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Monday, 24 July 2017



I drove into the mansion and heaved a sigh of relief. The traffic was heavy. My heart began to thump heavily.

I've taught a lot of people french- and enjoyed doing it, but this was the cut of the cake.

I remembered the first day I saw him. A perfectly groomed teenager. He towered over me and his lanky frame was awkward around me.

His fresh and pretty face couldn't meet mine and I had to coax him out of his apparent shyness.

I became his close friend and confidant. I slowly broke down his defenses and slithered slowly through.

Now, he couldn't make any personal decisions before consulting me. His French was flawless - he needed to learn, he is attending a French-Nigerian secondary school.

At first, it was all innocent on my part, but as he grew older and his face got more chiseled, i could not resist seducing him.

He had the makings of a very sexy man and he makes my pussy flutter. My mind briefly flitted to peter who was supposed to meet me this weekend but I buried the guilt.

I'd been gently grooming Siah. He's my little perfection. My little obsession. And when he told me he's going to be alone at the mansion today, i couldn't help but come teach him some "Lessons" we both needed.


I heard Miss Tola's car come in the drive way and I felt excitement fill me. For the first time ever, we are going to be alone in the house.

I had had others. But they weren't as sick as this. Even the 16 year old calabar girl That I lost my virginity to the night before I clocked 13 didn't give me anything near the experience I had with her. She was 26 at the time. I was only 16.

She is my home lesson teacher in french as I needed to study and understand French. She is so so sexy and the star in all of fantasies.

I'm not naive, and I know what is going to happen this weekend. I bought a big box of trojan condoms and lube- we might need it. I'm not leaving anything to chance.

I rushed out the house and engulfed her. She might be 10 years older, I'm 10 times stronger.

She smiled at me and I couldn't get over how incredibly gorgeous she is. And she's giving me alot of attention!

This is a lot more than any 16 year old boy out there can stand for or handle. I gently released her and held her hands.

I led her into the den- which was our usual study room.


"How have you been dear?" I asked. He replied and we made small talk. I gazed into his eyes.

I know this seems perverted, but I don't care! He's so boyishly handsome and sexy. I know I'm 10yrs older, but trust me, he makes me feel giddy...

And since he'd told me about other sexual escapades he'd had, I felt no guilt whatsoever. I'm just loving the young blood.


My hormones were kicking me in the bloody butt. I know exactly what to expect, i might not be old, but i know what's definitely going to happen.

She kept on talking and I couldn't take my eyes off her lips. What a beautiful specimen she is.

"Lets get to your room, Siah. I've got some things to do to you." she said authoritatively.

My cock jumped at her tone and i felt myself getting woven into her spell. I felt so stupid bringing her here in the first place: it should have been the room.

She stretched her hands and I placed mine into them. Her small hands wrapped around my bigger ones and I led her to my huge bedroom.

She pushed me on the bed and sultrily asked me to watch her- she's going to perform a strip tease.

She pulled off every article of clothing in the most sexy way ever and without music. By the time she was done, my cock was leaking so much pre-cum, I'd stained my jeans.

She swayed over to me and I groaned at her nearness and scent. She suddenly bent and a got buried under her huge tits.

She rubbed those huge melons on my face and I slobbered over them desperately. I grabbed them and squeezed and I got her moaning.

I'd learnt a few tricks by reading sex magazines and watching porn. Her nipples are thick and big. I latched on to them, licked, bit and sucked.

She pulled out my dick and it sprung into her hands. She made me go mad with the tugging she gave my cock and I gushed precum into her hands, making my cock fucking wet.

I drove her wild with my moves and I felt pride fill me. She pulled off me and lowered her very wet- with saliva- boobs on my cock.

"Fuck.." I groaned.. Those pillows housed my cock like it was home. She palmed her boobs and began to move them in a forward - backward motion on my dick.

Fuck me, it was hot as fuck. Her breasts made a soft and warm abode for me. The friction was insane and quiet different from fucking a cunt.

She started talking nasty and she encouraged me to fuck my cock against her boobs.

I spurted my cum all over her chest.. That was just the beginning.


Phew. That was an intense and interesting weekend. I loved every bit of it.

Siah's parents are getting back this afternoon, and we agreed it was best i left early.

My mind wandered over to my fiancé and my heart skipped a bit. Oh my God, i totally forgot about him. He must have been so worried as i left my phone in the car.

I picked my phone from the passenger seat- where i left it since Friday.

I was super shocked by what I found. Nothing. I fucking found nothing. Not a single text nor a single missed call from peter.

My mind wandered in pain. Really? So what if something happened to me, he didn't even bother to check up on me!

I drove with so much anger to his house. He's a selfish bastard who doesn't care about no one but himself!

I parked outside and stalked into the house- the gateman tried talking to me, but i ignored him, I'm not in the mood.

I pulled the door and I felt jealousy rush at me at the sight that met my eyes. Peter and Tade were eating a hearty breakfast spread, while talking and arguing like old pals.

They didn't even notice me come in. They continued bantering and fuck me, I've never seen peter so happy.

That silly bitch! I must have made a sound because they turned to me and peter said "Hey dear, you're back. Come join us for breakfast. Tade cooked enough" like nothing happened.

They didn't even act or look guilty. It was all so normal, I was pained. I didn't know what i expected to find. Tade looked at me and gave a sexy Cheshire cat smile.

"Don't just stand by the door sister. Come join us. There's enough to go round for third parties." They both burst into laughter at that.

It was then i realized my bullshit mistake. I left my fiance in the hands of Tade for 3 days.

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