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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Chocolate 🍫 Woman

Chocolate woman,
I've been away for a minute,
Hair up in a bun,
You're a princess,
Summer dress
compliments your frame,
Flawless figure,
I wonder how you'd sound if you said my name.

100 kisses on your body,
Too soon?
Just take 1 as we sip Chardonnay at noon.
Talk poetry to a tune,
Quoting lyrics underneath the moon.
Time flies, my heart is where the truth lies.

A new love for poetry,
A new love for myself,
Writing improved my health.

Chocolate woman,
Let me watch you walk,
Let me hear you talk,
I want to taste your words,
Metaphors I placed on curbs,
My body of work,
Your body I work.

Chocolate woman,
I've been away for a while.
Remember how I'd write you poems every night and you'd smile?
Look at me now,
Never lost my discipline,
Yes, Franco, this is him!

Black woman,
You inspired my beginning,
I wrote to impress you,
Brown women were impressed too.
White women were caressed too.
Naked truth, my verses undressed too.

I saw you earlier, had I been 19 I would've been in love. Now I'm 30 and in lust.
Let's discuss,
You reminded me of where I started.
I'm still in love with my passion no emotion discarded.

Dear chocolate woman,
Let's do lunch on Friday.
Talk wisdom until Sunday.
Let them see your glow on Monday.

Thank you for inspiring me.

Now walk away so I can study you.
We have things to do. Bye lovely you.

Ice Queen ❄

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