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Friday, 21 July 2017



I always knew Melanie was totally in love with Ré. The slaps of their fucking came up earlier than I expected. I knew they hadn't ever had any point of contact and imagine my shock when I realized they are already fucking!

I grabbed my cock and gave it a hard squeeze. I was sleeping on the lone mattress in the corner room and I was right behind the living room.

I wished i had a girl who could fuck the cum out of my dick like lanie just did to Ré, but my girlfriend is a total bitch and uses sex as a reward.

I ran my hands up the length of my cock and gave it another squeeze. I've been trying to be a good man and stop my bad boy ways, but Tola is making it hard for me- pun intended.

We are not married yet and we have a fucking, fucking time-table. That time table can change as per Tola's mood which is dependent on how much cash i can drop for her.

I felt sadness well up in me. I miss the good ol' days when we were just carefree young adults and we didn't place a price on anything.

I miss my pussy banging days- I gave it all up for her, and yet I'm getting none. I spat on my palms and jerked my cock furiously.

I sprayed cum all over my stomach and trust me, the orgasm was totally empty. I need a cunt. My hands have grown calluses from being a makeshift pussy.

I remembered the hotness and softness of Tola's pussy and a shudder ran through my spine. Fuck, I miss that cunt. My cunt.

We finally rounded up all the work at the studio and I heaved a huge sigh of relief. We've been working nonstop and I need me some good food and Tola's pussy.

I'm a walking mass of sex as Lanie and Ré fucked their life out this midnight and didn't allow me get some beauty sleep.

I got to the garage and drove out. Hopefully, I'd also get Tola to ride me into oblivion.

I drove like a mad man home. I cut corners and swerved and honked the horn like a beast. I'm tired of take outs and hungry for real food!

I'd spoken to Tola this morning and she promised to cook for me and take care of me- maybe because i sent some cash before calling.

Although I'm saddened at how she has turned out, there's almost nothing i can do. She's always too busy to discuss our issues and tries to blackmail me emotionally anytime i discuss with her.

I drove into my compound like a pro driver on a racing spree. Even I was impressed. It was like my dick is on a collision course. It got hard instantly and my stomach growled in protest.

I entered the house and the aroma of delicious delicious food permeated the air. Jesus. I wanted to die of joy. My fuck thoughts was wiped for the moment.

I rushed to the kitchen and the sight that met me was glorious. Tola's superb curves was encased in a tiny boy shorts that didn't even cover half her butt.

Her back is bare and golden, looking so eatable. Only the knot of the apron disturbed that beautiful scenery.

Her legs went on forever in that siren red fuck me stiletto. It was like she was just legs. Sexy, curvy long legs.

I almost came in my Fucking pants. She turned to me and everything crashed. "Hello peter, I didn't know you were back." she uttered in that chocolate encased voice.

Tola's twin sister Tade was standing in front of me. "Hey tade, what's up? Where is tola? What's happening?" I grumbled.

Gosh. After all my anticipation, I can't believe Tola is not the one here! Fuck. What did I do to deserve all this?.

Tade turned back to the gas cooker and turned it off. Fuck it. I didn't know they looked so fucking alike - body wise.

I had a clear view of her side tits and fuck me, they looked so fucking juicy. And her fucking voice. It's so sonorous. Different from the annoying whine of Tola.

"Tola asked me to come cook for you this weekend - as a favor. She got a home lesson this weekend and the student needs a thorough lesson. They have examinations coming up." she replied gently.

Fuck. So I'm getting none this weekend! Am I cursed?! "I'd be done in 5. Let me dish the food." I stomped out of the kitchen in anger.

This is the fucking limit! Tola has been misbehaving for a very very long time and this is the height of it! She doesn't need this fucking weekend money!

I pay her a bloody salary! She just did this to spite me. And she knows how much I love meeting her at home during the weekends since we are usually busy during the weekdays.

She's a French Lecturer at LASU. She teaches French to kids from rich families during the weekend sometimes for extra fucking cash she doesn't fucking need!

Nowadays, she's all about the money. We both make a whole fucking lot from our jobs and yet she's not satisfied. Always more, more, more!

I'm not saying it's bad, but when it starts affecting your personal life, it's fucking awful!

I pulled off my shirt and got into my sunken hot tub. I soaked for some minutes, while some john legend classic played in the background.

The aroma of Tade's cooking sneaked into my room and I jumped out of the tub- almost slipping on the wet tiles.

I gave myself a rub down and wore comfy shorts, leaving my chest bare. I need to enjoy this fucking meal.


