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Wednesday, 5 July 2017


David Omoh

It is not my first time in Lagos so the breeze was not strange, I arrived at the MMA local terminal, dressed in a sky blue shirt and white shorts, an outfit my daughter mentioned made me look like a brother she would like to have.

I made my way to my already waiting cab driver and we set out immediately to the deluxe but infamous hotel.

I saw a corvette-like arrangement of cars on getting there, with people who have life filled in  their eyes.

I had a lot of handshakes and enjoyed all of the hospitality they had to offer, and I was led to a premium room-standard with every goodies therein.

I had a breathtaking view from my room, I could see the beautiful water filled Lagos, all its opportunities and even the unrecognised potentials.

I was enjoying myself without depending on my daughter's presence. I was restless and despite the journey, my excitement won't let me relax.

I toured round the vast hotel, and I beheld every distractions that I saw, met some of my old friends and we tried to catch up with old times.

I was filled with energies I cannot fathom. The highlight of my distractions was a lady I saw in company of the diplomats present in the foyer, she is an exceptional specie of a woman!

My eyes caught her and nothing else has overthrown the sight of her, it came consistently to my thoughts and managed to override every other activity I got engaged in.

She looked so much like my late wife, talking to her joined my to-do list instantly!

Shalewa Buknor

Six hours gone, the day have been about acquainting myself with my environment and for the next five days, I met some of my classmates from school days.

I have been called eight times by Gori since I got here and it has been surprisingly very annoying! He misses the puppet right.

I have been having a good time if Gori's drama is left out- sipping some good vintage wine with friends, rubbing minds with intelligentsia of my type, wild laughs after few shots of alcohol, reminiscent talks with my familiar therein.

I began to scold myself as I thought of how much of this I have missed in the bid to be something that takes my joy away from me.

I even had troubles integrating at first, the gathering and repeated display of gesture shifted me out of my comfort zone, I adjusted with time and enjoyed the fun provided by environment.

Although I did not come with the motive flirting but since I arrived, I have been given more than sufficient reason to compromise.

I could not but notice the men I was seeing, it made my vagina gush for joy, I was in total lust and unapologetic horny, and the highlight was man dressed in a white and a bright sky blue shirt.

His biceps were obvious, I was convinced that my sexual happiness can not be determined only by Gori, I was lost in lust as I stared at him walk with enviable gait in the company of his friends.

He cannot be as young as I am I was able to determine that, he was tall glass of sweet wine.

Had his hair low and possessed an attractive set of teeth, I stole glimpse at him more than ten times to notice all of these features, I hope we get to talk.

David Omoh

After a day well spent, It was time to hit the bed and prepare for the summit tomorrow.

I made way to my room, walking through the lobby while flickering my phone chatting with my only companion - my daughter; she was eager to know how it has been and waiting that I send pictures from the day's activity.

I was so into the chat that it made me smile all the way and with my head bent.

I was jolted back to myself when I hit a woman standing on her own, I raised my head and I was in awe, I couldn't find words quick enough to apologize for the accident.

Her phone dropped with its screen having a crack, I bent in soberly to care for the phone.

She was standing with a very unexplainable look on her face, this was followed by the most awkward silence there, "I am very sorry ma'am" I said hurriedly.

Shalewa Buknor

I was in awe when I heard the deep but smooth voice apologize to me.

I had my phone screen broken but it wasn't enough to stop  me from revelling in the admiration of the angel standing before me.

I could tell he doesn't know what and it was making him uncomfortable already - I collected the phone and tried to type so as to confirm its calibration, it was in a good condition even if it wasn't, I won't say!

"No problem, I will repair it when I can" I said to him. His eyes sparked for joy knowing my stand about the matter, he apologized over and over again and I did not stop him because it was the only way to keep him around.

I heard a female voice come from his phone in what I predicted to be his wife, my prediction instantly pissed me off.

I was filled with wrath, I bid him goodbye and entered my room. Unexplainable jealousy.

