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Monday, 3 July 2017


From top female bosses, married women, single old female jingo, desperate upcoming accountants, models, celebs and to just every other woman - at some point; I was forced to think he was bi-sexual.

Talk of reasons why Gori will have women of all walks of life is not far fetched, he possessed the looks to get just any woman it is that he wants.

He's tall, with broad smile which he hardly bestowed upon me, fair complexioned - coupled with trendy haircuts and well treated beards- he's handsome.

He sure knows how to pamper himself. He wears well tailored clothes, sleek shoes, he is mad for watches and posses them in high populace and always will put on his cologne; the smell of him despite his err still turns me on.

I will hold on to his freshly pulled and sweaty clothes and masturbate hard with it, masturbate till I reach the climax. Gosh, I'm so pathetic.

I do not get much of his romantic sides in most recent times but I remember him to be sexually adventurous, he brings to bed any new pleasure he just acquired.

Every of my first sexual pleasure was with him, the dude really fucked me; as a broke boy, rising guy and rich man; I was his whore all the way, if his dick be cut off today, I can still identify it, it is all I know, you cannot blame me.

With all these torments mixed with abandonment, I was perplexed, and the one thing Gori never did was threaten to break up with me.

Somehow; he never mentioned it. On some days I was convinced he was not for me and even will nurse the idea of leaving him alone and getting on with life.

I get more collected and see more of the best in myself but then, he will come with some cool stuffs and make me melt all over again.

The part of me that was convinced just extincts, that was the pattern, till I get mistreated again, I do not remember to think of me, it was abusive, twisted and TOXIC.

David Omoh

My daughter graduated from secondary school and it was for me a deep retrospection.

She made me realize how much time is spent and how much things have changed.

I was too moved that when I saw her receive her testimonial, I burst into tears.

It moved my soul because it made me miss my deceased wife even more. My daughter is a reincarnation of her mother, she posses all it is that her mother had.

For over fifteen years without my wife by my side, I was very uncontrollable, with the tears in eyes, I stood and started what turned out to be a resounding round of applause.

Many might take it to be that I appreciated the kids - they could be right, but what really happening to me was on the inside.

I did not want the sadness to overshadow the joy my daughter have thrived to create as my journey through memory lane was hitting me hard on the head.

My late wife died four hours after having our daughter Ese, and it was the darkest time of my life.

She was right on my laps when she gave up the ghost, and it has just been too much pain that my daughter's birthday is her mother's remembrance; and adding to my heartache is that the day she graduated fell on the same day.

I have taken the death of my wife in good fate though I miss her to the marrow, my wife was the big deal!

We met when she bashed my car somewhere in Lagos, I remembered her alighting from the Toyota corolla saloon car in a white silk gown, with so much passion; she was apologizing and my heart totally melted for her despite that my car 'the victim' is a Range Rover.

I told her not to worry and she couldn't just get over my gesture, she collected my complimentary card and thus; we began to make waves.

She called me three days later and even relayed her reason for the late reach out, "I traveled for a meeting" she said.

She expressed further her joy about my selflessness, and she made me understand what damage it would have caused if she spent longer time than she did.

To keep the discussion healthy, I asked about her meeting, and that further prolonged our interaction and created chemistry.

In matter of days with the help of platonic text messages and courtesy calls; we got close and it transformed on the parameters of time and tides.

We fixed our first date as a gift for my birthday and the rest is history.

Too much memories we shared, too much love we had, it has made seeing another woman as beautiful impossible because I am pretty much stuck in the love I shared with my late wife.

I have been able to thrive in the grim world of loneliness probably because of the companion I found in my daughter.

Lately though, the story has changed, my daughter is growing and her growth is sending all the signs that she will definitely will leave to live her life.

Her swift growth and development echoed her independence, this gave me a gumption to life and the thoughts of putting myself in the limelight of my thoughts.

I figured that there is the need to be a little selfish because my daughter's growth is commanding independence, all she could be his my daughter and the only love she can give me is not the one that can fill the void in my heart.

I need the warmth of a woman, it is long and overdue.

Fifteen years of celibacy and being single, it felt like I am actually just letting go and moving on and the last fifteen years of my life did not happen.

I am a motivational speaker and half the charge that I render to people have not been practiced by me.

It is time to put myself out there I thought, after fifteen years in hiatus, it is going to be hard but not as it have been in the last one and half decade.

Where to start is a big matter, so much I have given, in fact; my daughter for whom I gave paused my life is already throwing at me tacit advices to get a woman.

Reality has not been this real, the women I know fifteen years ago might by now even be grandmas.

I do not know the modern way of doing things, my social life literally is dead. I took the little advice of my daughter about the new spaceship media hub called Facebook, "you will be shocked at how many people out there is willing to be your friend" my daughter said.

I tried it out but my old fashioned type of self frustrated my interest as it looked so unreal and unhelpful, after  few months of rummaging through the hub, I was petered and gave it all up.

Whatever will work has to be organic, effortless and accommodating. I worked on better looks and simply just lived my life with less consciousness of my daughter. Tough, but was really needed.

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