He came to the table and devoured the meal while making appreciable sounds that was getting my pussy wet.

He's a specimen of perfection. Beautiful facial structure, beautifully chiseled body and a beautiful behavior.

I felt another shudder of jealousy run through me. How come that snide bitch Tola got him? The first day she introduced him to me, I fell instantly in love with him, but I had to hide it.

I'd been carefully watching and waiting for an opportunity to snatch him away from Tola.

We'd always been competitive and she made a rookie mistake by leaving me with the gorgeous hunk of maleness.

She must totally be into the french lessons for her not to even remember that i will try to take her man.

She begged me to cook for him and just keep him company this weekend. I promise to do even more than that.

I'm going to have this man. He's going to be mine. And this time, I'm having him for good.

I'm not growing any younger. And he's so so beautiful.


I almost licked up the plate. She made a huge feast for me! She prepared catfish pepper soup and rice, semolina and efo riro elegusi which had various cuts of chicken and liver, and baked me a fucking chocolate cake that almost made me come!

She then served it all with my favorite white sauvignon blanc wine- slightly chilled with the crisp taste that seduced my senses. Fuck. It's even an original 1880 Bordeaux.

Tola can cook, but Tade is a legend. I felt super good. And happy. All my worries melted away.

"Tade, thank you for that spectacular spread. You just made my whole year. I absolutely loved the food. You are a superb cook." I gushed.

She smiled prettily and I was entranced by the way it transformed her face. I looked at her closely. She really is quite pretty.

I'd not had a lot of time to notice her- we hardly see- but what I'm seeing now is the bomb. She and Tola are quite fraternal, and she's slightly darker than Tola.

She's got this incredible dimple on her chin and her voice - jesus.

Now that my base need for food has been incredibly satisfied, other urges are coming in.

We made conversation and I got to know quite a lot about her. She's quite intelligent and soft spoken.

We connected on a lot of levels and there was no topic she didn't have a knowledge about.

She's so unlike brash Tola who doesn't even listen or care about anything i have to say. We cleaned up the dining room and I assisted her in cleaning up the dishes.

I couldn't get my eyes off her beautiful body. She went in and changed into a camisole top that left nothing to the imagination.

Her full tits were almost popping from the top and I could see her bare and flat stomach. She even wore a navel ring. Fuck.

She is a Lethal combination. We kept on talking and I loved every minute of it. I began to realize all the good things I've been missing in my life. Eg. Tade.

As dusk neared, she told she was going to make dinner and asked if I'd love a light one. I decided to cook with her and it was the best time of my life.

We baked Lemon bread from scratch and ate it with some good ol'  coffee and omelet.

It was delicious. This woman is wooing me with food, and she doesn't even know it!


I smiled. My plan is going on perfectly. By Sunday, I'm going to own his soul. Because i'm gentle and soft spoken, I often get underestimated alot.

We finished dinner and settled in to watch some movies. I went in and removed my shorts. I changed into the sluttiest skirt I owned.

The credits were rolling on and I leaned forward to get the remote control. That was the end.


She's so beautiful and womanly. So unintentionally seductive. So innocent. She's giving me the worst hard on of my life and she doesn't even know it!

She bent to pick the remote and I couldn't help but glance at her butt. What I saw wiped every single blood from my body straight to my cock.

I perfectly shaved brown pussy winked at me. She moved a bit to the left and I saw the inner pink. I lost my brains.

I fucking held her in place and shoved my tongue into her snatch. She wiggled and asked in that her maddening voice, what I was doing!

I bit her clit and she moaned. Good girl. I thoroughly tongue fucked her and I enjoyed it. She is a fucking feast.

The tangy taste of her cunt juice spread on my tongue and I swallowed it fast like a man dying of thirst.

I chewed up her cunt and set her to screaming like a beast. Soon enough, she was grinding back on my tongue and was moaning loud enough to wake the whole neighborhood.

I gave her one last tongue lick and crammed my cock into that hole. Jesus. The warmth that swallowed my cock is insane.

I fucked her like a fucking beast. She screamed for me while i screwed her!


His cock pressed at my entrance, thick and blunt and I shuddered as he rammed himself deep into my core.

I groaned as the pain of being entered without warning faded into delicious fullness, and the head of his cock banging against that elusive spot that i’d only read about in books.

He fucked me both softly and hard intertwined, I almost went mad with desire..

"yes baby, take my Fucking cock.." he kept on groaning. I love every fucking moment!


We were wrapped in each others arms. It was perfection. I'm going to have her. She's mine. I thought. Fuck Tola.

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