I heard the the room next to mine open and his voice reply the annoying voice I heard earlier.

"He stays next door!" I exclaimed and joy filled me again, I do not know what to do to myself.

It was a state of euphoria having the thoughts of the gentleman next door, I was not sure of anything but I was filled with optimism.

He had the proper aura and I was very interested in him, there was no reason precisely.

Boredom set in as I was in the room alone with the displaying news channel on the Tv, after watching my regular soap operas on my phone, I still could not find sleep.

I disturbed the social media with some pictures I took, did some video calls with my sisters respectively; all of these was courtesy the very strong wifi in the hotel.

I spoke with everyone but Gori, he called me too and lamented on how much he missed me and how he cannot wait that I come back home.

He also mentioned he has a surprise for me when I return; a surprise from Gori at a time like this proved complicit, I tried to convince myself that it was not what I thought it is.

I took his matter off my mind and attempted to  get myself back in the realm of the exciting hiatus.

I noticed I did not have my charger and instantly; I loosed my cool, "fuck me!" I said to myself, I packed so well that I packed the unnecessary and now I forgot my charger?! - I scattered the whole of my bag to be sure I was actually stupid enough to forget my charger!

I did and it was affirmative, my charger was not in my bag nor luggage, I began to think of ways to get charger. I cannot stay without my phone for so long!

I called the receptionist to inquire about the closest store to get a charger, "the stores are closed ma'am, it is almost midnight, they will get one to you as soon as 8am tomorrow" she explained, her reply was nice but lacked satisfaction.

I checked online and i couldn't get any express delivery, I looked at the time and it is not midnight yet, I wondered how I was going to survive the night without my phone, my routine is falling asleep while I press my phone.

With my head buried in my pillow, I remembered the man next door own my kind of phone and cannot be stupid as me to forget his charger.

I balked at first but the low battery alert got me motivated.

I knocked on his door and I was answered in a loud tone that said "I didn't order for anything" - I was loss for words but I managed to answer "it is not the room service, it is the lady next door, the one you broke her phone's screen".

That was so wrong and awkward, made me looked vindictive but it was out of unease.

He rushed out and at first had guilt on his face, he inquired whether the accident earlier had caused irreparable damage on my phone.

He was so worried that I began to picture how careful he would be with my heart, I was carried away when he tapped me and asked "is there a problem?"

With the speed of light; I replied with lamentations about my charger, his phone also alerted the low battery signal, "whoops" he said.

I could not even play the big one and let go and I was in die need of the charger, he had two cables but just one adapter, that implied that we have to be together to have our phones evenly charged.

As he too cannot stay without his phone for the night, he claimed he had to gather up his materials so he can prepare for the task.

I did not want to jinx the chance of charging, so I suggested we should chill in the lounge at the reception.

He obliged and with the phones charging, the next fifty minutes became a date in its own weird way.

We talked at length, although he appeared old school-his devious way of keeping a decent conversation was remarkable.

He dabbled into conversations at though he had it written in a script, and I was curious to know if he was married but I had to silence the bitch in me so I do not ruin the very good moment; it was in its nascent formation.

In entirety; David as I got to know is a gentleman, imperfect and I was sure he was a bunch of good tidings.

We ended the night on a good foot, we saw each other off to our rooms as we discussed, we still did not discuss our love life.

I was covered in his shirt as I caught little cold, so gentlemanly of him I felt, his cologne was distinct, he apologized for the million time about my phone and I told him it was no qualms.

I handed over to him his shirt and it disturbed my pleasure filled view of his face.

We bid our byes with reluctance at least on my part.

It was my first day and this happened, I am not sure I wanted to be in the way of whatever happens next, David was just the correctional version of Gori.

He gave me all the tips of who a real man is, he made me see clearly all of the faults of Gori that I should not have condone from the genesis.

And I saw myself from the angle of my family and I really hated what I have turned into. A pathetic wretch because of a man.

I slept with with pure irk, the thoughts of Gori for the first time in a long time made me really angry. At him and mostly, at my self!

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