was off in a matter of minutes, I do not even know how, he squeezed my breast and kneaded my nipple subsequently.

He was focused and seem to have all he was going to do to me mapped out.

He was in charge although with my satisfaction as priority. He laid me flat on the bed in an almost violent way, I was with my bra and pants on, all of these proved David was a modest rascal in bed.

He pulled his shirts and showed to me his abs, not perfect but present. he had the tattoo of a name that reads "Michelle" - I was trying to figure what to think of that when I felt his tongue hit my pussy!

Damn! I saw heaven open, he rolled his tongue in a precise pattern for a while, and I squeezed the hotel pillow with one hand and the other on my left breast.

He was right there and was doing it with so much love, he kissed me passionately for another five minutes and asked for my permission to slide in.

I looked at the him with surprise written on my face but disgust engraved in my heart, "Why the hell will you set me this much in motion just to ask a question of this sort?"

Behold, David waited for no reply when he went all in pussy, I missed few heart beats and made a huccup-like sound, my eyes were wide open which give credence to the sharpness of the penetration, joy made me scream "yes!"

David thrust into me and damn I enjoyed it, his dick was not as long or fat as Gori's but it felt better probably because of the emotion invested in the act.

It relayed to me the difference between sex and love making, I closed my eyes in happiness as his dick drilled me with vigor.

he made sure I was comfortable with it, he introduced kiss curatice enough for my nosiy moan when needed..

he squeezed my breast as he looked in the ceiling with his waist moving in a redeemic manner to keep the dick in service.

I felt hot rivulets run through my vagina and I began to see sweats from my forehead despite the twenty degree conditioned air in the room.

After twelve mins of religious thrusting, David rolled me over and arranged me to a dog-like position and inserted his "thing" again.

I gasped and shook with few more juice running out of my vagina, my wet as hell pussy got pounded from behind by David..

It was faster and brute, our body hitting each other making an intense "blap tlap bap" noise.

He held hard on my ass to put it still and allowed his dick do the work, I beat my lips as a result of the excess pleasure involved..

I looked back and saw David with his eyes closed, he opened it and I think I saw fire in his eyes, he went awhile afterward, his strokes felt like it was aimed to ruin my womb.

I wanted to fold up and run for a minute but I was pinned with him over me like a cock over a hen, he was sweating bad and was moaning hard, two loud noises and I was compelled to plead with him to cum..

"almost there!" he thundered, the strokes was invincible and had me yelling, hot and sprinty the cum came out on my booty with David shaking like he was electrocuted.

He leaned and kissed me again saying "thank you" which was weird but quite romantic.

He had his bath and slept off immediately in my room! I stared at the tattoo on his chest and it brought me back to reality of knowing exactly who jsut fucked me.

I looked at him sleep peacefully and the wish of him becoming mine arrested my mind.

Probably, the sex should not have happened but it is just unfair for anyone to call it a mishap.

David Omoh

I had the best sex and really wanted more! She was the full package, she questioned my tattoo and I decided to fix another date which we themed "rigorous honesty" - we discussed extensively about our love and it is felt right to be with each other.

I cannot get over the woman! I think I found me a woman!

Shalewa Buknor

After the rigorous honesty date with Dave, I got to know he is a widower and even met his daughter over a video chat, she is about that age of daughter I would have if Gori had not lured me to abort countless times.

My heart stuck with David, he was what was best for me, I finally got the perfect sub for Gori, meeting him made me realize everything I had with Gori was wrong!

I began to see myself in the best light of who I really am which is a super board certified beautiful woman!

I called Gori to let him know I was done and informed him my sisters will come for my stuffs in his house, I have been nothing but a roomate for the past fifteen years and it took me just five days with the right man to get that gumption.

I wish Gori well and I forgive him, I am on my way to PH to explore a better life.


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